Shi Yu felt that something was wrong with Jiang Chengli. In the big evening, I did not go back to the dormitory for self-study in the evening. In such a small, inaccessible corner, even if it is a serious discussion of math problems, it is not clear. What's more, there are still Omega pheromone residues here, of course. The less trouble, the better.

But Jiang Chengli pestered him: "Shi Yu classmate, why are you guilty?"

"Jiang Chengli!" Seeing the light getting closer, Shi Yu gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to push his shoulder, pressing the person behind the grass.

Jiang Chengli seemed to know Shi Yu would do this, and was easily pushed to the ground by him. Shi Yu immediately squatted down, and the two of them hid behind the small bushes, pulling their faces close to each other.

Shi Yu felt in a daze that as long as he lowered his head a little bit, he would be able to stick Jiang Chengli's side neck.

Alpha is by his side, he keeps Jiang Chengli by his side.

Pheromone entangled in this distance, like a continuous smoke, melting out an ambiguous breath. Shi Yu's heartbeat was fast, and he almost held his breath next to Jiang Chengli. But Alpha on his side lowered his head badly, and said with a low smile: "When you just pushed me down, my heart beat so fast."

"Now also, I feel that I can smell your pheromone, it's very fragrant."

Breathing entangled in his ears, as if Jiang Chengli was about to press a kiss on his side of his neck in the next instant, ambiguity grew at this distance.

Shi Yu wanted to overturn him directly, gritted his teeth and held back: "I know, don't say it."

Jiang Chengli said innocently: "The teacher is coming, do you think you will find us? What should I do if I find it? I want to admit it."

Shi Yu was in a state of extremely tight nerves. Jiang Chengli's constant provocation made him a little angry. He turned his head and stared at him, breaking the jar and saying: "Okay, if we are found, we will admit it. We will raise the flag tomorrow. Let the whole school confess the mistake and break up to review!"

"Why break up?"

"Who is there!"

The dazzling flashlight swept past, squinting his eyes instinctively under the bright light, and there was an illusion of recognition in an instant.

In the next second, the patrol director's slightly surprised voice: "Give? Why are you here alone?"

one person?

Shi Yu opened his eyes, only to realize that Jiang Chengli beside him didn't know when he had disappeared, and the director stood beside him and stretched out his hand to him: "Wrestled?"

Shi Yu looked back around, only to realize that his waist was a little itchy.

He lowered his head and saw a small tail digging into the pocket of his school pants.

... No wonder Jiang Chengli is confident and fearless, because it turns out that he was deliberately scared.

Shi Yu exhaled and looked up to the patrol director: "Sorry, I just fell."

The patrol director's flashlight circled around, but he frowned and said something wrong when he didn't see the person he should have seen.

"Did someone else be here just now?" He could smell the remaining pheromone.

Shi Yu asked, "Is there? I just came here and I didn't see it."

The director had no choice but to give up, cursing, "I don't know who made the rumors here, saying that I saw Jiang Chengli on this side," and then there was a wave of "student presidents dare to violate school rules". Those restless people ran over to fall in love."

Shi Yu lowered his eyes, just as if he hadn't heard.

"This rumor is really false. It's possible for anyone. I really don't believe Jiang Chengli." The patrol director looked back at Shi Yu: "Can I stand up? Have my feet twisted? It's not early. The playground is too dark to see the road and it is easy to fall. You stand up quickly and the teacher will send you back to the dormitory."

Shi Yu raised his hand and stuffed the tail section into his pocket, then stood up and patted the fallen leaves on his body: "Thank you, teacher."

The patrol director sent Shi Yu downstairs to the dormitory, and the little ice dragon honestly made no sound in his pocket until he entered the door.

"Why did you come back? There is no hot water at eleven thirty, and you go and wash it." Lian Jing, who had just taken a shower, was washing his clothes and urged without looking back.

He gave a cry, put the things down, changed the clothes, and walked to the bathroom. Closing the door, he looked down at his pocket and thought for a while. Little Ice Dragon's faint blue eyes met him in the darkness, like a silent conversation.

