Chapter 1 The Last Meal


   When the nanny brought the last dish, Bai Zhenhai finally picked up the chopsticks and put a chicken wing into Ouyan's bowl.

   "This may be the last meal that our father and daughter will eat in this life... I didn't expect that your biological parents will take you back so soon..."

  His tone was full of reluctance, and he couldn't help but think of the scene of being seriously ill three months ago...

  At that time, he was in urgent need of blood. When Ou Yan donated blood to him, she suddenly discovered that the two were not father and daughter.

   This shocked everyone in the Bai family.

  After recovering from his illness, Bai Zhenhai went through several twists and turns, and finally found his own flesh and blood—Bai Muyao.

   If the flesh and blood are lost and found again, the Bai family will naturally be extremely precious!

   And Ouyan...

  This unrelated child...

   Was linked to the family tracing website by the Bai family.

   Someone called yesterday, saying that it was Ouyan's biological mother, and she was going to take her back today...

   "These are all your favorite dishes..." Bai Zhenhai withdrew his thoughts, and filled Ouyan with mixed dishes, "Come on, eat more, maybe when we get there..."

  During the phone call yesterday, Bai Zhenhai learned that her biological parents are currently unemployed and their native place is in Taoyuan County...

  That county is the most backward and poorest place in the country!

  Don’t talk about the delicacies on this table, I guess if I go there, I won’t even be able to eat enough white rice!

  Sitting at the dining table, Ou Yan's eyes were as clear as water, and she seemed to see what was going on in his heart. There was no wave in her clear eyes, but she calmly put down her chopsticks, "I'm full."

  She got up and left, her back was decisive and unrestrained, as if she had no nostalgia for this family.

  Xu Aiqin was immediately unhappy, "This **** girl is disgusted with the chopsticks you used! These years, you have used her to be so particular about it! You don't eat delicacies from mountains and seas, and when you get there, she will naturally suffer!"

   "Mom, calm down, my sister definitely doesn't want to go back to the country, and I'm feeling irritable right now..."

  The person who spoke was Bai Muyao, who had been taken back to the Bai family for a month.

  Yesterday she eavesdropped on her parents' speech and knew that Ouyan's original family was very poor. Not only were her parents unemployed, but there were also five older brothers who didn't marry wives, and a seriously ill grandma...

  The family burden can be imagined!

  Bai Muyao's sense of superiority welled up spontaneously, she couldn't help getting up and saying, "I'll go see her off!"

  At the dining table, Bai Zhenhai glanced at Xu Aiqin reproachfully, "Anyway, Yanyan was our child once!"

   "Heh..." Xu Aiqin sneered, "As long as I think about it, these years we have treated this dead girl as a treasure, and let Yaoyao suffer and suffer outside, my heart is like a knife..."

  Ouyan walked to the living room, picked up the backpack on the sofa, and prepared to leave the house.

  Bai Muyao immediately caught up, "Sister, October 1st is my engagement banquet with Gao Yang, will you come?"

  Her eyes were full of anticipation, but her tone couldn't hide her pride and showing off.

   As we all know, the Bai family and the Gao family have a marriage contract.

  If she hadn't been brought back by Bai Zhenhai, the person who got engaged on National Day and Gao Yang would have been Ou Yan.

   "Gao Yang is really a very good boy, he treats me very well... If I hadn't been found by my parents, the person who got engaged to him would be you sister! Sister, you won't blame me for this, right?"

  Ou Yan slightly hooked her lips, "Thanks to you, the waste has a place to go."


What? ?

   "I was about to throw him into the waste recycling bin, but I didn't expect that someone would come to collect it so soon."

   "You, you..." Bai Muyao wanted to get mad at first, but when she saw a certain figure, she immediately felt wronged like a little rabbit, her eyes were red.

  Xu Aiqin came to the living room, just happened to see this scene, couldn't help being furious, "Ouyan! Why did you talk to your sister! Did you put poison on your mouth?"

   "My mouth is very good." Ouyan Fei's lips curved slightly, "It's you, it's time to see an ophthalmologist."

   No matter how I spent a month with this little white lotus, I didn't even see her white lotus attributes, and my eyes are not good!

   "You..." Xu Aiqin trembled with anger.

"Sister, I will give you my favorite necklace from my parents. After all, we are sisters. We are separated this time. I don't know when we will meet again..." Bai Muyao ran forward to grab Ouyan , but her hand just touched Ouyan's backpack...

   Next second.

   To everyone's surprise.

  A ruby ​​necklace fell out of Ouyan's backpack!

  Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene.

  Bai Muyao couldn't help covering her mouth, "How come..."

  How could the ruby ​​necklace she was going to give to her sister fall out of her backpack? ?

  Could it be, could it be...

  Ou Yanqing pursed her lips slightly, why, is this trying to accuse her of stealing? ?

"Yaoyao's necklace, why is it with you?" Xu Aiqin couldn't believe her eyes, and hurriedly shouted, "Zhenhai, come and take a look, this dead girl dared to take Yaoyao's necklace just before she left." …I didn’t expect that we had raised a white-eyed wolf for so many years!”

  When Bai Zhenhai rushed over, he was obviously taken aback, "What's going on?"

   "It's okay, Mom and Dad..." Bai Muyao hurriedly smoothed things over, and said empathetically, "I originally wanted to give this necklace to my sister. I took it out and my sister took it for herself, it's the same!"

   "What's the same? If you give it to her, that's called giving away! If she takes it herself, that's called stealing!" Xu Aiqin was furious, "Well, you Ouyan, you don't learn anything, but you are like a thief!"

"Mom, you can't say that about sister!" Bai Muyao picked up the ruby ​​necklace on the ground and handed it to Ouyan kindly, "Sister, don't take what mother said to you, I know you are doing something for the future by taking this necklace. Are you planning to do that? I heard that the conditions over there are not very good, this necklace may come in handy in the future, so take it!"

  A few nannies around could not help but speak:

   "Second Miss, you are too kind! This necklace is worth a hundred thousand!"

   "This is specially designed for you by Mrs. Madam! It is unique in the world, and this is the only one!"

   "It's still engraved with your name!"

   "Second Miss likes this necklace so much on weekdays, but now she reluctantly parted with it and gave it to Eldest Miss..."

   "It was the eldest lady who stole your most beloved jewelry, but you didn't blame her..."

   "Missy had such a bad attitude just now, and you are so kind to her, your heart is too kind!"


  Bai Muyao listened to the praise around her, raised her reasonable eyes, "My sister needs it more than I do!"

   People around praised her repeatedly, and couldn't help comparing the two sisters together.

  The more you compare, the more you feel that Ouyan is inferior to Bai Muyao in every way!

   Apart from having a better face, everything else is really inferior to Bai Muyao's one finger!

  Xu Aiqin snatched the necklace from Bai Muyao's hand, and said distressedly, "You silly child, there is a bottomless pit over there, even if you can't fill it with ten necklaces!"

  (end of this chapter)