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After Buying Marvel, I Became the King of Hollywood

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【American Entertainment】【Chinese Reborn in America】【Director’s Text】【Old Driver】【Bulldozer】

A third-rate director in his previous life, he was reborn as a 23-year-old talented director in the United States in the 1990s.

Since then, titles such as the king of the Hollywood box office, the world’s greatest director, the major shareholder of MGM, and the behind-the-scenes boss of Marvel have all been added to him.

And his first movie, he chose Chainsaw…

Well, it’s a story about a modern third-rate director who crossed over to the American entertainment industry to stir up trouble. …

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Short Title:ABMIBKH
Alternate Title:收购漫威后,我成为了好莱坞之王
Author:hot water bottle in winter
Weekly Rank:#1172
Monthly Rank:#1583
All Time Rank:#2541
Tags:Business Management, Entertainment, Male Protagonist, Nationalism,
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46 Comments on “After Buying Marvel, I Became the King of Hollywood
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  1. It's Ironic that the first thing these Chinese authors do is rip off their fellow Chinese James Wan, then they'll f*cking whine all throughout the novel that they're being racist towards Chinese. Fvcking hypocrites.

  2. haven't you noticed it yet? Most novels' MC always hail china as the greatest nation and yet you always read the characters being arrogant , horny, and whatnot. Characters bullying others cause they have superior status or money (other characters suck up to them) + the cherry on the cake: family reunions are occasions where the so called relatives take pleasure in the misery of those members that are worse off than them and take shots at them. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and yet authors describe China as great numba 1

  3. Poison tested. Poison level: (Among them, Japan's attitude towards black people is what Kevin prefers. To be honest, there are so many places in Japan that Kevin can't see, except for two points, Kevin likes it very much. One is a certain type of works that are not suitable for children, and the other is the attitude towards black people. Japan simply clearly discriminates against blacks, and this attitude is manifested in all aspects. If it were the Americans who treated black people this way, they would have made a big rebellion long ago. This is the point that Kevin is very dissatisfied with the mainland. The mainland is too friendly to black people, especially some colleges and universities. Here, I will not name a Beijing Normal University.) ..Who said chinese authors don't dare to criticise China?

  4. Bruh, why does chinese always felt that US and EU countries bullied them? Like, what the hell? Its so cliche! Chinese novels nowadays are either promoting thier culture, thier nationalism, hate towards other countries, world domination etc. Etc., ...Well, not that its wrong, I'm just saying that, can you tone it down a bit?

  5. Oppium war, and the conquest and destruction of the Qin dinasty, is a cultural thing the same reason why UK and USA citizens attack each other, because the independence of USA, is just that they are allies so the government don't use publicity to attack each other, but China is afraid of the tactics of USA of using guerrillas to infiltrate in nations so they use the cultural hate as a weapon to cut the possibilities of USA doing that

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