"Don't think about it, it's impossible for me to take you to a bath."


Shi Yu took him out of his pocket, held him in his hand and pushed the door out, but met Lian Jing who was washing at the door: "What's the matter?"

Shi Yu responded quickly and hid Jiang Chengli behind him and shook his head: "I forgot to take something."

He stuffed the little ice dragon into his bed and warned in a low voice: "Don't come out, you will be done if you are found by Lian Jing."

Jiang Chengli hooked his tail finger when he pulled his hand out, flirted it lightly, and looked at giving innocently with his water-blue peasy eyes.

Shi Yu pursed his lips and lowered his head to go to the bathroom.

The dormitory was quiet, and the little ice dragon slowly crawled out of the bed. The dormitories in Nanzhong are used to go to bed and go to the table. What is on the bed is not easy to see. Lian Jing was washing clothes on the balcony, wearing headphones and completely unaware of the indoor situation. The little ice dragon swaggered to the side of Shi Yu's pillow, and took a deep breath of the deep sea scent that he thought about day and night.

The bed given was covered with a small blanket, and the pillows and quilts were folded crookedly. Sitting in the middle, Jiang Chengli seemed to see Omega who woke up in a daze in the morning, folding the quilt with his eyes closed, and then slowly swallowing the bed.

I think it's cute.

Little Ice Dragon sat next to the pillow for a while and heard the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Shi Shi put the changed clothes in the bucket, added laundry detergent indiscriminately, and then ran to the bed. Lian Jing, who was still slowly washing his socks, was surprised by him: "Is the water very hot? Why are you so anxious?"

Shi Yu saw that Jiang Chengli, who was not running around on the bed, heaved a sigh of relief: "I, I'm sleepy, I will wash my clothes tomorrow."

"Okay." Lian Jing was also washed, and after cleaning up, the old man climbed onto his bed like an old man, then covered the quilt and let out a sigh: "Another day at the end of hard work."

As soon as the two lay down, the dormitory was powered off and the lights went out.

Shi Yu carefully placed the little ice dragon behind him and spread the quilt and pillows. Seeing him lying down, Jiang Chengli slowly moved to the side of his neck and gently leaned against his collarbone.

Shi Yu was itchy by his small movements, and the idea of ​​wanting to hug him and give him a hard meal grew steadily, but because he knew that this was Jiang Chengli himself, he couldn't do it.

It’s okay to be a dragon, what should he do if he becomes a human?

Jiang Chengli also seemed to notice the stiffness of his restraint, and he slammed into his arms more vigorously, flapping his little wings and wagging his tail, as if he was saying, "Don't you dare to get started with me now?"

The little ice dragon is not heavy, but it still feels a little uncontrollable to give it when stepping on his chest. He stretched out his hands to hold Jiang Chengli together and pressed him to his chest, silently suppressing the idea of ​​suppressing his presumptuous attempts. Unexpectedly, the little ice dragon found the gap and licked his fingertips lightly.

Shi Yu sat up abruptly from the bed, Jiang Chengli rolled all the way from his chest and lay down between his buckled legs.

"What's the matter?" Lian Jing also noticed it, and got up and put on the protective fence: "Shi Yu, I found that you are not quite right tonight? The estrus is coming soon?"

Shi Yu poked Xiao Binglong's stomach to prevent him from turning over, and looked at Lian Jing: "No, I can't sleep after drinking that milk."

The little ice dragon struggled slowly with his tail, pulling his wrist for a while, scratching his ankle for a while, quite restless.

"Can't sleep with milk?" Lian Jing was a little strange: "Then your physique is also different from ordinary people, but it is also, the milk of love sent by Jiang Chengli, who can drink the milk of love?"

Shiyu suppressed his tail, and the little ice dragon stopped struggling, but Shiyu knew what he was listening to.

He lowered his eyes and responded indiscriminately: "What nonsense, go to sleep."

"Give, I'm actually really curious, what's the matter with Jiang Chengli?" Lian Jing crawled to the end of the bed: "I thought you were together before and thought you were separated, but now I really don't know. Yes. Just tell me?"

