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After being marked by the boss of scum’s ex-wife

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Song Zhen and his partner are a rare BA love, and friends are all envious, saying that this is true love.

After six years of long-distance running, as soon as he got married, the subject was sent overseas by the public, and returned to China two years later. Song Zhen tidied himself up and wanted to surprise him, and then…

Caught rape on the spot in the bed, the third sex O.

“Sorry, I overestimated myself.”

“It’s wrong for us to do this. A should have been with O by nature.”

Before Song Zhen slapped his slap on the face of his wife, the other party said so.
When I got married, my career gave way to my family, but now my family is broken…

Song Zhen changed his image that night and ran to the bar to get drunk.

Unexpectedly, he split into an O on the way home.

And as we all know, the higher the level of AO, the later the differentiation, the pheromone of the s-level omega almost immediately drifts across the alley, attracting the A from the three streets before and after…

Woke up the next day, with the mark on the back of her neck painful, a beautiful woman looked at Song Zhen with a complex expression: “I will be responsible for you.”


The younger generation of the Zhu family is excellent, and the second young lady, Zhu, is even more impressive. At the age of eighteen, she became an alpha of s grade. Everyone believes that she has a bright future.

One night, Zhu Sui rescued an omega who had suddenly split up in the alley, and took the person to a safe place. Just as he was about to call the relevant department.

The drunk woman who was drinking in her arms suddenly hugged her tightly, her face lifted up, her tears seemed to crush the stars of a galaxy…

With soft red lips rubbing against the chin, with the rich and sweet citrus scent of omega, the self-control Zhu Sui lost control for the first time and kissed that face deeply…

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1. Goblin, chasing wives in crematorium can not chase, change to ABO
2. Reject any form of writing instruction

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Short Title:ABMBBES
Alternate Title:被渣前妻的上司标记后(GL)
Author:Tanabata is big head cat
Weekly Rank:#4656
Monthly Rank:#4917
All Time Rank:#6529
Tags:ABO, Betrayal, Calm Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Devoted Love Interests, Marriage of Convenience, Modern, Omegaverse, Sci-fi, Scientists, Soldiers, Strong Love Interests, Unconditional Love,
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17 Comments on “After being marked by the boss of scum’s ex-wife
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  1. The romance is mostly settled by halfway, but it only gets more interesting from there. Most ABO novels are just for the sake of romance, but this ends up being part medical drama and involves the whole ABO society of the planet. Add in some conspiracy and mystery of the MCs mother ad well. Honestly, I forgot the name of the ex by the end.

  2. That's actually a problem with the website itself. There are only 138 chapters but the site splits some of them up and then individually counts those as chapters for the total.

  3. Wait in the first part of the synopsis it said that Song Zhen was an B since it said they were a happy AB couple, and then her A Gf had sex with an O and then broke up, but then she split later into a O

  4. Seems like B is basically a neutral state. People either differentiate into A or O, or just stay the same as a B.

  5. No, it was explained that Song Zhen was supposed to differeante into S grade Omega, but due to something related to pheromones that caused her to differeante later than usual. Something about her avoiding different types of pheromones that she came into contact with since she was younger or it was somehow just late for some reason. This also explained why her father had already made into conclusion that she was supposed to be an s grade Omega. I wouldn't be surprised if her mother Zhuang Qing had an idea of what gender her daughter would be, since she is a genius in scientific researcher and an expert in pheromones duties.

  6. This is more of a medical/military drama. In fact, it's very good, and the first abo AND the first GG story I have finished. There are various couples in it, both FA/FO, MA/MO, MA/FB, etc. The MC is a child of a female omega and a male beta, for example. Sadly the genitalia is ambiguous and doesn't explain how a teenage male can surprisingly split into an omega and get pregnant, or how a teenage girl can suddenly split into an alpha and impregnate. The sex scenes are vague and only mention the FL using her mouth or fingers. Normally I wouldn't complain about this, but since the story went into so much scientific detail with regards to pheromones of the gender, having this unexplained was a bit puzzling. Still a really good story! The MC is actually the FL's white moonlight lol.

  7. yea. I've read many omegaverse but i still can't understand how an FA can impregnate an omega (or maybe a beta as well) without a penis. if it's just marking, then is there some DNA or some catalyst something to make the partner pregnant? but i highly doubt it's possible because science told me so. tho omegaverse is completely unrealistic, but it's not totally on the fantasy side. and in fact, pheromones do really exist in some animals and insects. but it's used mainly to communicate either for operation or for reproduction. but that doesn't mean pheromones can impregnate so hoooooooow??????

  8. is there someone have any recomendation for abo but the alfa is female one ? i mean yuri or not thats okay.. cuz i still lil bit surprised and confused hope the story not too complicated... thx XD

  9. Hi! I am reading on wattpad (spanish) an ABO story (F.A y M.O) called:Lindo Alpha's y Frio Omega. The kind of romance too much sweet, but i love the story.

  10. 1. Weak A, she just wants to live to the end. (Bottom) Sweet, Innocent and Weak A x (Top) Cold, Awkward and Beautiful Omega 2. I'm Really Not Scum A Transmigrated Security Boss Alpha x Beautiful CEO Alpha (AA Love) 3. White Moon Light’s Exclusive Alpha Cold Face, Sweet and Loyal Alpha x Calm, Beautiful and Kind Omega Age Gap, Omega is a few years older than the Alpha. 4. After Being Dressed As Scum A, She Was Spoiled By O Sweet Transmigrated Actress Alpha x Smart, Beautiful and Scary Omega

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