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Adorable Collection Order: Mr. Lu, Your Nine Sons Shocked the World

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Mo Xiaodie thought that Lu Chenxu, the male god who was drunk and knocked down BGI, was the pinnacle of her life.

But she didn’t expect that after she knocked down the male god, she miraculously gave birth to nine babies.

The world’s rare nine twins were abducted and sold by Ye Lanlan with ulterior motives just after the full moon.

Seven years later, Mo Xiao Butterfly King came back, killing decisive abusers, finding children, and falling in love, all without falling behind.

After Huada’s male god Lu Chenxu was knocked down, he searched for seven years but still could not find the person that night.

Instead, he found a girl Momo who was very similar to him in the orphanage.

The result of the paternity test shocked him. Momo turned out to be his biological daughter!

Then, a woman named Mo Xiaodie broke into his life.

Immediately afterwards, two little girls who were exactly the same as Momo appeared.

He was a little confused and held Mo Xiaodie’s hand: “Dear, this is my child too?”

Dabao Mo Zizhong rushed out from the side: “Daddy, you are not allowed to bully Mommy. Otherwise, I will ruin your company. network.”

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Alternate Title:萌宝集结令:陆先生,你的九个儿子震惊了全球
Author:an autumn leaf
Weekly Rank:#4345
Monthly Rank:#4350
All Time Rank:#4466
Tags:Average-looking Protagonist, Childcare, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Pregnancy, Romance,
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  1. After ch 1671...where are the remaining chapters?? Index show last update was May 2022..now Sept 2022. Please complete !!! Thanks

  2. I honestly don’t know why mc is literally following orders from a LITERAL CHILD like hello your the mother here 🤡 she literally lets them get away with everything and let’s them hang around her enemies and then wonders why bad things happen stupidity at its finest

  3. Is the mother or mc describe as the most beautiful or something unbelievable astonishing beauty? Anyone can tell me.?

  4. Lol primera vez q veo Urban life con protagonista femenina, o bueno casi nunca veo los Urban life xs. Bueno lo dejo pa cuando termine las docenas de novelas q me faltan xs

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