Shi Yu turned his head and tried to prevaricate, but found that the little thing that had been messing up was gently rubbing the back of his hand with his tail.

As if to say: I want to hear too.

The dark dormitory quieted down, and the sound of the wind outside the balcony gradually became clear. Just when Lian Jing was about to think of giving and planned to go silent, he heard him say softly: "I like it. I like him."

The action of the little ice dragon stopped.

"Then why aren't you together?" Lian Jing asked the answer he wanted, too excited.

Shi Yuqing's hand hanging by his side was gently arched by the little ice dragon. The little guy was lying in his palm, and his tail flicked along his fingertips playfully.

Shi Yu felt a little itchy, but didn't avoid it, and moved towards Lian Jing: "Exams are important."

"Eh, you guys really have to take the college entrance examination when the sky is falling." Lian Jing shook his head: "If Jiang Chengli likes me, I would have turned the clouds with him..."

Shi Yu coughed.

Lian Jing immediately said: "You have to study hard and get admitted to university before legally obtaining the certificate to become a husband and wife. Are you right?"

Shi Yu said, "I have a good enlightenment."

"That's not what I learned from you." Lian Jing immediately expressed his good intentions: "Give, it's time to go to college, what if there are more and better Alpha chasing you?"

Shi Yu felt the little ice dragon entangle his ring finger tightly.

He lowered his head, touched his tail comfortably, and said: "I only like Jiang Chengli."

The tail that was entangled with his ring finger slowly loosened, and it was entangled one after another. Using practical actions, he told him that the answer was very useful.

"Wow." Lian Jing exclaimed: "Then you will really be together then, remember to tell me the first time."

Shi Yu's face was a little hot, and he lay down again: "I see, I'm going to bed, good night."

After a little while, Shi Yu heard Lian Jing's steady breathing and slowly heaved a sigh of relief. The little ice dragon by the pillow also curled up quietly into a ball and didn't move any more, and seemed to fall asleep quietly.

Shi Yu murmured softly, making sure that he had no reaction, then slowly got up and dropped a kiss on the dragon's horn. Lie on the bed contentedly, with a quilt and eyes closed, ready to go to sleep.

When Omega was asleep, Jiang Chengli sat next door to Shi Shi after the mist dissipated by the pillow. His estimation was a little wrong, so he could only lean against the wall and observe Omega's sleeping face in the dark.

Jiang Chengli bowed his head and kissed the end of his eyes, and smiled at the corners of his lips: "It's even, good night."

When Shi Yu woke up the next day, the little ice dragon lay on his pillow properly, and he woke up as soon as Shi Yu moved.

Shi Yu yawned slowly, raised his hand to look at the time, half past six. He got up with the little ice dragon in his hand, washed and changed clothes quickly, and took Jiang Chengli out of the dormitory door.

He went to the dining hall to buy three breakfasts, went to the back wall of yesterday and put the little ice dragon in the haystack: "You hurry back to your own dormitory to wash, don't delay class."

The sleepy little ice dragon squeezed his tail like revenge before he could make a sound. He grunted uncontrollably, but looked up and saw Shi Yu put breakfast next door: "I'm back to the classroom first, you watch it yourself. Do it."

After Shi Yu finished speaking, he lowered his head and left. The morning breeze brushed his face. He didn't look back to see how Jiang Chengli turned back to his original form. He walked back to the classroom quickly.

From now on, I can’t just walk around the playground casually. After all, I’m not sure if I’m going to carry a little ice dragon back to the dormitory at night, and even sleep with him in fear.

Shi Yu rubbed the still-touch fingertips, blushing slightly. However, Jiang Chengli's tail is still very good rua.

In the next time, he will not let Jiang Chengli come to chaos again.

The time of the third year of high school is very tight. After the weekly test is the monthly test, no one dares to slack off the slightest. October comes quietly.

