Gu Nuanci glared at him: "Are you going to doubt my ability? Don't worry, although I have been injured before, I am still capable of dealing with a small family doctor.

But after a while, you must find a way to take Murong Ling away, he has a ghost in his heart, and he will definitely be alert to everything! "

Lu Zizhong nodded: "I see! You must do what you can, your body is the most important, you know?"

There were footsteps not far from the door, Gu Nuanci nodded, immediately pretended to be in pain, and lay down on the bed.

Soon, Murong Ling walked in with a female family doctor: "Sister-in-law, this doctor Qiu is good at pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology. She was always taking care of Momo when she was pregnant, she is very serious and responsible. , and she is also good at pediatrics. So Momo kept her as a family doctor. "

Lu Zizhong hurriedly stood up: "Dr. Qiu, please, my wife's body has suffered serious injuries before. Our child is hard-won, I beg you, we must find a way to save it."

Dr. Qiu said quickly, "Don't worry about this, I will do my best!"

"If that's the case, please check with my wife!"

When speaking, Lu Zizhong naturally stepped aside: "Murong Ling, let's go outside!"

It was really inappropriate for the two big men to stay here during the obstetrics and gynecology examination. Murong Ling quickly said, "Okay!"

The two quickly came to the door.

Lu Zizhong suddenly sighed heavily: "From the moment I received the news to now, my mind is full of how I grew up with Momo, Murong Ling, my sister will never do anything to hurt you! "

Hearing him mention Lu Zimo, Murong Ling's face showed endless pain again: "Brother, don't say it, I know, I know, I'm too stupid! I believe that video so easily, It's all my fault for arguing with Momo, I'm the one who killed Momo! I'm sorry for you. "

Lu Zizhong could feel that his grief was real, but he didn't sympathize with him at all: "Okay, I know you're sad too, I want to go to the room where Momo lived when he was alive. ?"

He took the opportunity to make a request.

"Go to Momo's room?" Murong Ling was a little surprised by his request.

"Yeah! I heard that after people die, the soul sometimes returns to the room where they live. I want to talk to Momo so that she can go to my parents' dreams and say goodbye to them. "When he said these words, thinking of his sister, his voice was a little choked.

Murong Ling couldn't find a suitable reason to reject him at all, so he could only say: "Well then! When the sister-in-law is sure that everything is fine, I will take the elder brother over there."

"No, I want to go now! Didn't you just say that this Doctor Qiu is good at gynecology and pediatrics? Xiaoci told me that her stomach pain is gone, and there should be nothing serious.

Let's go and come back quickly, it won't take long to go back and forth! "Lu Zizhong's tone did not allow the other party to refute at all.

Only then did Murong Ling glance at the door of the room where Gu Nuanci was: "Okay, I'll take eldest brother over here!"

So, the two of them left the building that was used to entertain guests, got on the sightseeing bus downstairs, and soon came to the villa where Lu Zimo had been living.

Through the bright street lamps, Lu Zizhong saw that the surrounding of the villa was full of all kinds of flowers and plants, and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

His nose became sore again.

In this way, he silently followed Murong Ling to Lu Zimo's room.

The room was neatly tidy and clean, including the dresser, spotless.

"After Momo's accident in this room, did you have someone clean it?" Lu Zizhong asked with a frown.

"Yeah! Momo likes to be clean, so I send someone to clean it every day!" Murong Ling said.

Lu Zizhong didn't say anything, but opened the closet in the room, but unexpectedly found that only his sister's clothes were in the closet, and there was no Murong Ling at all.

"You two don't live together? Are you separated?" He asked, looking back at Murong Ling.

Murong Ling's eyes were a little flustered: "No, we are not separated!"

"Then why aren't your clothes in the closet?" Lu Zizhong stared at him again and asked.

If his calculations were correct, there must have been a problem in the relationship between his sister and Murong Ling, and they had separated a long time ago. Otherwise, there would be no trace of Murong Ling in the entire room.

"That—, that—" Murong Ling began to sweat on his forehead, unable to find any suitable reason to explain the situation.

"Say, everyone is an adult. It's understandable that there are emotional problems between husband and wife. What happened between you and Momo? Why did you separate? How long?" When he asked these words, he was very heartbroken. .

Every time Momo made a video call with them, she looked happy and happy. All of them always thought that although she was far away in Europe, she lived happily.

Murong Ling is also a man worthy of his life!

Now it seems that the happiness of my sister is all faked, just because I am afraid of worrying about my family.

That silly girl, why didn't she tell her family that there was a problem in her relationship with Murong Ling earlier, why did she hide it from her parents, if she had said it earlier, maybe it wouldn't be the result today.

Murong Ling's eyes reddened when he remembered everything between him and his wife, and he slowly slumped on the bed in the room: "Brother, don't ask, it's all my fault! I'm sorry Momo! "

Lu Zizhong stepped forward and grabbed his collar directly: "So you admit it? You did something sorry for Momo, didn't you? That's why you quarreled and separated?"

Murong Ling looked at him, and said in a painful voice, "Momo's character is too strong, I have to manage the entire Murong family, and I am very busy every day, but instead of supporting me, she is suspicious.

I thought I was not clear with other women outside, betrayed her, and quarreled with me every day. I was exhausted at the company, and I had to face her vexatiousness when I got home. I really couldn’t stand it, so I moved to another place. The place is temporarily separated from her! "

"You said my sister was making trouble without reason? Murong Ling, if you were really open and upright, why would Momo quarrel with you? My sister will never be the kind of unreasonable person!"

Lu Zizhong didn't believe what he said at all, and threw him on the bed directly: "Don't use these words to fool people, let me tell you, my sister, our Lu family will never let it go!"

Knowing this earlier, when he proposed to Momo, their brothers should have maimed him.

This man can't be trusted at all!

His younger sister had passed away now, but he put all the responsibilities on Momo. He really didn't expect that Murong Ling was such an irresponsible man in his bones.

Murong Ling lay on the bed in pain: "Brother, I really love Momo. If you want to avenge her, do it now! I will never fight back."