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After Crossing, and Husband Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies To Farm

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After the car accident, the modern loving couple Zhou Ying and Gu Chengrui both traveled through the full-level space.

Zhou Ying has become a broom star that everyone despises, and can’t even eat a dry mouth.

Gu Chengrui became a poor and violent rich man who was rejected by his family, but ignored his wife.

No one loves and loves two couples, so they decided to split up!

The new family is impoverished, and the family has four walls? Don’t be afraid, they have the space and wisdom to get rid of poverty and become rich in minutes.

It’s just that these days have just passed, and trouble has come to the door.

The family wants them to go back to be cows and horses? Don’t be shy, young couples unite the front, go back!

The old rival father and daughter of the clan, one wants to rob the recipe, the other wants to rob the person? The two rolled up their sleeves, and the front was just right!

Unexpectedly, the days finally stabilized, and the disaster that happened once in a thousand years came…

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Alternate Title:穿越后,和夫君带亿万物资去种田
Author:enjoy the moment
Weekly Rank:#2879
Monthly Rank:#1036
All Time Rank:#2057
Tags:Ancient Times, Female Protagonist, God Protagonist, Magical Space, Rebirth, World Travel,
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10 Comments on “After Crossing, and Husband Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies To Farm
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  1. Double reincarnation? Farming? Business management? Space? Theoretically, i SHOULD LOVE THIS. However about 60 chapters in and it still feels so.... Bland. The execution of the story is really banal and I'm wondering when it gets better?

  2. Hey guys anyone remember a novel Where ml has seen mc dying in car accident they both loved eachother but couldn't be together now they're reborn got chance to start to become with each other's. it's a novel in 90s I think mc ha a space where they collect calligraphy and more things

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