Before self-study in the evening, Lian Jing sorted out the problems of these weekly tests and prepared to ask Shi Yu, but he was caught by He Huan and Xia Zhining on the spot: "Lian Jing, you have no heart. You only ask Shi Yu questions every day, but you don’t know others. It's almost birthday."

Lian Jing only remembered being mentioned so, and patted his forehead: "I almost forgot. During this period of time, I was taken by Shi You to travel in the sea of ​​study, and I almost regarded myself as a schoolmaster."

He Huan squeezed his face: "So, think about how to help him celebrate."

Lian Jing let out a thoughtful voice, "Shall we celebrate for him? What about the Class A guy?"

"Then it's up to Jiang Chengli himself. If he forgets, the gods will not be able to save him." Xia Zhining copied his hands: "Shi Yu's birthday is on Saturday. You will save him for self-study next night on Friday, and we will put the cake. Bring it here."

"Good." Lian Jing took the exercise book and patted his chest: "Wrap it on me."

Shi Yu didn't know anything about Class O's plan, and still studied and rested at his own pace. Until Friday, Lian Jingfei asked him to solve an additional question.

Shi Zhu patiently listed the logic and steps in detail, and sorted out the knowledge points, but Lian Jing still said that he could not understand and write.

Shi Yu put down the pen: "You didn't come to ask me questions."

Lian Jing's expression was slightly stiff, and he raised his hand and grabbed his hair unnaturally: "Hey, why didn't you think of this formula when I wrote it? It's weird, it shouldn't be..."

"Lian Jing, your acting skills are not good. Come on, what else can be done at this late hour?"

Lian Jing glanced at the door, watching He Huan throw a small signal balloon out, and then heaved a sigh of relief: "Shi Yu, do you know what day is tomorrow?"

Shi Yu tilted his head and glanced at him: "Is it the day when you fell back ten in the weekly math test?"

"..." Lian Jing jumped up: "Tomorrow is your birthday, and everyone will live for you tonight! Can you not push the knife to your brother's heart!"

Following Lian Jing's cry when he broke the defense, He Huan walked around from the front door to the power switch and turned off the lights in the classroom. Xiang Wuhao walked in with a cake with lit candles, and the jumbled happy birthday song echoed by the students.

One of the top ten scenes of human execution is birthdays. Shi Yu looked at the cake brought in front of him, and the classmates around the candles.

"Quickly, make a wish and blow out the candles, don't worry about embarrassment or embarrassment!" Xia Zhining hurriedly said: "This is a surprise prepared for you by our class!"

Shi Yu closed his eyes in anticipation, made a simple wish of "I hope everyone will be admitted to the ideal university", opened his eyes and blew out the candles. The onlookers cheered loudly: "Congratulations, you are an adult!"

Shi Yu looked at the almost melted number eighteen on the candle and chuckled softly, "Thank you."

It was a little embarrassing to be stared at by classmates, Shiyou divided the cake for everyone, and he only ate the small piece of the first cut.

Because it was too late, even Jing provokes He Huan and wanted to fight a cream fight. The students in the class continued to say happy birthday and left. Only the few from the study group remained.

"Give, this is a gift we prepared for you. It's not expensive. It's a little bit of heart." Xiang Wuhao put a box in front of him: "Go back to the dormitory and see it again. Happy birthday."

"Thank you." Shi Yu held the box and looked at the classmates gathered in front of him: "Thank you really, this is a great surprise."

A few people scratched their heads in embarrassment, and they didn't seem to be used to the sensational atmosphere. After saying a happy birthday, they left in a hurry.

Shi Yu and Lian Jing packed the classroom and locked the door before returning to the dormitory.

Lian Jing was still reminiscing about the chestnut cake. He suddenly saw something before entering the Omega dormitory. He raised his hand and gave it to him: "Look, is Jiang Chengli standing downstairs?"

Giving stunned in place, some of them didn't know how to respond. Jiang Chengli was standing under the tree in front of the dormitory building, looking down at his mobile phone, and the faint light fell on his outline, making the facial features extremely deep.

Shi Yu stood on the spot, and Lian Jing helped him carry the gift: "Then I won't be a small light bulb. I will put things up first. You guys will have a good chat."

