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Adore Trick of Beauty

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She got divorced, aborted the child, even her father, brothers, people in her clan had executed nine generations, judged by her gentle husband – Gu Qinghong!

Someone said, “You should know that your appearance are weapons, killing people without using a sword.” Nie Wushuang knew that very well, and would give everything up, settled the debts for her clan! Even offers herself to the emperor. She did not regret it!

A path to power, along the way with a thousand women, How many tricks and obstacles in the imperial harem that Nie Wushuang must struggle for her goal?

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Short Title:ATB
Original Title:美人谋
Author:Bing Lan Sha
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Drama, Harem, Historical, Josei, Romance
Weekly Rank:#1955
Monthly Rank:#2038
All Time Rank:#1874
Tags:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Clever Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Imperial Harem, Politics, Revenge,

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