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After Being Robbed of Everything, She Returned As a God

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[Sweet and refreshing, group pet, scumbag]

Si Fuqing opened her eyes, not only was her luck taken away, but everyone also asked her to get out of the entertainment circle.

When she relived her life again, she just wanted to lie down with salted fish. Who would have guessed that there would always be people who didn’t have long eyes jumping around, pulling on her to rub her heat, and she didn’t have any real ability. Have to pack up anyway.

Si Fuqing squeezed his wrist and moved.

Later, the Internet frantically scolded her for posting Yu Yao over her own strength, spreading rumors that her private life was disorderly, and—

International diva: I can stand here today, thanks to Qingqing

Top 1 male top stream: stay away from my sister @ 玉耀

Even the official of the International Games: Congratulations to Si Fuqing for winning the 13th individual gold medal, waiting for a retirement

At first, Yu Yao dismissed Si Fuqing, but when he learned the truth, he couldn’t regret it and knelt down and just wanted her to take another look, so he could only post a clarification Weibo: @Si Fuqing, 9 aunts are good.

That day, the entire network was paralyzed.


According to historical records, Emperor Yin became famous at a young age, he was perfect and powerful, and he had the world in his heart. However, he died at the age of 27 due to illness. His life was short. He had no wife, no concubine, no children and no grandchildren. He was the white moonlight male god of countless people.

No one knows, he opened his eyes again and came to 1500 years later.

This time, he saw the prosperous summer that he had long imagined.


Soon after the identity of Emperor Yin was exposed, Si Fuqing learned that the idol was by her side. She admired it very much and just wanted to—

Si Fuqing: Work hard!

Emperor Yin: Promise to each other

Si Fuqing: ? ? ?

I’m working hard but you want me?


Almighty Yan Dian Goddess × Killing Qinggui Emperor

From the black of the whole network to the top of the gods, by the way, 1v1 with the male gods

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ABRESRAG
Alternate Title:被夺一切后她封神回归
Author:Qing Qian
Weekly Rank:#160
Monthly Rank:#123
All Time Rank:#2734
Tags:Adopted Protagonist, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Bodyguards, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Charismatic Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Confident Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Disabilities, Doctors, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Feng Shui, Gaming/E-Sport, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Lazy Protagonist, Low-key Protagonist, Money Grubber, Multiple Identities, Mysterious Past, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Poor to Rich, Ruthless Protagonist, Second Chance, Shameless Protagonist, Showbiz, Slow Romance, Strong from the Start, Transmigration,
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  1. Hi does any one know mc is interstellar world she gorn the world after her death she bounded by the system can you plz tell me the name of the novel

  2. Please from chapter 568 i confused the name was changed si fuqing changed several times to the name of another character

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