The imperial doctor wanted to untie Xiao Dingzhao to check the wounds, but Pei Chuchu was inconvenient to continue to stay, and first left the camp.

At the side of the dragon couch, the imperial doctor carefully unwrapped the gauze, and was stunned to see that the wound was intact.

When he raised his eyes again, he was facing Xiao Dingzhao's Dan Feng's eyes, which seemed to be smiling.

He was taken aback, and quickly bowed back: "Your Majesty..."

Xiao Dingzhao sat up, glanced at the closed tent door, and dusted his sleeves at random: "Do you know how to say it?"

He is also a person who has been immersed in the palace for many years. The royal doctor knows it and quickly respectfully said: "Your Majesty's wound is very severely cracked and requires careful care."

Xiao Dingzhao smiled slightly.

Sister Pei wanted to have a private meeting with Han Zhou Jing, so he wanted to hold her back.

That night.

Pei Chuchu personally guarded the emperor's camp, watching the unconscious young man lying on the couch, his eyebrows were always frowned.

As the night darkened, she saw that Xiao Dingzhao's breathing was steady and long, and she guessed that his injury should have recovered well, and she was slightly relieved.

Thinking of leaving Han Zhoujing alone in the temple in the daytime, she sat in front of the bookcase and spread paper and studied ink, planning to write an explanation letter to Han Zhoujing.

No matter what kind of relationship, it takes care to maintain.

She is not close to Hanzhou Jing now, so naturally she has to bother more.

Putting the written letterhead into the envelope, she yawned sleepily, unable to resist the drowsiness of the attack, and fell asleep on the book table.

The candle flower fell silent.

Xiao Dingzhao slowly opened his eyes.

He quietly opened the quilt and walked to Pei Chuchu's side, opened the envelope without a trace, and scanned the content on the letterhead.

Sister Pei really cares about Hanzhou Jing. Not only did she apologize for leaving him in the daytime, she even asked him to go to the Chang'an City restaurant for drinks after winter hunting.

Xiao Dingzhao raised his eyebrows unclearly.

He glanced at the sleepy and sleeping girl, silently put the letter paper on the candle, and burned it clean.

After burning the letterhead, he picked up the pen personally, imitating Pei Chuchu's handwriting, and wrote a letter of dismissal to Han Zhoujing.

After he finished writing, he put aside his brush and looked at the sentences in the letter: "The young man's desires are intriguing", "Different ways do not help each other", "The young man looks vulgar and talkative", "The emperor is far less handsome and talented", showing a satisfied smile.

He stuffed the letterhead into the envelope as it was.

The winter night was silent and the lights dimmed.

The teenager sat cross-legged by the book table, staring at Pei Chuchu's sleeping face for a long time, and the scene in the mountain temple emerged in his mind for no reason.

Hanzhou Jing...

Kissed sister Pei on the cheek.

What is it like to kiss?

Sister Pei has carefully dressed up today. The peach pollen's Luo mattress skirt lined her up more than Hua Jiao. There is still make-up on Qiao's face that hasn't had time to remove, and the mottled red lipstick adds a bit of seductiveness in the middle of the night. people.

The juvenile Adam's apple moved slightly.

He stared at Pei Chuchu's lips for a long time, then suddenly raised his face seriously and slowly leaned over.

He lowered his head.

The warm lips touched the girl's lips briefly.

Like dew on the petals, like a fire burning through spring snow...

At this moment, Xiao Dingzhao's heart missed a few beats, and he couldn't tell what it was like.

He breathed quickly, quickly distanced himself from Pei Chuchu, raised his hand to touch his lower lip, and his handsome cheeks were a different kind of red.

He looked at Pei Chuchu again.

There is a smoked cage in the tent. Because of the warmth of spring, the girl's pretty face is red, and her former dignity and restraint have disappeared, and her posture is a little more charming, which inexplicably makes his mouth dry.

Still want to...

try again.

He approached again, but heard the girl scream, which was a nightmare.

Afraid of awakening the girl, Xiao Dingzhao moved away again.

He thought for a while, took a thin blanket, and carefully covered Pei Chuchu's shoulders.

The girl swung her sleeves on the ground. He saw her handkerchief dropped to the ground, so he picked it up for her.

I wanted to put it on the case table, but I took it into my own palm.

Lying back on the dragon couch, he put the handkerchief on his cheek.

The faint and elegant floral scent came from her, it was her smell.

Juvenile sentiment couldn't help narrowing Danfeng's eyes.

The winter night is long, with the sound of dripping.

The soft handkerchief was put under the quilt by the boy.

In the silent camp, the young man let out a very light, continuous gasp.

"Sister Pei..."


Winter hunting ended after three days.

Because of the injury of the emperor, the gambling agreement with the king of Zhennan also ended without a problem.

Pei Chuchu followed Shengjia back to the palace, and couldn't help but look forward frequently along the way, but never waited for Han Zhoujing's reply, let alone bid her farewell in person.

Hanzhou Jing...

Don't like her anymore?

In the temple that day, he clearly...

Pei Chuchu frowned and touched the kissed cheek in a daze.

The carriages are wide and luxurious.

While browsing the memorials, Xiao Dingzhao asked knowingly: "Why is Sister Pei so restless? But what has fallen in the camp?"

Pei Chuchu lowered his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes: "Nothing."

Xiao Dingzhao raised his head from behind the memorial.

Looking over Pei Chuchu's blushing lips, he quickly moved away. He smiled and said, "Could it be that you miss Hanzhou Jing? It's just a young master from the academy, with a lowly status and an ordinary appearance. Sister Pei's heart is moved? It is too low-sighted."

Pei Chuchu did not speak.

Xiao Dingzhao was born noble and beautiful, and naturally has the capital to look down on Han Zhoujing.

But for her, Han Zhoujing is the most suitable candidate for marriage.

She did not want to be ridiculed by Xiao Dingzhao again, and looked out the window lightly: "My honey is my arsenic. Your Majesty once said that he would give his courtiers a marriage, but after two years of delay, she still has not fulfilled her promise. People live in the world. I have to plan for the future. No one plans for my future, so I plan for myself. Your Majesty will make a few mockery, which is the greatest grace to the courtiers."

Xiao Dingzhao was unhappy.

He reopened a memorial and muttered: "Isn't that I didn't meet a good one? Sister Pei is only 19 years old after the new year, so what's the hurry..."

After the Chinese New Year, he was only eighteen years old.

The relationship between him and Sister Pei needs to be slowly cultivated and observed.


After Pei Chuchu and Xiao Dingzhao returned to the palace, Han Zhoujing quietly appeared at the back door of Pei's mansion.

He carried a few boxes of shortbread, and said gently: "Knowing that Sister Minmin loves their shortbread, I specially queued up for an hour to buy it for you."

Pei Minmin was unhappy: "I asked you to seduce Pei Chuchu, but you returned without success. Are you embarrassed to come to me?"

Han Zhou Jingshi said sincerely: "I originally got her hands--"


"I didn't!" Han Zhoujing was anxious. "You tell me to get her and then abandon her so badly that she will become the laughingstock of Chang'an City. I have been doing it all the time. At the temple that day, when I kissed her, she didn't Rebellion, like a piece of wood! I'm pretty sure, she moved her heart to me. But somehow, after returning to the camp, she suddenly wrote me a letter of disrespect, you don't believe me."

He took out the letterhead and handed it to Pei Minmin.


Good night duck

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