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After Retiring the Engagement, Master Si Chased His Wife To the Crematorium! (Turns Out, I'm from a Real Aristocratic Family!)

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This novel is also known as Turns Out, I'm from a Real Aristocratic Family!

After staying in the Bai family for eighteen years, Ou Yan realized that she was a fake daughter. The real daughter came back, she was abandoned, and she was about to be sent back to the poor mountain valley…

Unexpectedly, the so-called poor mountain valley was actually the most expensive villa area for rich people in the whole country! Overnight, she changed from a fake daughter of an ordinary wealthy family to a real daughter of a top wealthy family!

The biological parents dote on their daughters like crazy, they spend tens of millions in pocket money, drive the luxury cars in the garage, and buy high-end products all over the world. Want to go to school? You can choose from top schools! Don’t want to go? Come, the company at home will play with it! What Ouyan didn’t expect the most was that she actually had a fiancé…

The fiancé came to the door and wanted to divorce, but Ouyan didn’t care, but why did this person entangle her after mentioning the divorce? Every now and then I want to hold my little hand and kiss my little mouth.

Ouyan was annoyed, “Sir, who are you?”

“Baby, I’m your husband.”

“Oh, no husband, only one ex-fiancé who wants to divorce.”

The world’s richest man, Si Yechen, who was feared by everyone outside: “… ”

I really want to kill that idiot who made a high-profile divorce without even meeting her…

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Short Title:ARE
Alternate Title:退婚后,司少追妻火葬场! / Turns Out, I'm from a Real Aristocratic Family!
Author:Yan Su
Weekly Rank:#27
Monthly Rank:#32
All Time Rank:#87
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Businessmen, Celebrities, Clingy Lover, Cold Protagonist, Doctors, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Early Romance, Engagement, Family Business, Female Protagonist, Gangs, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Jack of All Trades, Jealousy, Love at First Sight, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Low-key Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Multiple Identities, Obsessive Love, Overpowered Protagonist, Pill Concoting, Power Couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Secret Organizations, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Chapter 737, Li Yusha is still as delulu as ever. I'm gonna comment again when will she wake up. She's so stupid and airheaded. I don't blame Ouyan for not taking her seriously 😆 I don't know if Ouyan will ever take her seriously 😂 Like seriously, the author gave that Shasha (even her nickname sounds stupid 😆) lots of screen time here.

  2. Please help me find the title of the novel. The Fl is transmigrated she had depression before death. She was a doctor and she was the owner of a medical sect which is in an island. Her adopted sister and fiancee hooked up and she knew. She herself allowed them to do it because she didn't like them. After reincarnated to an actress body she found she married a quadriplegic man. She cures him. Original owner's family is not the real family. She was a lost child of some big family.ML was a technology genius.

  3. Does anyone know the title of this novel where the main female character disguises herself as a male and then helps two brothers who later become followers of the MC? Later, the MC and the two brothers go to a military base and join it, the two brothers getting roles in the consumption section and the MC being put into the core of the military base. Then the main male character is respected in this novel, even when the main character passes by, people will kneel but the MC refuses to kneel. That's all I remember, please let me know if you know the title. The setting of this novel is in the past, I forgot if it's cultivation or not.

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