Looking at a group of ministers who bowed their heads, Lan Shengling took an angry shot of the dragon chair and shouted: "The prayers are all at the gate of my moon. You are the leader of the country that is arguing for the country." Why are you crying like death?"

These old guys, when it comes to their own interests, are vying for you to die and live; now, they are like shrinking turtles, all of them are waste!

"Cao Yuan, you said!"

The name is a veteran who is fifty years old. His hair is already white, but his face is not old. Looking at his appearance, he associates with the adjectives of honesty and honesty. However, no one knows if it is specific. Cao Yuan is the minister of the predecessor who relied heavily on the emperor. He is currently a book of the Central Military Department. Thinking of this old guy how to say a lot, there should be something to say.

Seeing the Shangshu Shangshu was taken down as a bird, the rest of the ministers were relieved. Cao Yuan’s old face was slightly wrinkled and forced to helpless. He had to step forward and step forward: “Your Majesty, the weapon of praying is really strong, and the flesh and blood of our army cannot be close. According to the old minister, it is still to pray for peace. ”

"Summing?" The face is distorted, and Lan Shengling sneers at the bottom of his heart. This group of old guys now only want to save their lives? It is a pity that with the personality of the Xue brothers, how can we promise this so-called summation! They are afraid of hating, ruining the moon!

After all, it is a barrier that you can provoke yourself. All this can't be avoided. Lan Shengling, who has been upset about the things she has picked up, really does not want to listen to the nonsense of these wastes. It is an inevitable trend to return to the world. He does not think that he will have the power to turn things around. However, they will not be allowed to kill them. Xueyun Ge, I will be here, waiting for your arrival, to see what the final result will be!

In June, this is the season when the summer solstice is full of vitality and greenery, but at this moment, it is shrouded in a cloud of gunfire. Yanzhou fell, the squadron of the month was in chaos, and the gunfire that had been prayed back gradually reached the center of Haoyue. The method of dealing with Haoyue was almost the same as that of Chi Yu. The generals of the defending city were inexplicably dying. The loud noise that suddenly sounded in the middle of the night, a city, was blown up and disappeared into the fire of the sky. However, gradually, Haoyue also summed up the method, sending all the soldiers stationed in a place 100 miles outside the city wall, to prevent the imperialism from burying the explosives again and again. In this way, although it broke the battle plan for quick return to the quick battle, it also suffered heavy losses. Because the prayers have made tremendous improvements to the gunpowder, there is no need to bury the explosives in advance. It is a circular cylinder, and as long as the soldiers ignite the back leads, the gunpowder will automatically fly to the aligned enemy. Its power is even bigger than gunpowder.

The devastated Lunar Army lost its battle, and the news of defeat and the loss of the city fell into the imperial city like snowflakes. Kyoto Xiyue is now alive.

The reported memorials are almost all news of defeat. Lan Shengling, who has been sleeping for several nights, looks at the big characters that are lost, and his eyes are red. Twenty cities and towns have been smashed in succession. At this moment, it can be said that the general trend has gone. The unstoppable weapons, the invincible momentum, the people who have fallen into panic, have no power to counterbalance.

A shadow appeared in the main hall and looked at him. The face of Lan Shengling suddenly appeared a look that could become hope and hope. He eagerly asked: "How, have you found it?"

The dark guard standing on the ground could not see the expression, but the low and hoarse voice had a hint of panic: "It is incompetent."

Falling down on the chair, Blue's look is more angry and desperate than seeing the city gate. How could it be like this, impossible, impossible to find! How many blind women will there be in the world, how many women will ruin their faces, and the face of the children will be so special. How could they find it for so long? Don't you, shake your head and go to the uneasy thought in your heart. No, picking up will be safe and sound!

"Continue to find." Some powerless mouths, uneasiness and fear in the heart, have made him have no energy to punish this derelict.


"What?" The list was slouched and the voice of Lan Shengling was awkward.

"Your Majesty, the 500,000-strong army has already been under the city, and I, my army, will not be able to withstand it!"


They got up, they came so fast!

"Shadow, commanded to go to the martial palace, forbidden to enter and exit! Raise all the troops to defend the gate, a fly is not allowed to put in!"

