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After I was Exiled, I Became a Noble Minister

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Mu Wan Qing was dressed as cannon fodder playing a female supporting role in a book about a reborn female protagonist.

The heroine was her amazing and talented cousin. She was reborn on the way to exile, and she devoted all her clan to help her ascend to the backyard of the Emperor.

And Mu Wan Qing’s whole family was used as a stepping stone and was destroyed on the road of exile.

Mu Wan Qing: I am so tired, let’s destroy it.

In the chaos of the house raiding scene, Mu Wan Qing hurriedly grabbed the marriage certificate with a swoosh.

During the breaking up of the marriage, Mu Wan Qing exchanged the marriage certificate for a mule cart and twenty taels of silver and started a long journey of exile.

In order to survive, she resorted to roasting pig trotters, making fried chicken, farming cotton, and breeding sheep.

Engaged in building water power, building cities, building cement roads, and creating a prosperous fortress in the south.

Accidentally played a big game, and the plot was really shifted…

The Reborn Cousin: Everyone is concentrating on building infrastructure, how can I play the script of the palace fight?!

At the palace banquet, the arrogant and arrogant frontier master sat alone while pouring the drink. There was a commotion at the door, and the beautiful and heroic first female assistant, Mu Wan Qing walked in surrounded by everyone.

The man put down the wine glass and quickly ran over, with his eyes full of love, he said, “Madam, I can’t eat without you.”

There was an uproar at the scene.

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Short Title:AIEIBNM
Alternate Title:流放后我位极人臣了
Weekly Rank:#320
Monthly Rank:#267
All Time Rank:#2031
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Clan Building, Clever Protagonist, Cooking, Cunning Protagonist, Domestic Affairs, Economics, Family Business, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Industrialization, Leadership, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Politics, Power Couple, Pragmatic Protagonist, Previous Life Talent, Royalty, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. I really liked this. Mu Wan Qing is a great female lead. She's smart, resourceful, decisive, vengeful, boastful, cunning, kind to her friends and those on need and ruthless to her enemies. I love how she can be shameless in some situations and her arguing and scolding skills are second to none. I would have loved to see how she raised her children.

  2. I really liked this - there's world building and the mc is a strong and smart. There's barely any romance because mc is actually focused on her carrier. Only one problem - there are paragraphs missing from many chapters. Didn't realize until I got to around ch200 when missing paragraphs started to evidently contain important info. You can absolutely infer what was said but it's distracting.

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