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After Being Picked up by the Top Alpha

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As the most beautiful omega from the Silver Moon clan in the last decade, Yu Lan was abducted as a young child.

When he was about to be sold to a wealthy businessman at the age of 22, he managed to escape.

Barefoot and running desperately.

-And ended up crashing into the arms of a man.

When Yu Lan first met Shao Mingyu, the man was handsome and elegant, and with a calm expression, he said to him, “I won’t touch you, come back with me.”

So Yu Lan was ignorantly picked up by the man and moved into his manor.

He didn’t know why the man took care of him, but he hid his affection within his heart. He obediently took inhibitors on a regular basis, not wanting to lose himself during his heat and do something… something terrible to this man he had a crush on.

Until one day later, when Yu Lan wanted to give himself an injection again, the man clasped his wrist and asked in a hoarse voice, “Do you still need to use inhibitors?”

Shao Mingyu gazed at him, his voice low and soft, “Little grape, don’t use it anymore, okay?”

Yu Lan’s eyes widened.

As the man’s kiss fell, the inhibitor fell from his hands to the floor.

Soon after, news of the Shao family’s young master, the top alpha that everyone was paying attention to’s, marriage spread like wildfire.

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Short Title:ABPTA
Alternate Title:被顶级alpha捡回家之后
Author:Zi Jin
Weekly Rank:#3166
Monthly Rank:#2918
All Time Rank:#2677
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Celebrities, Confident Protagonist, Curious Protagonist, Cute Protagonist, Cute Story, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Futuristic Setting, Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming, Honest Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Models, Mpreg, Older Love Interests, Omegaverse, Past Plays a Big Role, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Wealthy Characters,
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