Kissing the scene, come on! I am registering to become a member for you. I will vote for you with three precious votes. I will continue to vote tomorrow! The novel that I have crossed has seen a lot, but there has never been a novel that will make me so moved, although it has not yet been completed. What a tempting word for a lifetime, forever and ever, in this real life, it is really difficult to do. I believe that everyone wants to meet people like their brothers, don't care about any gains and losses, don't think about any results, and use whatever means, just guard a loved one, just want to see her true smile, Even if you lose the world, as long as there is someone accompanying you, even if you are bitter, your heart will be sweet. I really admire one, have the favor of a perfect brother, and have the guardianship of a gentle man like water. What can you do in this life? What else?

When I saw the chapter where my brothers lost one by one, the mood was really uncomfortable. Is it really so painful to love someone to the extreme? Is it really unbearable to lose? I am eager to update every day. The first thing to come back from work is to open the computer to see the latest chapter, and then re-taste from the first chapter. Oh, a bit silly? But Jing, it is indeed true, my brother's earth-moving love really touched me. Mu Mu is also very fond of it. Falling in love with one is a disaster that he is destined for in his life. Even so, will he be ashamed? How can such a man feel uncomfortable? Not heart? But if you really like him one by one, it is undoubtedly a devastating injury to your brothers, so I hope that Jingmu will always be silently guarding one by one, perhaps as a "protection". It is his ultimate responsibility, the reason why my brothers are "shou", I think we should always be there forever. I believe that this kind of ending is the best. Although it is a kind of injury to Mu Mu, it is not that love will be perfect, and not all of them must be together. Sometimes, the necessary regrets will be more beautiful.

Anyway, dear, I will support you, and thank you very much from the heart, bring us such a dreamy work, in this dull life, maybe you will not know how much it brings to me. Sweet soul comfort!

The author replied: The pet can get such a high evaluation, and the scene is also very moving. In fact, each of us wants to be one by one, want to have that kind of love, and want to get that kind of love. The only thing, in fact, each of us is the only one in the world, so please regard the pet as our own dream, the desire for true love. We will always look forward to that forever. . . As for Mu Mu, I believe that everyone will see that it is a distressing man. The scenery is very reluctant, but I don’t know how to change it, but Jing Xin has decided to make him happy.

This book is from the start, please do not reprint!

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