Before Shi Yu answered, Lian Jing had already left with a smile holding the present, and when he passed by Jiang Chengli, he deliberately greeted him.

Jiang Chengli smiled and nodded at him, looking at the benevolence who walked towards him without finishing his expression.

"Why don't you go back so late?"

Jiang Chengli smiled and looked at him: "Isn't it your birthday tomorrow? I want to be the first to celebrate your birthday, but I didn't make it." Class O's surprise was prepared earlier than him, so he could only wait here for the donation to come back.

He lowered his head carefully: "You won't be angry with me, will you?"

Shi Yu snorted: "I am different from you, and I am not stingy."

Jiang Chengli knew that he was alluding to his sulking last time, and laughed in a low voice: "Well, I'm stingy, you're grudges, they happen to be a couple."

Shi Yu realized that his words really sounded a grudge, don't turn his face and touch the tip of his nose: "It's getting late. If there is nothing wrong with you, go back and rest first."

Jiang Chengli raised his hand and touched his profile with his fingertips, and said in a low voice: "Something is wrong, the person I like is 18 years old, I will come over and see if I can ask for an identity."

The temperature on Shi Zhi's face is slightly lower than his hands, and his cheeks are a little hot: "What... identity."

"When you meet the patrol director, you need to run away." Jiang Chengli took out the gift behind him and pushed it in front of him: "Open the gift first."

Shi Yu whispered a thank you, and opened the rectangular black gift box with an ice rose lying in it.

Jiang Chengli’s pheromone is spreading on this flower. There is a trace of blood red between the stamens. The petals are the same color as the eyes of the little ice dragon. They are pure and clear, not like carved on ice, but like a slice. It's made of pieces of crushed ice.

"My blood is injected into the rose, and the breath of the ice dragon will always be there. As long as I'm alive, it won't melt." Jiang Chengli looked at the joy of Shi Yu's pressure at the end of his eyes, and asked knowingly, "Do you like it?"

Shi Yu held the box and slowly raised his eyes. The moonlight fell on his pupils and looked pure and bright: "I like it very much, thank you."

Jiang Chengli loves his calm and enthusiastic eyes. He lowered his head and patiently induced: "There is a small gift in it, which is not very valuable. You can open it and take a look?"

Shi Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, curiosity at the end of his eyes: "What is it?"

Jiang Chengli watched him open the gift in silence.

It is a small pure black box with a ring in it.

Shi Yu was stunned, this gift was indeed beyond his expectation.

It was a very ordinary silver ring with the abbreviation of Jiang Chengli's name engraved on the inside, but it was exactly the size of his right ring finger.

"When you make a formal proposal, I will make a more beautiful one for you. This one is used to show that you have a boyfriend." Jiang Chengli lowered his head in his ear: "Actually I am another gift. Do you accept it?"

Shi Yu looked down at the ring inside, hesitated for a long time and raised his head: "Jiang Chengli, I am eighteen years old."

Jiang Chengli didn't expect that his answer was not yes or not, but this, and he hummed a little puzzled.

Shi Yu lowered his head, quickly sorted out what he wanted to say, and said seriously and slowly: "Before I was eighteen, I had a lot of immature decisions and ideas, and you waited a long time for me. I spent a lot of time. It takes a long time to determine my own mind. I like you. My only wish at the age of eighteen is to get Jiang Chengli, okay?"

Listening to his voice, Jiang Chengli was stunned, his ears were burning with his scorching eyes, and smiled and hugged him tightly: "How can you be like this."

Omega's height is just right, Jiang Chengli is full of arms easily, and the pheromone of the deep sea and winter is slowly blending.

Shiyu leaned on his shoulder, with a little unreasonable willfulness: "What's wrong with me?"

"Obviously I was confessing, but you cut your beard first, it's unfair, you are too cunning."

Shi Yu thought for a while, and then smiled: "Then do you agree?"

