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After I Became a Zombie, My Face Is Paralyzed

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I am a doctor, and after I became a zombie, I found that my face was paralyzed.

Actually, I didn’t want to block the zombies for my patient, but I accidentally stumbled and fell on him.

As for why I am conscious, it may be because I am handsome…

After all, compared to those A zombie that stinks and dries and still grows green hair, except that my skin is paler, my body temperature is a little lower, my pupils are a little discolored, and there are a few cyan veins on my neck, as long as I don’t say…

Actually I can still see that I am not a normal person.

I was able to determine that my stomach was not interested in humans.

However, my patient seems to smell delicious…

Rong Yun (smile): Be good, don’t bite anyone

Xiao Shenwei (face paralysis and rub hands): Okay, ah hoo~

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Short Title:ABZMFP
Alternate Title:变成丧尸后我面瘫了
Weekly Rank:#2367
Monthly Rank:#2272
All Time Rank:#6783
Tags:Apocalypse, Beast Companions, Doctors, Handsome Male Lead, Humanoid Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Mutated Creatures, Omegaverse, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong Love Interests, Zombies,
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10 Comments on “After I Became a Zombie, My Face Is Paralyzed
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  1. I👊THOUGHT👊 IT'S 👊 JUST 👊 A👊 LIGHT 👊 READ 👊. I WAS NOT READY TO BAWL MY EYES OUT. IT'S SO GOOD! This is not like any other apocalypse themed bl where you can see the dark side of human nature. No, it's full of hope. The relationship between the MC and ML bdosbcoebfowkd!!! The road they took to have a happy ending hurts but BOOOOYYYYYY THEY DESERVE A HAPPY ENDING. And i love how the author said that the MC isn't a child of some world or something, the MC is the MC because the author chose him to see the world he was living in by using his perspective.

  2. Hmmpp! I don't want to read this. The ML is ungrateful to me. MC saved him 2 times and he still pull the gun on him(eventho he didn't shot)but I still feel uncomfortable. Don't like this ML.

  3. The mc is a zombie who is a big foodie and ml always indulges the mc and cooks his favorite food everyday.It is really funny in the starting chapters.At the middle chapters you will definitely cry for the mc and from the love shown by the base people for the mc.It is HE. I recommend to read this it I funny and exciting.

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