Lu Chenxu stood beside her and supported her with his hands. The moments of being with his daughter when he was a child clearly appeared in his mind.

He remembered the first time he saw his daughter.

At that time, Momo was only three years old and was brought back from the orphanage by Lu Xinxin. She just stood there looking at him timidly. Although she was thin, her eyes were bright as water.

She was the first child to return to him, and among the three daughters, she was the most lively, optimistic and elegant.

The couple have been proud of their daughter over the years.

But she didn't expect that among the nine children, she was the first to leave them in such a cruel way.

Seeing his parents standing in front of his sister's crystal coffin, looking in pain and despair, Lu Zizhong's husband and wife, and Lu Zixun's eyes also blurred.

Lu Zixun stepped forward, came to his parents, lowered his voice and said, "Mom, Momo's death is definitely not easy. Aunt Wang Qi is obviously at Murong's house, but why did Uncle Murong lie to prevent us from seeing him? , I just observed, the whole funeral venue, they arranged a lot of people to monitor us."

Mo Xiaodie stood there and didn't move, but said in the same voice that only the two of them could hear: "I know what you said, now is not the time to scare the snake, we must let your sister be buried smoothly tomorrow. "

Lu Zizhong and his wife also walked to their parents at this time.

He also lowered his voice: "Mom, if Momo was really killed by the Murong family, would you want her to be buried in the Murong family?"

Gu Nuanci also said: "I don't think it's simple. I just used the toilet to hack into Momo's computer and found that everything inside was destroyed. If I guess correctly, all the hard drives of Momo's entire computer will be destroyed. It's all ruined by humans. It's weird."

Lu Chenxu said coldly, word by word: "If Momo's death is really caused by Murong's family, I will take her ashes back to Lu's house even if I fight for my life, and I will never let her go. Buried in the filthy place of Murong's house!"

When speaking, as an old father, his tears finally flowed out uncontrollably.

Lu Zixun looked into the distance alertly: "Okay, let's stop talking, Murong Ling is here."

As a result, several people stood silently in front of Lu Zimo's crystal coffin, all looking sad.

Murong Ling quickly came to them.

"Dad, Mom, you've been tired all day. Food is ready at the restaurant. Let's go eat some. If Momo sees you like this, she will definitely be very sad." He said cautiously .

Mo Xiaodie's eyes stayed on her daughter's face in the crystal coffin: "When are you going to bury Momo?"

Murong Ling also looked at his wife in the crystal coffin, and said in a sad voice: "We have already contacted the crematorium, we will send Momo there tomorrow, I will find someone to see the date, the day after tomorrow is suitable for burial.

Everything has been prepared in the Murong Family Cemetery! "

"Is it a little too fast?" Mo Xiaodie looked at him and asked lightly.

"Too soon? Then, when does Mom think it's appropriate?" Murong Ling didn't dare to say anything, still looking cautious.

Mo Xiaodie sighed: "Okay! Just as you said, I'm a little hungry, let's go to the restaurant to eat!"

"Okay, Mom, come with me!"

However, when a few people left, Mo Xiaodie gently shook Gu Nuanci's hand without a trace, and Gu Nuanci glanced at her: "Mom, what's the matter with you?"

"It's okay, just a little dizzy!" Mo Xiaodie said with a pale face.

The clever Gu Nuanci immediately read some information from her mother-in-law's words, and she quickly said: "Or, Mom, you go to rest for a while."

"No, I'm going to accompany Momo after dinner!"

"Alright then! Let's go eat first!"

Soon, Murong Ling took them to the restaurant Murong's family specially prepared for them.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and tasteful.

A few people sat down and simply ate some meals, but after the meal, they just got up and were about to return to the funeral venue again, but Gu Nuanci suddenly covered his stomach with a pale face: "Oh, my My stomach hurts!"

Lu Zizhong quickly supported her: "Xiao Ci, what's the matter with you?"

Gu Nuanci held his hand: "Well, maybe it's because of fetal gas, so I need to rest!"

"Tire gas?" The people around were all surprised.

Gu Nuanci's face looked a little embarrassed: "Well, I just found out that I am more than a month pregnant, and I thought I would wait until Tiantian gets married and then tell everyone.

But I didn't expect that Momo suddenly had an accident, and I didn't have time to say it. Maybe it was because the flight was too long and the tire was inflated. It's okay, I'll just take a rest! "

While speaking, she deliberately squeezed Lu Zizhong's palm.

Lu Zizhong was stunned for a while, but he understood immediately, and showed a look of panic: "Xiaoci, you are too nonsense, the doctor said that you can have a child after three years, well, it's useless to say this, Murong Ling Hurry up and prepare a room for us, I'll take a break and rest for a while!"

Murong Ling also knew something about the relationship between Lu Zizhong and Gu Nuanci. Now that he saw this situation, he quickly said, "Okay, big brother, come with me, there is a guest room in the back!"

Soon, Lu Zizhong held Gu Nuanci and followed Murong Ling to the guest room closest to the funeral venue.

"How is my sister-in-law now? I'll go to the family doctor now to diagnose and treat her!" Murong Ling said.

Gu Nuanci had already been put on the bed at this time, and nodded weakly: "Okay, go to the doctor, our child is hard-won, I must keep it no matter what!"

"Sister-in-law, don't worry, our family's doctors are top-notch." After speaking, Murong Ling turned around and walked out of the guest room.

Lu Zizhong hurriedly closed the door of the guest room, then ran to the bed and asked in a panic, "Xiao Ci, are you really pregnant?"

Gu Nuan gave him a blank look: "I'm not pregnant, it's just what I want to do!"

"Just plan?" Lu Zizhong breathed a sigh of relief, but his brows furrowed.

"Yes, didn't you see it? The Murong family sent so many people to monitor us, and our every move was in their sight, and there was no chance to investigate the real cause of Momo's death.

So, you can only start with the family doctor later. Remember, after the doctor comes over, if you find a reason to take Murong Ling away, I will find a way to force some information from the family doctor! "Gu Nuanci said very seriously.

"Just, is your body okay?"

This method of Xiaoci is indeed perfect. If he used to be, he might not have been worried at all, but now it is different. Her body has been severely traumatized, and he is afraid that she is not a match for the family doctor at all.