"So Shiyou, did you really happen to pass by?" In the office, the grade director asked the young man in front of him with stern eyes.

Shi Yu's eyelashes were drooping, and the mole under his right eye looked pale and indifferent on the exceptionally fair skin: "It's just a coincidence."

The director stared at him for a while, then sighed annoyedly.

The second and sixth class of senior high school is the ordinary beta class Yiqi Juechen's scholarship, but the personality is perverse and cold. The vice president of the Student Union said that the child is a bit mentally ill.

Nanzhong attaches great importance to grades, thinking that he is a top student at any rate, as long as he does not commit a serious mistake that is explicitly forbidden, he will go, but this time Shi Yu stabbed a shocking basket-he followed an omega girl in estrus. !

"Who believes this sentence? The girl's parents have already filed a complaint with the Education Bureau, and now it is useless if you don't explain clearly! Giving, you can do evil without good grades, and the school will not cover you!"

Shizhu's eyes remained unchanged, and repeated: "I didn't lie."

"You!" The grade director pressed his eyebrows: "You go to the student union office now. The girl's parents are already there, so you can go!"

Shi Yu walked out of the office in silence, and was stopped when he passed the bathroom on the third floor.

"Give you, are you finally willing to confess your guilt?" Lian Zi entered into his pocket and looked at him scornfully: "Hey, did the cousin call you and didn't answer?"

Shi Yu slowly raised his head, looking at the person in front of him. He did not pay too much attention to who the person in front of him was, after all, he had just been in this world for a week, and his face had not been fully recognized.

"Come to this world for a week" means that this kind of illusion really happened to the giver.

A week ago, he was the dragon's choice, but he died in a car accident at the age of seventeen. He came to this world and became a Beta grant.

Other people's crossing is to wake up in bed or elsewhere, and giving is to be awakened in the pool. At that time, he suspected that he would wake up more slowly and probably would have to die in place.

The place where she woke up was the indoor swimming pool of Nanzhong, with an unconscious Omega girl beside her.

Shi Yu helped stretch out her hand and grabbed the girl, only to be surrounded by Lian Zijin as soon as she landed ashore.

What this "cousin" did first was not to save people, but to point to his head: "You pushed Xiao Li into the water!"

Inexplicably, he became the culprit who framed Omega.

"Tsk, the school should expel you? Wasn't it okay to listen to my mother's arrangement and go to a vocational school?" Lian Zijin mocked: "The only monitor by the pool is broken. You can't wash it for nothing. I persuade you. You still apologize to others and lick the soles of their shoes. Our family can still help you in the aftermath."

He stared at the people in front of him arrogantly, waiting for Shi Yu to apologize to himself with trembling as usual, and then said: I'm sorry, help me.

Unexpectedly, Shi Yu just condensed him for a moment and smiled: "Get out of the way."

Corridor on the fourth floor.

Li Chen tilted his head and looked towards the corridor: "President... You looked at the little moles of tears that you used to look at. Lian Zi just pressed into the bathroom on the third floor."

Jiang Chengli raised his eyelids slightly and glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

"I heard that the Lian family has never regarded him as a human. But he himself is compliant, and he doesn't know how to resist bullying." Li Chen grinned, "Go and see?"

Jiang Chengli grinned with a smile, "Is it idle?"

Li Chen smacked his lips, saying that President Jiang was indeed the flower of Gaoling, and he was very affectionate. When I looked at classmate Shi's file before, I obviously scanned it twice. Today, I'm just taking care of my business.

Li Chen stretched out his hand and raised it: "No hurry, I'll go see..."

As soon as he entered the bathroom, the smile on Li Chen's face froze.

The student Shi Yu, who is "submissive and doesn't know how to resist", is putting Lian Zi in front of the compartment door, frowning in disgust: "The pheromone can't be received, isn't it?"

The strong smell of gasoline seemed to explode and soon came out of the bathroom.

Jiang Chengli waited in the aisle for a while, smelled the pungent smell, frowned and said, "Trouble."

When he walked to the bathroom door, what Jiang Chengli saw first was the grant kneeling down at the door.

Beta's forehead moistened and the corners of his eyes blushed, and his pupils were a little out of focus, condensing at a certain point on the ground, shaking all over.

Jiang Chengli glanced at him inadvertently. The pitch-black eyes were foggy, leaving a trace of hostility and warning, as if three minutes ago, this Beta was not the weaker one.

Kinda fierce.

Jiang Chengli watched for two seconds, then silently turned his head to look at Lian Zi in the corner.

Lian Zijin collapsed in the corner with an expression of pain, clutching his abdomen and unconscious, the toilet was overwhelmed with his potent pheromones.

Seeing Jiang Chengli's arrival, Li Chen said in disbelief: "President, I just saw a mole of tears hitting Lian Dog."

Jiang Chengli replied mockingly: "Does the pheromone here make you unconscious?"

Li Chen choked. How can it be! This is what he saw with his own eyes!

But it was obvious that Shi Yu was holding Lian Zi in the moment before, so why did he squat on the ground in the next moment...

If the seemingly non-existent scent seemed to be in the air, Li Chen ghostly brought the realization to the back of the donor's neck.

Li Chen was stunned: "Fuck me? President, come here quickly, the mole seems to be split!"

Jiang Chengli raised his eyebrows: "What did you say?"

Li Chen quickly turned his head away: "I feel like he is about to differentiate into an omega. The pheromone is a little bit... I'll raise the vice chairman, you go get a little mole."