When the voice just fell, the sound of the cracking sound rang instantly, and the black sergeant who had just got up was nailed to the stone pillar of the main hall by a long arrow flying. The horrified eyes wide open, and a singularly singular voice sounded slowly in the hall.

"Don't you think it's too late? Your Majesty the Emperor Lan Shengling?"

A soft, magnetic chuckle with unconcealed irony. Under the moonlight, the tall and beautiful twins are all emperor robes, exquisite white jade crowns, tassels and chest tassels, exactly the same exquisite face, but the face is a bloodthirsty smile.

"It's you, I don't think, your actions are so fast."

Sitting on the dragon chair, Lan Shengling was amazed after the initial surprise. Has it finally arrived this day, no expectations or fear, just regret, no matter whether he wins or loses, he has the means to leave alive. However, the person he wanted to find, still has no news. He can't leave with her at the last minute. How difficult will he be to find her in the future?

"For those who have provoked us, we will certainly repay him ten times as much. Blue Holy Ling, the pain you brought us is to die a thousand times, not enough to dispel my grievances!" Cold eyes Look straight at the emperor who doesn't seem to be afraid. The hatred that has been deposited for a long time, at this moment, all vented without any scruples.

With a slight smile, Lan Shengling’s eyes are still sharp and proud. “It seems that we are all the same people! For those who have provoked embarrassment, you will ruin him without mercy!”

Yes, they are all the same people, the same cruel and ruthless, the same cloudy and uncertain, the same sinister. Only those who care about them will show a warm expression and live like a real person. The same hegemonic person, who made an opponent, is not dead, a mountain, you can accommodate two tigers! What's more, they are even more enemies!

"Yes? Then, who are you going to be the last winner? Who will destroy who?"

With a wave of hands, the dark guards hidden around the door all fell from the heights and fell to the ground. Xue Yunge looked at Lan Shengling and smiled leisurely. The eyes were full of viciousness.

"Reassured, tonight, just our war. Except for me and the moon, there is no follower of a guard, absolutely not, strong, weak!"

"Hey, talk nonsense, you don't have to sneer at the singer here, let's do it!"

A hand smashed the white jade table in front of him, and the powerful force spurred the debris to fly toward the snow cloud song and the snow. With a scornful smile on his face, Xue Yunge waved his hand and the pieces fell to the ground immediately. Pulling out the long whip around the waist, the red whip is like a long snake, opening a **** mouth to the blue sacred front!

Lan Shengling's weapon is a long sword, a rapid turn over, Xue Yunge's long whip wrapped around his blade, but did not hurt him. However, behind him, there is still a snow month by month. Cold and cold smile, the soft sword of the snow-by-month with a murderous temperament, hitting the back of the blue holy air defense!

Anxious in the heart, the blue sacred look changed greatly, only had to increase the strength of the hand, want to get rid of the entanglement of the snow cloud song whip. However, the whip, the harder he is, the more tight it is. There was already a whistling sound in the ear. In desperation, Lan Shengling had to abandon the sword in his hand and rolled on the ground to avoid the snow-based offensive.

"Damn!" A low curse, snow screaming on the face, but the blue sacred that lost the weapon is even more vulnerable to them. Xue Yunge has already caught up and fights with the empty blue Lan Shengling. There is a cold smile in the eyes, they are not just a gentleman!

Picking up a piece of white jade on the ground, the snow is aimed at the unprotected back door of Blue Saint Ling, and the fingertips are bombed. The sensitive blue sacred Ling was noticed and slightly turned away, but the shredded white jade fragments still hit his right arm, blood, splashing out, reddish yellow robes!

In the eyes flashed arrogant anger, Blue Sheng Ling held down the blood hole in the blood flow of his right arm, and suddenly went straight back. Escaped from the entanglement of the snow cloud song, fell into his own dragon chair, and gasped low. Then he raised his head coldly and pressed the engraved faucet on the dragon chair with his left hand.

With a bang, a cage was suddenly appearing over the hall. The blue-gray figure, which is tied to the steel rope, appears in front of the snow cloud song and the snow. The messy black hair was scattered and covered the person's face. I couldn't see whether it was a man or a woman. However, from the slender figure of the man, the weak breathing, the two can almost be sure at once, this is a woman! Moreover, it is not the person they are worried about, because at this moment, the palace is being prayed back. This woman's breath and figure are not one by one.

