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After He Swapped Bodies With His Pregnant Wife

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Hou Yang stepped on the air when he rushed down the stairs only to wake up and find that he had exchanged bodies with his wife Shen Rongrong!

After the swap, Hou Yang threw up every time he ate and felt that it was necessary to go to the hospital for a check up but was stopped by Shen Rongrong.

“No need to go to the hospital.” Shen Rongrong said calmly, “You’re just pregnant.”

“????!!!!” Your mother*, this was too much!

* 特麼 / TM: His mother; (slang) 特麼 has the same pronunciation as 他妈, a Chinese slang that literally means f*ck you.]

Huo Yang realized that he was not only pregnant, but also had to complete the dubbing work of his wife.

The inexperienced Huo Yang, “….Alright.”

As a result, he accidentally became the top trend in the dubbing circle and stirred up a tumultuous storm.

Fans were crazy for him: “Ah! ah! ah! ah! So sassy, so stunning, so beautiful! Sister Rong is the best!”

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Short Title:AHSBWPW
Alternate Title:和老婆互换身体后他生娃了
Weekly Rank:#3576
Monthly Rank:#3152
All Time Rank:#7861
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Body Swap, Female to Male, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Male to Female, Pregnancy, Wealthy Characters,
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  2. Junior your [Traping Skills] and [Scamming Skills] need to be trained for another ten thousand years before you can fool this Senior's [Divine All Seeing Eyes].

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