“Did Auntie wake you up?” Song Qiaoying suddenly felt a little guilty.

 “I didn’t sleep.”

“Then take a nap and take Yanyan home tomorrow. If you have anything to say, we’ll talk about it then.”


Si Yechen was just about to hang up the phone when he heard Song Qiaoying choke, "Achen, thank you, thank you for saving Yan Yan..."

If it weren’t for him, Yan Yan would have died long ago...

 And they will regret losing this precious daughter for the rest of their lives...

"I didn't save the person." Si Yechen said matter-of-factly, "I heard from Yan Yan that there was another group of people at the scene. I didn't hear who they were specifically."

 The little girl was tired, so he asked his men to bring the RV so that she could have a bed to sleep comfortably.

Seeing that she was sleeping deeply, he came outside the room to speak, so as not to wake her up, his voice was very low.

"Fortunately, someone saved her...I will find a chance to thank them another day. I won't disturb you for now. You can go and have a rest. Be careful on the road and have a safe journey. Auntie is waiting for you to go home."

“Okay, auntie, don’t worry. She is in good condition and has a good mentality. But you guys, don’t be so angry.”

"Okay." Song Qiaoying's eyes were moist again. After ending the call, she thought of every bit of the past, and tears burst out of her eyes again.

In a private hospital in the United Kingdom, Li Si raised his eyelids. His vision was bright and dark for a while. He was dizzy for a while before he could clearly see the environment in front of him.

  It's in the ward.

"Fourth Young Master, are you awake?" Lingfeng noticed him at this moment and immediately stepped forward and said, "The doctor has taken out the bullet from your back and bandaged your head. In addition..."

“Mobile phone.” Li Si has not yet regained his former energy, but one thing appears in his mind, and he must do it immediately to avoid a long night and many dreams.

Ling Feng was a little stunned, but still handed over his phone as quickly as possible.

 “Call Nangong Zhe.”

“Huh??” Ling Feng did not expect that the first person that the fourth young master thought of when he woke up was an unrelated outsider...

 He thought that the Fourth Young Master would ask about the whereabouts of Miss Ouyan...

 “Ah what, are you deaf?”

 “…”still the familiar Four Young Masters…

After dialing the number, Lingfeng immediately handed over the phone and turned on the speaker. After all, it was after three o'clock in the morning. If he talked directly to Master Nangong, he would probably be scolded by the other party, but the Fourth Young Master was different...

After all, who dares to scold Fourth Young Master...

Nangong Zhe has been having nightmares about Ou Yan. Ever since he saw the girl jumping from the balcony of the club tonight, he has been worried that the girl is in danger...

 The phone kept vibrating on the bedside table. After a while, he reached out to pick it up.

"it's me."

Li Si's voice came from the other end of the phone.

Nangong Zhe was a little confused and surprised. What time was it? What did the Fourth Young Master want to do with him? ?

"Last time you said that the **** the Boeing team was your girlfriend? I want you two to break up immediately. You can tell her that you have a terminal illness and you don't have much time left. Or that you were just hit by a car and the doctor declared that you are hopeless. In short, break up immediately. , separate from her immediately."

Before Nangong Zhe could speak, a beeping ending sound came from Li Si. Hundreds of question marks popped up in Nangong Zhe's mind. He was confused for a while and looked at the call record. It was indeed the Fourth Young Master calling...

The fourth young master hunted Ou Yan last time. He lied that Ouyan was his girlfriend and asked the fourth young master to save her face and let her go...

  Last time, Fourth Young Master hated Ou Yan so much that he gritted his teeth. Why did he suddenly become so concerned about her affairs? ?

 Do you want them to break up? ?


"The Li family has a marriage contract with the Si family. No matter what, at least Si Yechen must be worthy of my sister." Li Si said.

 The other young masters are far behind his sister!

 “Go and make arrangements, I want to go home.”

“Huh???” Ling Feng was stunned when he heard what Li Si said, “Fourth Young Master, you just had the surgery, and the doctor said you need to be observed for at least two days…”

“My sister must be very sad when she loses her love. Having me by my side can give her some comfort.”

"..." Ling Feng really couldn't imagine the fourth young master comforting people. It would be nice if he didn't make people angry to death, but he still comforted them?

 Miss Ouyan, do you want to hear his comfort? ? ?

 I guess seeing him will make me even more angry...

"Why don't you hurry up and get ready?" Li Si gave him a cold look and found that this subordinate was becoming more and more helpless.

Ling Feng said hurriedly, "I'd better ask the doctor to come and take a look. If he says that Fourth Young Master can be discharged..."

 “Since when did others have the final say about my body? It’s okay as long as I say it’s okay. How did you become a mother-in-law?”

“…” Ling Feng was about to cry but had no tears: Fourth Young Master, I am concerned about your health.

But at this time, Li Si just wanted to go home quickly. Before, everyone thought that Si Yechen and Li Yusha were a couple. When his biological sister returned home, with her temper and character, she would definitely not rob Si Yechen. Chen, then she had no partner, so she was deceived by Nangong Zhe...

 How can his sister be with others casually? ?

 Even if you want to find a partner, at least it must be the best in the entire upper class!

He had not had much contact with Si Yechen before, but his appearance, temperament, family background, and abilities were all there...

 Much better than Nangong Zhe.

“Hurry up and take off this thing on my head, lest my sister see it and worry.” Li Si didn’t want to have a bandage on his head, he wanted to give his sister the best impression...

But Ling Feng thought to himself: The fourth young master’s impression on Miss Ouyan could not be worse. There is a bandage on his head. At least Miss Ouyan will feel better after seeing it? ?

 But he didn’t dare to say…

He knew that the fourth young master was in a hurry to go home because no one gave him his sister’s mobile phone number. It would be New Year’s Eve in two days, and his sister would go back sooner or later...

 Si Shao wants to wait at home...

The other side of the lake villa.

Che Suyun went to see Li Yuanfu, then returned to the bedroom and said to Song Qiaoying, "Yuanfu fell asleep. Junlin asked the doctor to add sleeping pills to the medicine he took to let him sleep peacefully. The medicine you have here should be enough." , it’s not hot anymore, I’ll feed you a drink first.”

 She sat on the edge of the bed and discovered that Song Qiaoying's eyes were red and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Still thinking about those things?" Che Suyun picked up the bowl and fed her a sip first, "That **** girl did do a lot of things that were worse than a beast, but at least we discovered her true face and stopped the loss in time. We didn't gain nothing. At least we know who her biological parents are, and there is another hidden reason behind the fire..."

Che Suyun took out two tissues to wipe Song Qiaoying's tears, and continued to feed her medicine, "In the future, without that dead girl in the house, all of us can devote more time and love to Yanyan, and no longer have to worry about it. Whether it is fair or not, it is not partial."

“I just called Ah Chen and he said that he and Yan Yan are on their way back to China.” Song Qiaoying’s voice was choked and hoarse.

"That's great. New Year's Eve is coming soon. It's time to come back. Ahan and the others are also going back to China. The house will be even more lively by then. We don't have to worry about the feelings of that **** girl. We want to give Yan Yan how she wants to live. Any kind of surprise can be done without anyone else watching." (End of Chapter)

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