Satire smile, Xue Yun song looked at the blue holy Ling, eyes stunned.

"Blue Shengling, you are not going to play any threatening tricks again? Do you think that an irrelevant person can threaten us? Or, you have lost your senses by the moon, you can’t figure out the status quo. Already?"

"Hey, if you look closely at who the person is, you will know if you are fainting in the end!" The same cold smile, Lan Shengling's face was pale. This man is his last chip. In any case, he must try his best to leave. Picking up, still waiting for him to find her, so he must not die!

The woman who almost lost her breath, slightly slimming figure, Xu was because she felt the pain slightly raised her head, revealing more than half of the delicate face, faint, and somewhat familiar. A flash of light in the brain, Xue Yunge and snow are surprised at the same time.

"is her!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Uncontrollably laughed, but in the eyes of Xue Yunge, there was no smile. "Blue Saint Ling, do you think that with this traitor, we will be easily asked by you? Kill her, but we still want to thank you! If it were not for this woman, how could we have such a disaster later? Even lost almost so lost the beloved woman!"

Looking at the woman who was dying in the cage, Xueyun song and snow in the eyes of the moon, all flashed cold hatred. That **** woman, **** Tsing Yi! The hateful thing is that she is actually, not dead yet! What's even more ridiculous is that Lan Shengling actually thinks of her as a bargaining chip. It is really stupid!

"Oh," did not seem to see the embarrassment in their eyes, Blue Shengling smiled strangely. "If, if, I said, you can't wait to thank me for killing this woman, actually the biological mother of your beloved sister, I don't know, would you still think that I am not doing anything?"

The beautiful face is discolored and looks at the blue sacred smile sitting on the dragon chair. The snow shines fiercely on the moon. "A nonsense! You want to confuse us, or you think, just a few words from you." , we will believe you!"

"Hey, don't you believe it?" He yelled at the air, and a black figure immediately jumped from the beam and bowed respectfully to Lan Shengling. Xue Yunge, don't overestimate yourself, the jealous people are not so easy to deal with!

Pressing the faucet again, the irons slowly descended, and the black man stepped forward, suddenly tearing open the smock of the Tsing Yi, revealing a large chest of white skin. Under her armpit, it is a five-point mark of plum!

"No, impossible!"

That imprint, familiar with each skin of the body, they naturally know that their beloved woman, there is also a five-point plum blossom! At this moment, their mood is complex and indescribable. One by one, if it is really a child of Tsing Yi, then they will not be brothers and sisters with blood relationship. The problems they have been minding can be solved immediately, which is how they can be upset! However, in this case, Tsing Yi really became the blue sacred Ling can smash their chips, how many years of hatred, this man who wants to kill and then fast, will escape, this is how they can be willing!

"Tsing Yi is the saint of the end-leaf family, and the birthmark is the unique mark of the end-leaf. However, she was ignorant when she was young, and she was turned by the enemy and bought the Jingfeng Villa. But your old friend is lucky. The person is not her, the child she is pregnant is actually the flesh and blood of my eight emperors, that is, your sister is unparalleled in snow, not right. In fact, I should be her brother. But Tsing Yi’s identity is despicable, I can’t be my uncle. The scorpion. And the unmarried son, you should also know the consequences."

A few simple words, everything, is self-evident. In order to conceal their own pregnancy, in order to let the insulted sisters be "the mother depends on the child", the two women who have been good, have come to such a loss.

Even if they can't forgive Tsing Yi, they can't leave her at this moment. Tsing Yi is a one-on-one mother. Her appearance is a miracle and luck for them. From then on, they no longer have to worry that their love is unrequited love, no longer need to cover up, worry that their relationship is exposed to the world and is cast aside. They are not brothers and sisters, they can fall in love in the sun, they can have children belonging to them, and they can have happiness that ordinary people can have.

What's more, the one who longs for love, knows that her mother is still alive, or the woman who gave her the most care from childhood, will definitely be soft. One by one, I have never hated Tsing Yi, they know, so it is even more impossible to let go.

"Blue Shengling, you won!"

The sound of gnashing teeth is full of resentment and unwillingness. Snow looked at him month by month: "Let's say, what do you want?"

"It's very simple. You have ruined your martial arts and vowed that you will never take the life of my blue sacred."