"Promise. Touch the dragon's wings for you, you give rua the tail, and **** your belly. This dragon is yours." Jiang Chengli took the ring out of the box and brought it to the ring finger of the granting:" Just right."

Shi Yu stretched out his hand and clenched a fist. There was indeed no gap, and it was not uncomfortable to fit between his ring fingers: "How do you know..."

"When I was in your pocket, I wrapped my tail around your hand every day. Can I know the size?" Jiang Chengli smiled and stretched out his right hand. There is also one on his ring finger.

"This is mine, and your name is engraved on it." Jiang Chengli shook his right hand: "When you are admitted to the school you want to go to, you must bring it with you. I want everyone to know that you are mine. "

"...Okay, I am yours."

Shi Yu still blushed when she returned to the dormitory. Shi Lan made a phone call with him, and everyone in the family told him happy birthday, and Alice was still arguing that he would go home to eat cake on the weekend.

Shi Yu answered one by one, hung up the phone and opened the door of the dormitory. Lian Jing, who had just come out of the bath, made a series of "yo yo yo" sounds and approached.

"This little blushing face, in all likelihood, is it done?"

Shi Yu answered vaguely, walked to his seat, and looked at the present Lian Jing helped him put on the table.

Lian Jing was keen to watch the show and asked excitedly: "What did Jiang Chengli give you? Did he betroth himself to you or something? Why is his face so red?"

Shi Yu knew he was going to ask the question tonight, so he raised his hand directly.

"Fuck? Jiang Chengli gave you the ring? It's a high-level Alpha! I rely on this sincerity." Lian Jing stared at Shi Yu's hand like a baby, "Tsk tsk, now you are afraid you can't run away." Oh."

Shi Yu lowered his head and hesitated for a while, then confessed: "I confessed."

"Huh?" Lian Jing's eyes rounded: "Fuck? You finally opened up at the age of eighteen?!"

Shi Yu was very dissatisfied with his statement and frowned: "Are you doing less math problems? I will find you two additional questions tonight?"

"No, no, I mean, we gave it to the men, we actually confessed it first!" Lian Jing patted his chest and gave him a thumbs up: "I can catch such awesome Alpha for you. And proud!"

Shi Yu snorted, and Lian Jing pointed at the tabletop again: "Our gift, you can open it and take a look. I think it's quite intentional."

As he said, he touched the tip of his nose again: "I'm embarrassed to see you open the present. I'll go to wash the clothes first. Take your time."

Seeing him running away, Shi Yu raised his hand to open the gift on the tabletop, only to find that it was a photo album.

Each page in it records the memory of Shi Yulai O after the transfer. Compared with Jiang Chengli's mobile phone album, it is more complete, and there are different people in it to accompany the giving.

School sports meeting, monthly examination review, school art festival, New Year's Day celebration, New Year's Eve playground, to the latest seaside holiday.

Someone helped him record what he remembered or what he didn't remember. Shi Yu's hand gently pasted each group photo, and the smiles of everyone in it made his palms warm.

He lowered his head slightly, his voice dumb: "Thank you."

The last page of the album is a handwritten greeting card with different fonts——

"Happy eighteenth birthday, give it."

It's getting colder in winter.

In the last winter vacation of high school, Nancheng rarely snowed.

Shi Yu woke up in a daze when he received a call from Lian Jing early in the morning. Hearing him yelling about snow in excitement on the other side of the phone, he slowly got up and looked out the window.

It's just that the two hands on the waist pressed him into the bed, preventing him from leaving easily: "It's so cold outside, and sleep a little longer."

Jiang Chengli leaned against his back waist, sullenly unwilling to leave him: "I feel cold in this weather, and it's not worth seeing the snow when I get up."

Shi Yu stared at the bed in a daze, only then did he remember what was going on.

Jiang Chengli pestered him to go home with him on the day of the winter vacation. The reason for nonsense was that the pressure of studying was too great, and Omega's pheromone needed to be slowed down. Shi Yu was so fascinated by his dragon tail that he couldn't find Bei. When he recovered, he had promised to take him home, so he had this morning.

