After going to university, the Jiang family officially visited the house and proposed that the two children should be dating for the purpose of getting married, and they hoped to live together in the university for four years.

Shi Yu and Jiang Chengli settled the major events in their lives during the two elders, and successfully found a place to live together in front of the university—an apartment half an hour away from the school.

Today, it was the seventh day of cohabitation. Jiang Chengli was planning to make a one-week anniversary of cohabitation on a whim. He planned to take the opportunity to be sweet and sweet with his little sweet O. By the way, he would make a mark, but he didn't expect the granting to be wrong from last night.

Yesterday, when I finished eating, I only looked at my mobile phone. I took a shower in the evening twice as much time as usual. I woke up this morning and went out without eating breakfast.

Jiang Chengli's instinct told him that giving is not right.

Jiang Chengli, who was cooking lunch, lowered his eyes, slowly putting the ingredients on the chopping board into the bowl, his eyes gradually gloomy when he was washing the knife, unlike a Gu's Alpha, like a ruthless killer.

Granting is at T University, Jiang Chengli is at M University, and the two universities are in the same university town. It is easy for Jiang Chengli to see his Omega. It's just that since the beginning of school, giving has not given him a chance, and today it happened to be used as an excuse to send lunch to see what happened to giving.

He had to figure out whether he was entangled by other Alphas, or if he fell in love with him.

Jiang Chengli knew which teaching building Shi Yu was in. He passed by and asked two classmates to get directions.

"You shouldn't be from our school, are you coming to Shiyu?" The girl who gave the way said with a smile: "It's no wonder that Shiyu was ranked No. 1 on our school's official website on the first day of school. The whole school knows it. There was a freshman who was very good-looking and still very fragrant Omega."

Jiang Chengli raised his eyebrows indifferently, and pretended to ask with interest: "Hot comments first?"

"Yes, I heard that a lot of people are looking for his contact information, and there are many other classmates like you who are also looking for him. Also, the single and sweet Omega can cause a sensation everywhere."

"Single?" Jiang Chengli's tongue touched his upper jaw: "I look at the photo, he seems to be wearing a ring?"

"Ah? How about wearing a ring? Classmates, don't you think that wearing a ring is symbolic, do you?" The girl smiled, "Hey, just the guitarist of our school band with five rings. Give it back~"

The other girl beside her couldn't hold her smile anymore and wanted to shut up her companion, but she didn't expect her to chatter: "But classmate, you are also very handsome, which school do you come from?"

The slight smile on Jiang Chengli's face disappeared completely. He did not look over his eyes and said faintly: "Thank you." He turned and walked towards the teaching building.

"Hey, tell me which school anyway, why do you go so fast?" the girl puzzled.

"You don't know him? Really?" The companions around him were astonished: "M University is the new schoolmaster, many girls at M University are crazy for him, and they have been on Weibo hot search on the first day of enrollment. That kind!"

The girl's eyes slowly widened: "Is it him? He is so much better than the picture!"

Shi Yu was in class on the seventh floor. Jiang Chengli spent some time going upstairs. When he first arrived, the bell rang after class. After the teacher finished class, some students sparsely walked out of the classroom.

Shi Yu was still reading a question on the book, and a hand with five rings tapped on his desk.

"Shi Yu, don't you really consider going out to dinner with me?"

Shi Yu turned his head, the cool mint smell mixed in the wind, floating from Alpha's body in front of him.

He frowned and closed the book: "Didn't I refuse? Also, if you don't come to attend class, don't come to the audience, it will affect other students."

Alpha froze, and took out two tickets from his pocket: "Then you go with this one? Our band will have a night show here in the evening, and I will be on stage."

"No, I have an appointment." Shi Yugang was about to leave, when there were waves of discussion at the door.

He followed the line of sight and looked at Jiang Chengli who was standing between the crowd.

The tall Alpha's eyes circled around and fell on him, slowly pulling out a smile, and beckoning to Shiyu like a parent who appeared in the kindergarten to pick up his children: "Silhou, kid, come here."

Shi Yu heard all kinds of ups and downs around him, and even the Alpha beside him who was inviting him couldn't help being curious: "Is that an Alpha?"

Shi Yu walked to the door holding his schoolbag, and asked curiously, "Jiang Chengli? Why are you here?"

Jiang Chengli smiled at him, and then bowed his head and kissed Shi Yu's cheek in full view: "Baby, you walked so hurriedly in the morning and didn't have lunch. Didn't I bring it to you personally?"

The kiss was too unpredictable, Shi Shi’s heart beat fast for a moment, and then he heard a series of humming noises behind him.

He instinctively raised his hand to touch his side face, and looked at Jiang Chengli with a slightly surprised look.

With a smile, Jiang Chengli raised his hand to hold his wrist and took the person away. Before leaving, he took a deep look at Alpha, who was sitting next to Shi Yu, trying to talk to him.

Shi Yu watched his wrist held by him for a long time, until he got off the teaching building, he slowly stopped.