"You dream! Blue Holy Ling, don't go too far!"

Since the abolishment of martial arts, Lan Shengling, your vicious personality, even if it is at a disadvantage now, still arrogant! Tsing Yi may be important, but as long as they don't tell them, as long as they know it in their hearts. The existence of Tsing Yi can also be dispensable. They will give her a lot of love, no need for another Tsing Yi.

"You can't agree, but if Snow doesn't know, you don't care about her mother's life and death. Even, it is the murderer who indirectly killed her mother. I think she will definitely love her two older brothers." Let's go!"


"If I kill the woman in my hand, is the moon emperor not, will I feel happy?"

The closed palace door was suddenly opened, and a woman’s indifferent voice sounded, and the moonlight shone on her face, reflecting a charming and cold face. The tall woman dragged a slender figure in white and walked into the hall step by step.

"Heck, how come you?"

The blue sacred Ling, who had nothing to fear, immediately changed his face when he saw the face of the woman in the hands of Fu Hanxi. A cry of horror, "Pick up!"

The slim figure, the closed eyes, the red scars all over, the picking up, it was he who had been looking for a long time without any news! Was it actually in their hands? Lan Shengling, it turned out that this is the taste of being shackled. I don’t think that one day, I actually ate the consequences.

However, why did the children have been comatose and did not wake up? Angry yell, "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing, just fainting her. I can't think of it, the cold-blooded moon emperor, there will be such a tense moment!" Coldly open, Fu Hanyu is close to the snow cloud song and snow, month by month, respectfully bend over Road: "Your Majesty."

"You put her, I don't talk about conditions with you, let's put people together, and then they don't care!" The man who eagerly got up, the arrogant man has disappeared at the moment, panic and anxious in the handsome face. On the side of the snow cloud song, snow sees the moon, and there is a hint of surprise in the eyes.

"Blue Shengling, what you said, but really?"

"That's true! I am swearing by my blood to my god, as long as you let her go, I will put Tsing Yi, no longer talk to you about conditions!"

Taking a deep breath, Lan Shengling slowly opened his mouth and he knew that he had lost. He showed his true thoughts, he became eager and arrogant, and they would threaten him accordingly. However, he has no choice. Now, as long as he can take it with him, even if he can only hide in a small corner of the world from now on, he will not regret it. The woman who gave him warmth is worth it, he will give up everything.

Xue Yunge and Xue looked at each other with a glimpse of the moon, and the bottom of the eye passed a trace of inexplicable light. Immediately, he said: "Good. Take the stone pillar here as a ring and let people go together."

Pulling down the iron cage, Lan Shengling grabbed the back collar of Tsing Yi and personally stepped forward. "A word is fixed!"

"Chilling, give people to him!"

Step by step, gradually stepping forward, the eagle is deep, but with uneasy distractions and eagerness. Standing and looking at the charming but cold woman in front of her eyes, Lan Shengling said: "Let's let go!"

"it is good."

The eyes of each other are relatively tight and let go. After a physique, I grabbed a delicate body and poured into my arms. At the same time, Fu Hanzhen also steadily caught Tsing Yi, and was about to turn around. The blue sacred eyes flashed through the eyes, but they slammed into the back of Tsing Yi.

Actually dare to hurt his pick, he will never let them better! As long as he immediately returns to the dragon chair and presses the organ, he can escape from the tunnel, and here, it will immediately collapse into a pile of ruins! In any case, his blue sacred Ling will never lose, and he will be counted by others!


The sharp weapon pierced the skin and looked back unbelievably. Lan Shengling looked at the woman who was guarded by her back. Familiar face, warm breath, but the cold dagger, stabbed into his chest! This woman is the one who abandons the throne, abandons life, and protects. Even if she couldn't see things, even if she had no face, the woman who touched her cold and desperate heart in the cave, he had made up his mind to protect her life.

"Yes, why?"

Looking at her deeply, there is no anger, no hatred, no hatred of betrayal. Some are just endless doubts, sorrows, heavy, and deep love and despair. The empty tears suddenly burst out. This cruel and ruthless man did not cry even in the most desperate time. He did not cry under the man who was forced to give up his pain by his mother. However, at this moment, it is impossible to restrain the tears out. Is it really doomed? Being abandoned by everyone, forever, can't get the true love of others. Isn't it already cold enough to be ruthless, isn't it already ignoring love? Why do you have to pay your true heart, why, and now, still do not give up?

