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After Becoming the Alpha Protagonist, I Snatched the Cannon Fodder Omega

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The thick-skinned Qiu Zhenyang just transmigrated, and became the crazy, cool alpha protagonist gong in an interstellar ABO campus story.

He silently looked at the young man glaring at him with misty eyes. This young man was the cannon fodder omega the original owner had recently broken the marriage contract with. The pheromone overflowing all over his body was indicating he was about to enter estrus.

Do or not do?

This is a question worth thinking about…


Transmigrating into the young master of the Federation’s Chief Legion, the First Consortium, and a Pharmacy Family, Qiu Zhenyang has whatever he wants. Whoever is not pleasing to the eye, he can deal with.

On his first day in the Interstellar Academy, facing the confession of the omega school flower: Sorry, you aren’t my type.

Inadvertently, hero saves the beauty. Facing the protagonist shou in the original text: Go away, I don’t drink green tea.

Besieged at home, facing the pursuit of the coquettish childhood sweetheart: Why are you wearing such showy clothes?

Qiu Zhenyang’s pheromone tastes like sunshine, and his personality is like a little sun. But only when facing Ling Mu, the cannon fodder covered in thorns, did heart soften again and again. His affection grew stronger, and he loved him uncontrollably.


After the marriage contract with the Qiu family’s young master was called off, Ling Mu’s difficult life became even worse.

But, just over a month later, he had an affair with the young master, and was even temporarily marked!

That bastard!

Qiu Zhenyang, who temporarily marked him: “I will be responsible for you!”

Ling Mu: “Shut up, go away!”

Qiu Zhenyang, who officially introduced Ling Mu to his friends: “This is my wife!”

Ling Mu: “What wife, go away!”

Qiu Zhenyang, who had just rejected the protagonist’s confession: “Oh, are you jealous?”

Ling Mu: “F*ck, go away!”

Qiu Zhenyang: “Are you serious? Then… Xiao Mumu, let’s do something harmonious?”

Ling Mu: “…”

After a few seconds, Qiu Zhenyang: “Ow! Wife, your fists are so powerful!”


My pheromone is sunshine, your pheromone is sunflower, we are born to fit together.

- Description from Novelupdates


Alternate Title:穿成主角A后把炮灰O扛跑了
Weekly Rank:#3951
Monthly Rank:#3342
All Time Rank:#4175
Tags:Abandoned Children, Arranged Marriage, Battle Academy, Campus Love, Caring Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Child Abuse, Clever Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Devoted Love Interests, Discrimination, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Familial Love, Family Business, Futuristic Setting, Game Elements, Gaming/E-Sport, Mature Protagonist, Military, Omegaverse, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Schemes And Conspiracies, Seme Protagonist, Smart Couple, Soldiers, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Hi, do you of this story? It also abo the lead names is Yin Yan and Wen Si, I literally forgot the title and I want to reread it but can't find it.

  2. I looking for novel where the mc is transmigrated or reincarnated (I forget) with his store. He can enter the store whenever he wants. He also have a system. He has shou husband. The last name of gong is "An" and the shou is "Xu" later they built many stores under their names "An Xu". They also meet children on the street and become their sons. I really want to know the title of this story because it's goood. I forget the title😢

  3. Transmigrating to the Ancient Times with Lu’s Convenience Description: Lu Lin resigned from his job in the big city, returned to the countryside, and inherited the convenience mart left by his parents. Then a thunderstorm sent Lu Lin to an unfamiliar ancient era. Lu Lin was reborn as a young man with the same name and surname as himself, and he was about to be married to a fierce Bio who goes up the mountain to fight tigers. Adjusting to ordinary farming, not a long story. Note: In this story, “Bios” typically have manly features and a birthmark shaped like a flower on their forehead. They are not as tall as men and they are able to bear children, but childbirth is more difficult than it is for women.

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  9. Yaoi and Yuri is just gay ... which if you are from a progressive country you should know it is completely okey as long as they dont try to force others into it.

  10. Don't read yaoi and yuri, if you don't like them. And you look like a jumping clown cuz you are using the username "INCEST" while commenting that yuri and yaoi stories are shitty. Don't try to spoil others interest just because you hate those genres. Hope you can stop commenting under these novels saying that you hate them just cuz you like to tap your keyboard.

  11. This is great. But the tag mpreg? Where's the pregnancy? Anyone can find the fanwai? I searched there's should be about pregnancy on fanwai. Need links pleaseeee...

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