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After Rebirth, the Buddha-like Star Is a Medical Expert

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[Healing is a warm love text, this article is strong and strong for men and women to love each other, double clean and double learning tyrants]

My mother is a movie queen and my father is a famous director. As a wealthy family, N Daining Youguang played a cameo role in my father’s movie at the age of seven, and the whole entertainment industry is waiting for her to grow up.

Debut is the top stream?

thank you

Prosperity Beauty has the resources, and anonymous bloggers have millions of fans and don’t want to be a star.

Be honest and be a doctor, isn’t it fragrant to save all sentient beings in Purdue so as not to die young again?

She wants to go to bed early, get up early, raise flowers and cats to live to be 100 years old, and live all the life she never had in her previous life!

Youguang never imagined that she would meet a patient in her previous life who died prematurely and was not cured in time—the capital boss Shi Mochizuki.

Introduction two:

After the mother Xia Ying took her half-brother on a reality show, the younger brother was distracted.

Host: “Is my brother speechless when he sees the beautiful sister?”

The younger brother looked at the female star next to her who was called “prosperous beauty” and said with disapproval: “It’s okay, it’s only one ten thousandth as beautiful as my sister.”

The whole room was shocked, and instantly detonated the entertainment circle and exploded the hot search on Weibo.

Mom agrees: “My sister is absolutely amazing.”

Then one day, a photo of my sister was accidentally exposed.

Black fans:

“Brother, I will never laugh at you again.”

“Is this the beauty that humans should have?”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ARBSIME
Alternate Title:重生后佛系星二代是医学大佬
Author:tidal moon
Weekly Rank:#730
Monthly Rank:#875
All Time Rank:#3678
Tags:Child Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Rebirth,
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