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After Being Marked By the Picked Milk A

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Lin Ruoyun, a young artist on the 18th line, picked up a beautiful Alpha that lost her memory.
Alpha is fair-skinned and beautiful with long legs, but his mind is only five or six years old.
She stared at Lin Ruoyun pitifully: “Sister… Please take me home.”

Seeing Alpha’s innocent and pure white face, Lin Ruoyun decided to take her home to raise her, and gave her a nice name━━

But after raising it, Lin Ruoyun found that something was wrong.
Her soft, cute and obedient “little toffee” has turned into an invisible bigwig in the entertainment industry, the second Miss Guan of Runhai Group who everyone talks about ━━Guan Yinghan.

Lin Ruoyun looked at the boss lying next to her and began to doubt her life.

It’s too much, how can you pretend to be amnesia to lie to her?
What, you can’t drive them away, right? That! I! Walk!

However, her beloved little toffee hugged her tightly, and kissed her urgently and humblely: “Sister, don’t you remember me?”

Ms. Guan Er of Runhai Group lost her beloved Omega. After years of searching, she finally found it.

However, her Omega doesn’t remember her at all.
Helpless, Guan Yinghan can only pretend to be a demented Alpha and imprison her in her own world to awaken her memory.

Can’t remember her?
It doesn’t matter, let the pheromone wake her up.

She, once completely marked her Omega.

Lin Ruoyun smelled Alpha’s familiar and strong scented snowberry pheromone, and murmured drowsily: “You, take it easy, I haven’t been marked before.”

Guan Yinghan was out of control and unable to speak idioms, and could only spit out three words: “You, yes, yes.”

Opening her eyes again, Lin Ruoyun’s brain realized that after the extreme joy, she realized ━━
She’s been ━━really tagged before.

It turned out that the one who lost his memory turned out to be himself.

The love is as deep as the sea, the paranoid boss who pretends to be a fool for love VS the 18th-line starlet who is kind and gentle

Read the guide:
1. Female A has no organs.
2. A large number of private settings, please do not pay attention to logic
3. Double Clean, Double First Love
4. Two-way running, two-way redemption, two-way secret love
5. Alpha is pretending to have amnesia, is an adult with a normal mind, and has full capacity for civil conduct.

Content tags: urban love special liking entertainment circle sweet text

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Short Title:ABMBPMA
Alternate Title:被捡来的奶A标记后(娱乐圈)
Author:To Yiyun
Weekly Rank:#6493
Monthly Rank:#6615
All Time Rank:#8967
Tags:Acting, Amnesia, Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Brainwashing, Caring Protagonist, Character Development, Charismatic Protagonist, Childhood Love, Childhood Promise, Childhood Sweethearts, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Cruel Characters, Dark Death of Loved Ones, Devoted Love Interests, Different Social Status, Engagement, Entertainment, Entertainment Circle, Forgetful Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Heartwarming, Jealousy, Long Separations, Lovers Reunited, Multiple CP, Obsessive Love, Omegaverse, Past Trauma, Pill Concocting, Poor Protagonist, Seduction, Tragic Past, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Novel is filled with drama but mostly in the FL vs Scummy parent side, there isn't much drama in the relationship with the Mc, but there is one later on. For me it's quite an unsatisfactory read as we didn't get to see them get married, but the story is pretty sweet. As everyone said, tis a good read, but not good enough for the me personally— need more diabetes!!

  2. A nice story but the story is literally written in the synopsis. If you want an omega who's a teased then this one is suits you.

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