(1) staying up late

On the summer night, the bright moonlight illuminates the sound of the earth, the sound of insects, and the bells that slanted down the waterfall, playing a night of symphony.

On the clear water side, the sound of the **** and **** sounds, and under the moonlight, the two embracing bodies are intertwined. The woman who leans softly on the side of the man, exquisitely like jade's cheek, is covered with shy blush, while the man holding her gentle kiss, the beautiful face, the enchanting tears, the fundus, is full of ** But the love of love.

The fine kiss slowly descended along the woman's smooth forehead, and when she reached the pink lips, she began to stay for a while. Kissing slyly, arrogant, fierce and gentle.

"Well, brother,,,,,,,,,,"

The low whisper, the woman's big eyes are tightly closed, the slender long eyelashes are uneasy and trembling, and the beautiful face is like a red cloud. The man was stimulated by this sweet voice, his eyes were darker and he looked unusually embarrassed under the moonlight.

Her body is slim and small, and any place is perfect for her. Deeply staring at the body underneath, the man's eyes filled with a deeper darkness, and under the moonlight, it showed a strange purple light. The fascinating face of evil spirits, at this moment, like a fairy of evil, at a glance, it is the abyss for it.

"One, I love you."

Sighing low, the woman's delicate body in the arms, the body's body is more blushing. She knows that she always knows that she loves him too, really loves him, and, they. Such a luxurious love, she always knows her greed, but also knows the deep affection and embarrassment that can not be released. However, for their love, really, there is no way to stop.

Actively hold the strong waist of Xue Yunge, and the only one hand is tight, unable to contain it.

Xue Yunge's eyes are dark, but with such a heart-felt affection, a slender hand, slowly separating her slender legs and testing. Knowing that her body can withstand, she tightened her waist, slowly and gently entered her, and began a deep impact.

At the same time, the two men gave a low-pitched, small poolside, and they loved each other's men and women. Under the night light, a spring bloom.

The sound of the water of "哗啦", the two people who were immersed in joy, were awakened, and opened their eyes, and saw the beautiful man in front of him, and the only blushing blush on his face. Sorry to be buried in the arms of Xue Yunge, dare not see the snow stained with the face of the moon.

"Brother, you are too much! After the dinner, I quietly took them away, and actually left me to wash the dishes, too much!"

Today is the turn of him and Xue Yunge to wash the dishes, but Xue Yunge has found an excuse to quietly leave, but also took away the only sneak sneak in the pool below the waterfall. The snow was mad at the heart of the moon, and he walked angrily to the two people, and pulled the only one into his arms. Suddenly separated from the warmth of the place, Xue Yun song opened his eyes angrily, looking at his younger brother, the beautiful face actually brought a trace of evil pride.

"Month, this can only show that you are stupid!"

Anxious, snow is still helpless, but it is indeed stupid, so it will be pinned by the brother everywhere. There is no resentment in my heart. For a long time, my brother is letting him, condone him, and bear everything alone. Now, everything has rained, and brother, it should be better for himself.

The tender body in his arms is an irresistible temptation for him. Now, it is also his turn. The woman who was riding in her arms had not reacted. The snow was holding her body in the moon, and she opened her legs dexterously. With a snoring, kiss the delicate lips. Blocking all her dissatisfaction and complaints, as well as her trepidation.

This fragrant scene did not cause the dissatisfaction of Xue Yunge. On the contrary, he listened to the sound of not far away and laughed with gloating.

Accompanied by the footsteps, there was a thick but very naive shout from the front.

"Pick up, where have you been?" The tall, handsome man, the expression on his face, is simple, with a hint of anxiety that can't find a woman in her heart. The snow listened to this voice month by month, and there was a slight anger in the eyes. This guy who came here always broke his good deeds! If he came over, how could he allow himself to continue? Is it really hard to get away with the blessings that are hard to come by?

The only one in the arms, listening to this voice, began to wake up gradually. The panic and shame that was discovered made her no longer addicted to the joy of snow. Pushing the snow-to-month body slightly, Gu’s only dumb voice.

"Brother, let go, my nephew is coming."

Frustrated to see the one that has just been fascinated, and now recovering from the clear, the expression on the face clearly and plainly reads: I want to leave.

Xue Yun song smiled and suddenly patted the water and made a sound. The nephew not far away heard, happy: "Pick up, are you in front?"

The footsteps are getting closer, and the only one who is anxious is almost crying. If he is to see himself and his brothers, they will be pestering her for a long time! Even if she doesn't, she will be ashamed to die!