Differentiating into Omega is not a trivial matter. If it is delayed, it may be life-threatening.

Jiang Chengli walked to Shi Yu and discerned a faint scent in the strong smell of gasoline.

…Really divided.

He dragged the unconscious person up and whispered: "I offended, send you to the school infirmary."

Shi Shi felt pain all over her body, the pungent smell in the air was like fine needles, and every inch of her skin was stinging. When being picked up, he couldn't help but exert some strength on the person.

The pheromone was like a loose mist, tangled up along the physical contact of the two people, Jiang Chengli pulled the distance and quickened his pace.

Li Chen called the school doctor on the way. After the examination, the school doctor took off his mask: "Vice President Lian has nothing to do, and that classmate's condition is not very good. From the characteristics and pheromone point of view, he has differentiated into an omega."

Jiang Chengli found Li Chen standing far away, staring at him strangely.

"What are you looking at?"

Li Chen cautiously: "Can't you smell it? You are now covered with pheromone from a mole of tears...too sweet."

Jiang Chengli's face instantly sank.

Li Chen tightened his lips, knowing that using the word "sweet" to describe a senior is undoubtedly the same as saying "you are so cute" to a muscular man. You should not owe your life.

Nanzhong is a municipal Omega model school, and Omega's physical condition is always the first place.

The news of Shi Yu division was quickly reported to the grade level. The director hurried to the school infirmary, and when he heard the room full of pheromone, his expression changed from fierce and evil to extremely loving, which was comparable to the face change of Peking Opera.

After confirming with the school doctor, the grade director thought for a moment and looked back at Jiang Chengli: "Student Jiang, you will go up with the school doctor when the ambulance arrives. If you have any situation, please contact me at any time."

Jiang Chengli, who was just about to leave, paused slightly.

Shi Yu should have gone to see Omega's parents, Xiao Li's parents were already standing at the door.

But now he wants him to send Giving away in front of Xiao's family?

Li Chen, who was on the sidelines, said meaningfully, saying that the grade director was using President Jiang as a shield.

Outside the school doctor, Mr. Xiao sneered: "Our husband and wife finally took the time to come here to ask for a result. The students in your school are divided, which is really timely."

"If I guessed correctly, the young criminal is also 16 or 7 years old, right? It's just now? If you pretend to be sick to avoid responsibility, your school won't protect him yet, right?"

"Of course not!" The grade director vowed, "But the differentiation of normal students should be around twelve years old, and there are risks in the differentiation of older ages. This is not something the school infirmary can afford."

He looked at Jiang Chengli again: "You are the president of the student council, I believe you can handle this matter well."

The two standing outside the door obviously knew that they could not embarrass the Jiang family, and they were calm and did not stop them. Jiang Chengli and the school doctor got into the ambulance with unconscious giving.

The newly split Omega's face was pale, Jiang Chengli frowned involuntarily, thinking that he was really fragile.

Shi Yu closed his eyes, and the chaotic picture in his mind was fragmented.

Parting from his parents at the age of seven, struggling to survive at the age of 13, and becoming the destined person of the dragon at the age of sixteen... Memories appeared in front of him in pieces, and then were swept away by a huge vortex, as if telling him "the old Everything is deprived".

Jiang Chengli was caught off guard by his right hand. He narrowed his gaze, only to find that Omega was curled up close to him at some point. Eyelashes were wet, as if still crying.

It's just differentiation, what's the point to cry?

The school doctor saw that he was so distressed by this expression: "He probably hurts too much. You are the only Alpha in the car. The opposite **** attracts each other. He instinctively approaches you."

As he said, he added: "President, please comfort him."

As the signature and legend of Nanzhong, Jiang Chengli is the top Alpha in all high schools in the city.

Even the school doctor was shocked when he kept the medical report file. Jiang Chengli's pheromone is an extremely rare exotic tone. According to the previous registration system, it was converted to an S+-level alpha.

Jiang Chengli looked back and put his right hand casually on the side. It's not impossible to shake hands for unconscious people.

The chaotic dream seemed to sweep in a rush of wind, as if the white snow was crossing the border, and the tingling and hotness of torture was dissipated a lot.

He clenched the hand in front of him unconsciously.

Quietly, Jiang Chengli unlocked the phone aimlessly and saw the message Li Chen had sent him.

[Li Chen: Pay attention when you go to the hospital. I rarely see the newly differentiated omega pheromone that is so strong. When I came back, I was a little bit overwhelmed, so it was better if I sprayed it with a barrier agent. ]

[Li Chen: To tell the truth, his smell is really good, you are actually unmoved, you are also a god. ]

[Li Chen: Suddenly wonder if there is really no Omega in this world that can attract you. (Dog head)]

Jiang Chengli lowered his eyes and suddenly raised his hand to take a picture. It was the way Shiyu was holding his right hand in his sleep.

He wanted to send a ridicule to Li Chen, but he paused when he looked at the moles of tears under his eyes in the photo.

The school doctor looked at Jiang Chengli and stared at the screen for a while, then turned off the screen and put down the phone.

The car stopped.

The medical staff were unloading the rescue vehicle, and they were a little at a loss when they saw the hands held by the two boys: "Classmates?"

Jiang Chengli relaxed his hand, and when he pulled away, he accidentally touched Shi Yu's profile with his fingertips.

The wind passed by, and the haze-like pheromone smelled out—it was the faint deep-sea scent, which was like a mermaid's tail fin swimming in front of you.

He slowly raised his eyelids and looked at the distant figure.

…Is a bit sweet.

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