Shi Yu faced this little ice dragon last night, and the person who said nothing this morning had no temper. He only patted the back of his hand: "It rarely snows here, I want to see it."

"It's all icy ballasts. If you want to see I can give it to you in your room, don't catch a cold and go to bed." Jiang Chengli childishly dragged the donation into his arms. Go around his tail to wrap his ankle.

"My tail is very warm, are you willing to let it be blown by the cold wind?"

Giving: "..."

Giving is really reluctant.

Seeing that he finally gave up the idea of ​​seeing the snow, Jiang Chengli closed his eyes with a smile: "Since there is no one at home today, sleeping in is the best choice."

Shi Yu helped him raise the quilt and rubbed his hair smoothly: "The single bed is not too crowded, so I have to make money."

Jiang Chengli turned his head and opened his eyes all the time to look at him: "Then when you touched my stomach last night, did I say it for at most one minute?"

"..." Shi Yu turned over, pretending to be deaf, and muttered: "Hurry up and sleep for another half an hour. I will get up later to do the problems and keep my energy up."

Jiang Chengli raised his eyebrows and deliberately raised his ankles with his tail, only to find that Classmate Shi seemed to have nothing but the sea, and had no distractions towards him.

In the early morning, a certain dragon who was struggling with Xue and then with the math problem grunted and left the bed angrily.

Shi Yu felt empty behind him, and couldn't resist curiosity and turned his head. What he saw was the little ice dragon sitting in the mattress and looking at him slimly.

Shi Yu was silent for three seconds: "Jiang Chengli, Meilong's plan doesn't work!"

Jiang Chengli slowly lowered his body, and his little tail shook.

Give a deep breath: "Jiang Chengli, I advise you to be kind."

Jiang Chengli: "Roar."

Giving: "..." I admit defeat.

The coming-of-age ceremony of the third year of high school is on the same day as the Hundred Day Oath.

On the day when the countdown started, the basketball court was gathered in the third year of the South High School. After the principal’s mobilization speech, the school flag was handed to A1 student representative Jiang Chengli, and then he got on the bus and set off.

An hour's drive to Xianyan Forest Park, Shi Yu was still a little dizzy when she got off the bus.

Lian Jing supported him and whispered, "Can you do it later? We will have to climb three mountains after the Hundred Days Oath Conference today."

Giving has a headache. The pace of learning in South Middle School is tight. In the second semester of high school, the school leaders worry that students will be under too much pressure. They have set the tradition of climbing the mountain. I heard that the three peaks are named "undergraduate", "key", and "first-rate". Even if you go up there, you can learn more aggressively in the remaining ninety-nine days.

But most of the students complained incessantly. After all, they were choking in their studies. How could they have the energy to climb the mountain.

Xiang Wuchao listened before and turned around: "Leaders are also worried that our physical condition cannot keep up. We have A1 at the front and A2 at the back. When you fall down with hypoglycemia, you may have it soon. Two pretty boys come over to give you a kick."

Lian Jing immediately raised his hand to support his forehead: "Ah, I'm dizzy, come and have a little brother help me..."

He Huan pushed him behind him: "The acting is too exaggerated, brother."

Shi Yu also patted Lianjing's shoulder: "It's the meeting point, let's swear an oath."

Jiang Chengli, the representative of the third year of high school, stood firmly on the high platform, and the concise representative spoke after the oath. Jiang Chengli stood upright under the sun, and the young man under the light led a thousand people to take an oath seriously.

Even the clichéd chicken soup like "the heroic sentiment is soaring to the sky, the lofty ambitions rise to the top" is said in his mouth, but it is especially exciting.

Shi Yu stood at the end of the class and looked at Jiang Chengli on the stage from a hundred meters away.

He said: "I will carry everything on my back and think about the future I want."

Shi Yu turned his head and said to Jiang Chengli in a thousand different voices: "I will carry everything on my back and run towards the future with you."

After the oath was over, they were divided into groups. A group of five people pulled a rope, and each group was assigned a pager.