Struggling to get out of the snow, but how can he be willing to let go. Xue Yun Ge saw it and poured oil on the fire: "One by one, he will come over. Do you want to come to your brother here, my brother will take you up?"

"Good!" Can't wait to speak, got the only consent, Xue Yunge proudly smiled, flew away, and instantly held Gu in his arms and wrapped in white pajamas. Covering her body, jokes, how could he allow one's skin to be seen by that stupid big man.

"Month, you will be ‘quietly’ here.”

Looking at his lower body in a meaningful way, Xue Yunge laughed evil, and he only disappeared into the waterfall with his only child. The rest of the irritated snow slammed the water. It’s hard to eliminate, his body is hurting, and the more hateful thing is that he actually took his clothes away!

"Snow, cloud, song!"

For the first time, I yelled out my brother’s name in such angrily. The nephew stepped forward and looked at the snow in the pool, and wondered: "It turned out to be you, it was so good, it was still bathing at this time." Since the baby is not there, I am still going back."

Turned away and behind, it was the sound of snow and anger.

"Stand up, don't walk!"

At least, you have to bring him a clothes!

(2) Production

The weather is fine, the cloudless sky, the sun is faint, not very glaring. This is a beautiful valley. Unknown flowers are competing to open up, fighting for beauty, flying butterflies hovering among them, the air is full of fragrance. Walking through a sea of ​​flowers, what appeared in the eyes was actually a waterfall. The snow-white water marks flying down the stream, reflecting the dazzling seven-color brilliance in the sunlight, as if it were a rainbow hanging above the waterfall, beautiful and dazzling.

Above the sleek boulder, a round figure appeared there. Pink wide clothes, but can not hide the woman's high uplifted abdomen, wearing a black ink straight hair, the woman has a delicate ceramic-like appearance. The big sensation, the long lashes, the small nose, the cherry-like pink lips, look like a child. At this moment, the woman is half lying on the boulder, and the elf-like spiritual eyes are full of distress.

"Baby, baby, who are you?"

I blame my brothers, every time they are together, she is not sure who this child is. Grinning, dark eyes looking at the sky, muttering to himself.

"If it is the eldest brother, the second brother is the brother of the eldest brother, then the baby should be called the second brother, or the second uncle?"


Suddenly holding her cheek, Gu only started the trouble that made her tangled. As everyone knows, her distressed gestures and words were clearly heard by the three people who suddenly appeared behind the waterfall. Snow cloud songs and snow face black lines, especially the snow, the eyes, the annoyed and sly eyes, looking at the big belly woman who seems to be immersed in her own world. And on the side of the thousand elegant, beautiful face is a patience smile, second uncle? Losing her thoughts, still so distressed, cute snow, it is really to make him love pity but can not help but can not help.

Xue Yunge looked at Qianya’s smirk and stared at him. “Laughter, don’t think we accepted you, you can tell us what you are! Baby is not yours, hey!” Out, I was gratified to see that Qianya’s face was white. Although Gu remembered the past life, she also accepted Qianya, but she did not treat him as snowy and snowy. Even, there is still a tendency to avoid him. He doesn't understand why this is, but he can't say anything. Can only be silent, and look at her behind the face with a smile.

Xue Yunge and Xue saw a thousand years of glory, and exchanged a tacit look. Even if they know the reasons for their past lives, even if they are as loved as they are. They will be divided into incomplete loves in the future. They are also selfish and will be embarrassed. They are twins, and they were one in the past. Perhaps for this reason, the two of them can accept each other. But Qianya is their enemy of love and their common enemy. This is beyond doubt. I don't want to have another person to share one-on-one love. They won't be stupid enough to help this rival. Even if they find an opportunity, they will suppress him. It is best to force him to leave one by one. In this way, only one of them will have only one of them. As for the one who came, they didn't worry. They know that he is also loved one by one, but, one does not love him, he is the real brother. Although the guy always suddenly appeared to ruin their good things, it was annoying, but at least the threat to them was not as good as the thousand.

"One, what are you thinking about?"

Behind him came a gentle male voice, and the only panicked turn, saw the three beautiful men standing on the side, stuttering: "Brother, ya, when did you arrive?" God, what are they? When she was behind her, she felt that her spirit was slow and sorrowful. Ya said that this was because her spiritual power was being absorbed by her baby. Have they heard the gibberish that they just had, it is too shameful!