Jiang Chengli slowed down and silently stared at Shi Yu.

"Jiang Chengli, why didn't you come over and send me a message first?" Shi Yu carried the side of his schoolbag that had fallen off his shoulder and looked at the bag he was carrying: "Is that lunch?"

Jiang Chengli Ning him for a long time, and then he smiled suddenly: "Shi Yu, do you go on a date with that guitarist if I don't come? Do you know what day is today?"

"Guitar player?" Shi Yu thought about it, and only then confirmed who Jiang Chengli was talking about: "What's the appointment? Didn't I say that I will go home for dinner at night?"

Jiang Chengli held his wrist and raised his hand: "Shi Yu, do you see what this is?"

"My engagement ring with you." Shi Yu pursed his lips.

Jiang Chengli's eyes were stained with grudges, and he whispered: "You know, too?"

Shi Yu still looked at him puzzled. For a long time, Jiang Chengli sighed: "I knew you were so popular. I used to fill out the same wish as you."

Seeing the increasingly unhappy expressions of the person in front of him, Shi Yu thought of something. The classmates passing by looked at them more or less with inquisitive eyes.

He lowered his head and looked for a long time.

Jiang Chengli spent a long time reflecting on the spot, and slowly realized that no matter what the conflict was, he should go home. Just about to look back and apologize, Omega's slender hand suddenly wrapped around his fingertips.

"Jiang Chengli, bow your head."

Alpha instinctively followed his words, and Omega suddenly rubbed it up and pressed his lips to his lips.

After giving the kiss, he reached out and rubbed Jiang Chengli's hair: "Are you still angry?"

The ruthless killer became a tender boyfriend.

Jiang Chengli was stunned for a long time, and slowly felt that the tips of his ears were a little hot, and gave a vague hum.

Shi Yu led him and walked fearlessly in the sight of the crowd: "I have no class this afternoon, let's go home."

Shi Yu also knew that he had some rumors when he enrolled in school, but he didn't care about the rumors, after all, there was only one Jiang Chengli in his heart. But now it seems that someone cares more about these than he does.

Since he cared, then he helped his Alpha solve the troubles.

Before college couples, a kiss was not a big deal, right?

Jiang Chengli responded very quickly and shook his hand back, and followed him: "Shi Yu, why did you kiss me suddenly?"

"You kissed my forehead in my classroom, so you are not allowed to kiss you on the side of the road?" Shi Yu raised his eyebrows: "There is no such thing as you."

Jiang Chengli chuckled and whispered beside him, "Could you kiss one more time? It was too fast just now, I didn't taste it."


Back at the apartment, Jiang Chengli helped him take out the prepared lunch. After putting down his schoolbag, Shi Yu went back to his bedroom and changed his clothes. When he left the door, he put his hand on the doorknob, but did not twist.

Living together for seven days, he and Jiang Chengli still sleep in separate rooms, and the closest thing is just a kiss.

Shi Yu doesn't know exactly what Jiang Chengli thinks, but he checked on the Internet yesterday and heard that Alpha will have a very strong emotional bond with his Omega. The more Alpha who loves Omega, the more he wants to mark his object.

But Shi Yu was not allowed to Jiang Chengli.

Jiang Chengli is a high-level Alpha, but he seems to be more restrained and calm at all times, even when he kisses for the first time, he takes the initiative.

Although one look can make a fire right now, Jiang Chengli has never done anything more in-depth. Shi Yu was a little worried, but he didn't know how to express it. He didn't think that Jiang Chengli's failure to do other things meant he didn't like himself.

Perhaps because Jiang Chengli is a dragon. The needs of dragons and humans may be different.

But he wanted to taste the taste of Jiang Chengli's lifelong mark.

The incomprehensible giving finally put the eyes of asking for help on the Internet, and carefully watched the two "education films", but found that in addition to not aesthetically pleasing, more comments are: "Depth marking is very painful ."

This hurts, how does it hurt?

He carefully searched the information for a few days, and probably figured out the marking steps. The conclusion is: 15% is due to physical fitness, 20% is a measure, and the rest is Sixty-five percent is emotion. These are the proportions of the causes of pain.

After a series of analyses, Shi Shi felt that she might not be hurt.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yu pushed open the door, Jiang Chengli was sitting at the dining table waiting for him.

"Are you hungry, come here for lunch, I'm watching a movie ticket, there is a movie you want to see in the afternoon..."

Jiang Chengli was still choosing a seat, but Shi Yu took his mobile phone from behind.

"Jiang Chengli, I don't want to go to the movies."


Omega's sweet deep-sea scent fell on the tip of Jiang Chengli's nose, followed by Omega's soft whisper: "I want to hurt."

At night, nine o'clock.

Jiang Chengli, wrapped in a bathrobe, knocked at the door of the bathroom: "Give, are you okay? Don't wash it for too long, your body...I was wrong."

While holding his legs in the bathtub, Shi Yu, who stared at the bathing duckling with deep hatred, remained silent.

…It really hurts.

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