"There may not be a signal on the mountain. If you can't get through with your mobile phone, use this to find a teacher." The class teacher reminded each group: "Although the names of the three mountain peaks have meanings, our O class focuses on physical conditions, not reluctant or uncomfortable. I’m going to stop right away, A1 and A2 will take care of us, you know?"

Several group leaders nodded one after another.

As soon as Shi Yu gave the water in the class to each classmate, he heard a roar.

When he turned his head, it was Jiang Chengli who came over and carried his schoolbag.

Shi Yu frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Forgot to bring a backpack, there is no place to put water, borrow your school bag to use it." Jiang Chengli very naturally put chocolate, bread, and sports drinks in the given school bag, and then carried it on his body: "I am hungry and ask me for it. "

Shi Yu wanted to say no, even though he was an Omega, his physical fitness wasn't that weak.

But as soon as he spoke, Jiang Chengli nodded his forehead and whispered: "Try to climb to the top of the mountain, I will take you to have my future."

Shi Yu’s ear tips were slightly hot, and he whispered: "So many people are swearing, you can hear what I say."

"Staring at you." Jiang Chengli waved his hand: "The top of the mountain is waiting for you."

After the person left, Shi Yu was instantly surrounded by class O classmates.

"Fuck, Jiang Chengli's boyfriend is so **** strong, I also want to have an Alpha to help me back!"

"I don't believe that Alpha climbs a mountain, eats chocolate, eats bread, or drinks sports drinks. Giving is all prepared for you, right?" Lian Jing humbly pushed Shisu: "Hey, he really likes you. what."

Shi Yu turned his head: "Okay, then you give me the water, and I will help you carry it."

Even Jing Zuoshi was about to take off his backpack, but was received by another Alpha from A1 and said with a smile: "Leave it to us what you don't want to carry. The grade director will let our class look at you."

All O class: "..." There is such a good thing! !

"Assemble the team, arrange them in groups, and get ready to go!" The leading physical education teacher blew the assembled whistle, urging the students to get ready to go.

Xia Zhining and He Huan didn't mean to complain at all. They had been taking photos together all the way, and almost every classmate of O class came over and took pictures.

"Shi Yu, I want to take a photo with us, maybe I won't have a chance to take a photo in school uniform again!" Xia Zhening waved excitedly.

The team was not advancing fast, Shi Yu agreed to nod, and Xia Zhining gave He Huan a look while saying to find an angle.

He Huan jumped to class A1: "Jiang Chengli! Shi Yu asked if you want to take a group photo, come on!"

The A1 guy glanced back, and followed him up: "Hurry up, let's take this team for you!"

Jiang Chengli smiled and thanked him, walked between Class O, and slowly stood beside Shi Yu: "Add me to the picture."

Shi Yu looked back at the two girls who pretended to be innocent, and then she understood what they meant.

He sighed slightly: "Hurry up, don't delay the trip."

He Huan and Xia Zhening smiled and leaned forward to take a group photo with them.

"Hey, ten or twenty years later, if I look at the photos of my youth, I will still feel emotional, what kind of beautiful love I hit back then."

Jiang Chengli didn't rush to walk, standing beside Shi Yu and walking with him. Shi Yu was a little uncomfortable with the various eyes around him: "Can you not go back and lead the team? Are you not a student representative?"

"Here is the only way to the top of the mountain. A1 won't get lost." Jiang Chengli peeled off a candy and handed it to Shi Yu's lips: "Grapefruit flavor, do you want to try it?"

Shi Yu was aroused by the taste and stretched out to pick it up, but Jiang Chengli handed the sugar to his lips: "Open your mouth."

Shi Yu heard the constant noise behind him.

Jiang Chengli was unmoved, but bowed his head pitifully, "Don't you eat what I feed?"


The grapefruit taste is sweeter than imagined. It is contained in the lips, and the tip of the tongue is sweet and sour.

After walking silently with Jiang Chengli for a while, the person beside him suddenly lowered his head in his ear: "Shigi, when can I kiss you?"

Giving: "..."

After agreeing to him at the age of eighteen, the two imitated

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