A faint smudge rushed into the white jade-like cheek, and Gu only felt a burst of heat. Xue Yun Ge Xue looked at her shy look from month to month, his eyes were dark, their baby, even if they were very big, they were so beautiful that they were "just want to move." They have been careful since the pregnancy, and have not touched her for a long time. However, they can't worry, they love her, the children are born, and later, they have time.

"When you say who the baby is, we are already here."


The cheeks are red, and Gu simply wants to find a hole to drill in. Sure enough, they were heard, she should not live! It’s really a dead man!


In the two-storey bamboo house, there was a shout of a woman’s heartbreaking lungs. It seems to be suffering a lot of pain, the woman's sharp cry, it sounds very distressing.

Outside the door, there were four men’s anxious and messy paces. The flowery trails at the doorstep had been trampled by them. The woman shouted a painful voice, letting them hurt with her cry, but now they can't even help her, she can only walk around here.

I really couldn't stand the torment of waiting like this. Snow grabbed the neck of my nephew every month and said with anger: "Is there any use for the maternity you caught? Why are you still crying one by one?"

The nephew was also crying and mourning. He ran 13 villages and found five birth-giving women. Now these maternity women are all gathered upstairs to pick up their children, but the children have been born for a long time. Why haven’t they been born? Hearing the cry of crying, he is also distressed, the hateful mother-in-law must be their fault!

"Month, don't be impulsive, it's not a bad thing. I think, maybe because this child has absorbed all the spiritual power of snow, so it will be so difficult to make birth." If it is comforting, the beautiful face of the elegant It is also anxious and worry that cannot be concealed.

It seems that the most calm snow cloud song, there is no smile on the beautiful and enchanting face, only the cold is left, standing there and saying nothing. Suddenly, his face was on the side and he went straight upstairs, no matter what man could not be present. Several other people saw him like this, and they followed him.

Anxiously upstairs, filled with **** and sweaty rooms, several maternity women were busy with hot water, or stayed at the maternity bed, one looking at her lower body, one standing next to her to encourage her to force.

"Madam, don't give up, force!"

"Ah! I am so painful, I can't force it!"

Gu only really wants to die, this kind of pain is the pain she has never experienced before. I used to know that if you turn your pain into twelve levels, then having a child is the most painful level 12. So she has always rejected pregnancy. However, the eyes that my brothers are looking forward to, do they really need the crystallization of love between them? It’s hard to get the courage to have a baby, but it’s a difficult birth. She knows that it was still the same for a morning, but what would be the dystocia? However, it hurts again, she really does not want to give up, the greatness of maternal love, maybe she has some experience now, prefer to die, but also let the child be born.

"One by one!"


"Pick up"

Four men appeared together on the edge of the bed, and the maternity stopped. Divided into two sides, standing on the only side of Gu, holding her hand tightly in four points, giving her warmth and strength. Xue Yunge and Xue secretly input internal forces to ensure her physical strength.

The bed was sweating and the woman was so embarrassed that they loved her so much, but she could only watch her suffer from such pain.

"One by one, my brother is wrong, I know that it is so painful to have a child, my brother should not let you get pregnant! It is the fault of my brother!"

"Baby, come out soon, don't torture your mother, don't give you fun toys, oh, look at it! If you don't come out, you won't give it to you!"

Looking at the bed under the bed, holding a rattle against the woman's whispering underneath, the snow on the face of the moon bursts with blue veins and black lines.

"What are you doing, what are you doing?"

"I am yelling at the baby!"

Lifting up the stunned eyes, picking up the look that looks so uncomfortable, he also wants to help her.

"噗哧" smiled, Gu only pulled up his mouth in a difficult way, and the stupid nephew, even her attention, was transferred by him. Even the stomach seems to be no longer so painful.

"You are less troubled here!" Angrily looked at the dumbfounded fool, although he knew his pains, but the violent snow is watching him at the moment. In addition to looking for him to vent, he could not find another way to vent his uneasiness and fear.

"What is going on with the midwife? Why is the child not born yet?"

The warrior's midwife was frightened by the men who looked beautiful but looked fierce. Stutteringly said: "The husband, the wife is the first child, the slave is worried, the wife is dystocia."

"I don't care what is difficult to produce. If the lady and the child have nothing to do, I want you to have a few funerals!" The high-pitched voice was actually a snow cloud song that had never been heard. He was afraid. Even the words threaten these births, except for one, the rest are not important.

"Cloud, don't do this. You are like this, where are they still in the mood to deliver for the snow." Looking at a few frightened warriors, even the trembling maternal hands, or Qianyao calm, comforted: "Don't be afraid, we absolutely Will not hurt you. Good delivery, we will not treat you badly."

