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After Agreeing To Get Engaged with the Sick Man

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In her previous life, Xia Shengge always thought that she was an illegitimate daughter, and her birth was the original sin.

She was willing to be her sister Xia Ruoling’s stand-in and shooter, even if she went to jail for the crime, she never complained.

It wasn’t until the last trace of value was squeezed out by the beloved “family”, before I died, I realized that everything was a scam.

Once waking up from a dream, hatred is overwhelming.

Xia Shengge walked from behind the scenes to the front, stripping off all the halo from “Sister”.

Sister is a genius composer, has the sound of nature? Sorry, she does the lyrics and music, and she sings the songs.

Sister is the college entrance examination champion, top student? I’m sorry, she took the college entrance examination on her behalf, and my sister is just a big straw bag.

There are countless big brothers behind my sister, who touches the cold?

I’m sorry, the real savior of those big guys is actually her, so she turned around and lifted her to the top of the cloud.

My sister has a crush on Lu Jiucheng, who is in charge of the Lu Group for many years, and has been hyping that only she is worthy of Lu Jiucheng.

Xia Shengge removed her deliberately ugly makeup and vowed to take away everything Xia Ruoling was obsessed with…

No, wait! Forget this.

Lu Jiucheng, a paranoid, sick, petite, and Yundu famously “Death-Deathing Yama”, she really can’t provoke him.

However, as soon as she turned her head, Xia Shengge was blocked by Lu Jiucheng, and a hot kiss was printed on her lips, “You came to provoke me first, now you want to run? It’s too late.”


Shengge Nine Cities, I am gentle.

In this world, there are always some encounters because of fate; there are always some misses in order to meet again.

[Cold and paranoid, only gentle to the heroine, the diseased male protagonist Vs is committed to regaining her vest and revenge by the way]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:AATGESM
Alternate Title:和病娇大佬协议订婚后
Weekly Rank:#762
Monthly Rank:#241
All Time Rank:#1857
Tags:Amnesia, Beautiful Female Lead, Entertainment, Female Protagonist, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Marriage, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, Rebirth, Revenge, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance, Singers, Strong from the Start, Tragic Past, Ugly to Beautiful,
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18 Comments on “After Agreeing To Get Engaged with the Sick Man
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  1. I'm in chapter 334. The plot isn't new to me but at least I wasn't bored. The FL is strong but not op. I like that her painful previous life still haunts her (don't worry she's not a gloomy person who got so stuck in the past). It makes her more realistic than other protagonists in rebirth novels who can get over it so easily. She strived to live for herself. As for the ML, he is full of flaws because of his mental health but at least he doesn't force the FL and practices extreme restraint (10 years, huhu). What I found interesting in this novel are the thoughts of the FL and ML, whether they deserve one another. FL got blood on her hands and thinks whether she is worthy of the law abiding ML. ML sees himself as an obsessive lunatic person and thinks whether the FL, his light, is someone he can touch. Both of them have a dark past which makes them a natural fit. If you want to try this, then (in my opinion) this novel won't give you much of a headache and their misunderstandings get resolved quickly or not dragged out for too long.

  2. This novel is also a bit funny. Usually MLs call their own forces to deal with their enemies. But for this ML, whenever there's trouble he calls the police to deal with his enemies. 😂 Which is why he is the law abiding ML in the FL's eyes.

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