Murong Ling closed his eyes, tears streaming down the corners of his eyes: "Brother, everything is my fault, you can kill me!"

Lu Zizhong punched him in the stomach: "Do you think I dare not hit you? Say, what's going on? Why block the news? Block the hospital? Even block the entire Murong Manor?

What secrets do you have? "

Murong Ling still closed her eyes at this moment, her voice painful: "Big brother, when Momo was in a car accident, she was not alone at all, there was another man in the car!"

"What did you say? Murong Ling, you dare to slander my sister?"

"I don't. If you don't believe me, eldest brother, you can come with me now. That man is still in a coma right now in the ICU ward of this hospital!" Murong Ling finally opened his eyes.

After Lu Zixun's emergency rescue, the unconscious Mo Xiaodie had already woken up, only to see her daughter's icy appearance, her heart was twisted like a knife, and she cried out of grief.

"Momo, Momo, mom is here, mom is here to see you! Mom will take you home!" Gu Nuanci supported her mother-in-law, and her tears never stopped since she entered the morgue.

Lu Chenxu gritted his teeth and supported Murong Ling, and asked word by word, "What do you want to say? You mean that Momo did something sorry for you and sneaked out in the middle of the night to date other men, so she came out. Did you have a car accident?"

Facing the angry father-in-law, Murong Ling was silent.

But silence means acquiescence. Lu Chenxu couldn't control himself any longer. He stepped forward and grabbed his collar: "You are talking nonsense, Murong Ling, you are talking nonsense, my daughter will never do such a thing!"

"Dad, I know you don't believe it. When I knew the news, I couldn't believe it. I never thought that Momo would do such a thing.

However, the truth is indeed the case, and the other party you both know is the son of your old friend! If you don't believe what I said, you can ask Uncle Fu Sen. "Murong Ling said with a painful expression.

Lu Zixun, who hasn't spoken, can't stand it anymore: "Murong Ling, what nonsense are you talking about? Uncle Fu's son is 11 years younger than Momo, how could they be? You just want to shirk responsibility and find a reasonable reason. !"

"Third brother, I didn't believe it at first. You can go to the ICU with me now. If you don't believe me, you can ask Dad to call Uncle Fu." Murong Ling said.

"Okay, we'll go see you now!" Lu Chenxu took a deep breath.

Several people quickly came to the ICU ward of the hospital and saw Fu Yuanhang, who was covered in injuries and fell into a coma.

Although the Fu Sen family has been abroad in recent years, Lu Chenxu and Luo Zhenghua, the four best friends, make time every year to meet and chat.

So he knew Fu Sen's son Fu Yuanhang.

When he saw Fu Yuanhang who was in a coma, he didn't say anything, but turned around and walked out with his sons.

"Just because the two of them went out together at night, you can conclude that Momo betrayed you? Fu Sen and I are good friends, and Fu Yuanhang goes to the music school on your side. The two of them have common hobbies. Going out together is normal.

Why do you say that Momo did something I'm sorry for you? "When he said these words, he stared at Murong Ling.

At this time, Murong Ling was completely lost: "Yes, it doesn't mean anything. I just want to tell you that Momo went out in the middle of the night to find Fu Yuanhang, and the two of us quarreled because of this.

Dad, you don't know, the servants in our family have spread this all over the place. For the sake of Momo's reputation, I closed the hospital and the entire manor of the Murong family.

I don't want anyone to know about this, and I don't want anyone to smear Momo's reputation. I don't believe she would do something wrong to me!

All in all, it's all my fault for not taking good care of her! Dad, the most important thing now is, let's take Momo home first, she will definitely feel scared in this cold place alone!

After Momo is buried in the ground, even if you kill me, I have no complaints! "

For his sake, Lu Chenxu had no way to complain any longer: "Okay, we'll settle the account after Momo is in the ground!"

Daughter's death is too strange!

According to what he knew about his daughter, it was impossible for Momo to leave the child and go out to meet friends at midnight.

There must be a lot of things they don't know. Only by entering Murong's house can they have a chance to investigate the truth.

So, Lu Chenxu simply decided to do it like this, and took the Lu family to the Murong family's manor.

The Murong family had changed to the funeral mode at this time.

After Momo was brought back, he was put in a crystal coffin. Murong Ling built a beautiful mourning hall in the most beautiful garden of Murong's family, and prepared a grand funeral.

However, after they came, they didn't see Momo's five children.

"Where's the children? I want to see them!" Mo Xiaodie was haggard at this time. Although her heart ached, she had regained her composure.

Murong Ling quickly explained: "The children are still too young, and they all love their mothers. I'm afraid that they can't bear this kind of stimulation, so I'll send them to other places temporarily!"

Lu Zizhong's brows furrowed, and his voice was very unpleasant: "So you don't plan to let the children come to Mom's funeral?"

Murong Ling lowered his head: "Brother, they are still too young, such words are too cruel!"

Huang Jinyu was very displeased when he saw his son being so low-profile in front of the Lu family, and even a little servile, and walked over quickly: "You don't have to complain about Xiaoling, it's my decision, I asked him to send the child away, The children are too young to take such a blow.

Besides, there are a lot of servants in our family, and they are talkative. You don't want your children to hear some gossip and destroy the image of mother in their minds! "

Her words were rude.

Mo Xiaodie raised her head and asked with a cold face, "What do you mean by that? What do you mean by destroying the image of your mother in their hearts? My daughter is no longer here. What did she do to say that to her?"

"Don't you know what your daughter did? Do you want me to tell you now!" Huang Jinyu was not polite at all.

This is the Murong family's territory, and even a small Lu family dares to run wild in front of them.

Murong Ling quickly stopped her: "Mom, stop talking! I'm begging you, Momo is no longer here, please stop talking!"

Murong Lengnan also scolded: "The family is doing business, and my in-laws are coming from a long way, so you should say a few words less!"

The old man of the Murong family passed away two years ago.

Murong Lengnan had also retired a long time ago, and the power of the family was handed over to his son.

Seeing their father and son defending their family like this, Huang Jinyu became even more angry, and simply raised his voice: "There are no outsiders here, why can't you tell them? Let them know what kind of thing their daughter is!"

It's just that as soon as her words came out, Mo Xiaodie made a quick move with a cold face, and directly grabbed her neck: "What did you say? Try it again!"