Go to the bed and look at the pale, sweaty, pale face. "Snow, don't be afraid, you will be fine, there are children."

Nodded, Gu only wet the eyes, her child, her lover, she must learn to be brave. Taking a deep breath and continuing to use force, the scream of the expectant mother-in-law was heard from the ear: "Mrs. Come out, come out, you will see it! Force!"

A constant stream of internal force is injected into the body, or around the eyes of concern, she closes her eyes and wants to discharge the children in the body.


The sharp nails are deeply caught in the hands they are holding. She doesn't know who it is, except for the pain, it is pain. The body seems to have something slipping out, and suddenly, the ear is the shout of the maternity.

"It came out, it was a boy!"

"God, there is one! Ladies, hard!"

In the only painful shouts and the cries of the children, the last child came out, and the one who was relieved, the black one, fainted. Before the coma, they were anxious shouts, and the children’s crying, noisy,,,,,,,

(3) Ya love

The weather is fine, the breeze blows the leaves and makes a rustling sound. Under a dense tree, two small figures sat squatting. It is two identical children, the age of two or three years old, the exquisite little face, but with a charm that is not their age. Obviously, it looks like an angel-like face, but because of their purple and green twilight, it shows a strange demon.

"Brother, let's go to Yara."

The tender voice spit out from the mouth of the green child, and he likes Yara most. He likes it more than he likes big sisters and two sisters. However, Daxie and Erqi are always not allowed to go to him.

"Okay, but you can't let them know." The face of the purple-haired child's powder, Yu Yuxi, showed an old-fashioned look. He looked at his brother and nodded. He pulled up his hand and walked toward the flower valley behind the waterfall. The past. He knows that Yalong goes to Huagu every day to pick nectar and collect rain dew, which is said to be taken by the mother. The mother is very hard to give birth to them, and the body becomes weak. Every time the mother is sick, they will face blame from the whole family. Only Yara will comfort them comfortably. They like Yalong most.

Two small figures walked toward the flower valley.

In the colorful flowers, two people standing in the white clothes like snow, the green children saw the two people holding the surprise, they were about to open their mouths, but they were stunned by the purple children.

It’s Niang and Ya, what are they doing, why are they together? The little head is full of puzzles. On weekdays, as long as Yalong is close to the mother, the two cockroaches will appear to drive him away and look at the lost look of Yalong. They feel so sad. But they are too powerful, they are actually very scared, because Daxie and Eryi always love them in front of the mother, and when the mother is gone, they immediately change their look, and they are not allowed to stick to the mother. . I hate the big cockroaches and the second cockroaches, although I am also very good, but he always chasing after the mother, still stupid, not at all fun.

In the sea of ​​flowers, Gu’s only shyness is in the arms of Yahuai, and her heart is like a deer. This is her first time, so close to him. She knows the heart of Ya, always avoiding him, but she feels that she is not worthy. She already has two brothers, who enjoy the love, they give her all the love, she has greedily possessed the love of two people. Ya, he is so good, so gentle, his love, is she really worth having it? Why does she ask them to give her such deep and complete love, but she can't be single-minded? Whether it is one by one or snow, her entanglement with them may be destined. But she can't deny that she loves him, she loves ya, she loves ya, and the heart, unconsciously, is already open for his deep affection and gentleness. However, what should God do, they do not say, even accept the existence of Ya, but their eyes are ashamed and embarrassed, why can't she see clearly? I don't want to hurt my brother's heart, and I don't want to hurt Ya, so I have been dragging it so far, not close or alienated, but found that it is more painful. She has already hurt him for a thousand years, and no longer wants him to bleed for himself. Can you, this time, ya, change me to protect you? Your deep feelings and fragility, I also want to guard, your smile, I also want to cherish, never like that one, let you smile, but cold in my arms.


All along, he called her snow, one is not elegant, it is elegant, it is snow. Just like picking up children, they are only belonging to a deaf child. They are so attached to a name, even if they love the same person. However, she knew that she would not be her only, but stubbornly wanted to greet the only warmth. Don't ask her who she loves the most, who cares the most, because that is an unsolvable answer. Even when it is exported, it is hurt. Sometimes love, really can not be said, like, but not necessarily have to.

"I am very fortunate, I finally got the courage and brave to you."

Why do you still have to continue to bear with it, why should you continue to love her silently? It turns out that taking this step and speaking out your love aloud will get the response you want. Her evasion is not because she doesn't love, but because she cares too much. In this case, he should not continue to be weak, yes, now he understands that he has always loved and is so weak. It turns out that as long as you are brave enough, you can grasp the happiness you want.

"Snow, I love you."

Looking at the red and shy cheeks in his arms, his heart is extremely relaxed and happy. I don't want to secretly love her, they can be strong, even if they are brothers and sisters, they are so desperate to take possession of her. Then his love can be so crazy, isn't it? The patience and concession have always been the reason why I am getting farther away from her. Then, from then on, he will have to grab her hand strongly and never let go.

Holding the delicate and shy face, his eyes are as gentle as water. Such a deep-eyed gaze, one inch inch, will shock the only heart. Ya is the most irresistible man in the world. Everywhere he watched, it seemed to be shuddering, and then ignited a different kind of burning.

"Ya, sorry, I love you."

I finally began to understand why even love, we need to apologize. From then on, I will never say this to you again, just because our love understands each other. This time, change me and start over.

Picking up your toes and deeply kissing the beautiful and affectionate face. His blushing lips, his trembling body, he is waiting for the love of the millennium. No more, let him go.

The men and women who kiss in the sea of ​​flowers, the beautiful image is a beautiful picture. The sweet aroma in the air, accompanied by butterflies flying around, seems to have love spreading. The two children hiding in the flowers, quietly watching this scene did not say anything. Perhaps they still don't understand what it is, but they can feel such deep happiness. Their favorite Yalong, finally can not look at the mother in the forbearance, they naturally have to help him.

"Brother, big sister and two sisters are coming over."

Close to the ear of the purple child, the whispered opening, the twins inherit the only spiritual power of Gu, and they can feel it in a hundred miles. In the eyes, I exchanged a sly smile. The two children joined hands and quietly left the flowers and walked toward the two men who were looking for them.

"Hey, hey!"

The twins of the 刁 刁 蹦 蹦 蹦 蹦 蹦 蹦 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双

"Si Qing, Mu Zi, where did you go to play?"

Xue Mu Zi Zi Ba Ba Ba purple big eyes, holding the snow cloud song's neck, simple and innocent said: "My brother and I went to find snowballs, but I could not find it. Hey, do you take us to find it? ”

Xue Siqing, who is in the arms of the snow, is also softly spoiled: "Hey, Qinger wants snowballs, go on!"

Seeing the two faces hesitant, Mu Zi big eyes instantly red, tearful eyes but whimpered: "He always does not accompany Zier and Qinger, is it not we don't want to, do you hate us?" Exquisite and lovely children, like this It’s really painful to whimper and cry. On the side of Siqing, seeing his brother, he immediately became red-eyed and cried: "Qinger must not be a child, and he would not like Qinger, wow,,,,"

The so-called snowball is actually a little snowy snow tiger born by his little wife and his wife. Now it is also a twin pet. However, snowballs are fun, always running away. Xue Yunge and Xue looked at each other month by month. They were going to find one by one, but the son was so close to them so closely. Moreover, they did not care about their sons, and they saw that their sons were so miserable that they could not bear it.

"Okay, don't cry. How can you not like Qinger and Zier, will you take you to find a snowball?"

"European! Oh, it’s good, look for snowballs!"

Cheering around the necks of the two men, Xue Yunge and the snow, helplessly picked up the two little devils and walked toward the mountains. But I did not see the two sons behind my head squinting at each other and glanced at the sea of ​​flowers farther and farther.

Yara, come on!

A year later, Gu was the only daughter of Asheng. This girl was born very smoothly, and very embarrassed. She never cried or cried. Seeing who would reveal an angel-like smile. Ya gave her the name of Mian Ai, representing the only endless love for her. This cute and cute little girl has become the treasure of everyone in the valley. Mu Zi and Si Qing even fight for her to hug her. It is no longer the appearance of her brother and brother. Even if you don’t like the children’s snow clouds and snow, they love pets. However, the strange thing is that Mian Ai loves the person who sticks the most, but it is a nephew. The first sentence that Mian loves to say is actually "舅舅", which really makes everyone unexpected.

Therefore, in the valley, there is often such a scene: charming and lovely girl, chasing a tall and beautiful man, the tender voice shouting. Behind the little girl, two beautiful twin boys were beaten with wooden swords, while screaming and arguing.

"Sister is mine!"

"its mine!"

Not far from the flower sea, the delicate and ceramic-like woman, happy to lean on the side of three beautiful men like a fairy, this life, she can do this, no longer ask for it. The man behind her gave her boundless favor and she loved them too. This is the happiness they all want.