The mighty body slowly fell, but at the moment of falling to the ground, he subconsciously turned into a woman's seat cushion. The delicate body began to tremble, and the dagger in his hand was also left alone. Gu only helplessly grabbed his lips, and at the bottom of his heart, something collapsed. The original firm heart, however, became soft and painful at this moment, and it was no longer possible to start as she thought.

Rough big hands, covered with the face of the woman's unconscious tears, Blue Sheng Ling smiled, but so desperate. The low-pitched voice rang low in the woman's ear.

"Why, pick up? Why, it will be you, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

There is an angry and crazy emotion in the heart that ferments, making her so painful and tangled, and the only sudden and desperate to scream at the man under her body.

"Because you are Blue Holy Ling, because I hate you, because you almost ruined my happiness, because you have made me like this, because I am snow unparalleled! I hate you, hate you, hate you,,, I, I, hate you, but why, at this moment, I am so sad?

With a bleak smile, Lan Shengling looked at the woman who was slightly frantic, and her eyes were deeply mournful and desperate. Snow is unparalleled, it should have long been thought of, is not the same with him, only the snow is unparalleled, but the white clothes floating on the lake, confused his audio-visual. He thought that she was dead, but she didn't want to be around her. Even, she gradually walked into his heart and became the most important person in his heart. However, who is it? No one is wrong, wrong, maybe this world. God, you are cruel enough. If you want to destroy all that I have, will you let me go? However, there is nothing left of me, alive, what is the point?

Is it a kind of happiness and relief to die in the hands of the most loved ones? I am really tired. From my perception of the world, it is the boundless darkness and despair. I walk alone in the storm, and no one protects me. I only rely on myself. However, even if it is numb, even if it is not extravagant, even if it has the supreme right. I have always understood that in fact, I have never had anything.

Pick up, I don't hate you, I really don't hate you. I love you, but Blue Saint Ling does not match the opening and tells you such a sentence. Gently put on the woman's soft hand and pull her up as before and put it on her waist. Smile, so warm and sincere.

"I am not a blue sacred, I am pregnant, it is only a child, 捡儿,,,,,,,,,,,"

The warm big hand slowly falls. The palm touch is a rough woody feeling, and the heart feels a pain.

Attached to his waist is a long, dry vine, , , , , , , ,

"Pick up, are you hungry?"

"It’s not ugly to pick up a child. It’s better to look at the moon than the moon in the sky,,,,,,,,,”

"When the clothes are broken, you can wear them, and you can wear them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

"Pick up, I am pregnant, but I will always belong to the children, children,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It turns out that everything will be a dream bubble. Broken, painful, it really turned into a bubble of disappearance.

Lan Shengling, I hate you, do you know, I really, hate you. You killed your nephew, killed your arms, I hate you, and will never forgive you! However, why, hate into the bones, but again, can not kill.

"One by one!"


A step, Xue Yunge came forward, picking up a woman who suddenly dizzy, her hands quickly buckled her pulse. For a moment, it seems slow, but light, like a flying catkins. The eyes widened in horror, and the face of Xue Yunge appeared a panic that had never been seen before.

"Brother, what's wrong?" Snow also puts the only pulse on the moon, and the beautiful face is instantly frightened and frantic; "Brother, no, what is going on?"

There was a whirlwind in the doorway of the main hall. A figure took away the woman in the snow cloud song at a speed that no one could do. Then I rushed toward the door.

"Thousands of ya, what are you doing?" The voice of sorrow screamed behind him, Xue Yunge, and the snow rose to catch up with the moon. However, it is always inaccessible.

"The energy of the snow is recovering. If it is not suppressed and guided in time, she will die! After ten days, I will return you a perfect snow, don't chase it, you can't find me!" The air was blown by the wind. The sound of the good voice gradually disappeared into the boundless night.

Everything seems to be over, but why is the night wind still so cold?

The snow-capped mountains that seem to be in the air do not seem to end. In the huge stone cave on the top of the mountain, a woman with a white coat like a snow lies on a chilly bed. At this moment, her eyes were closed, and there were faint tears. The white skin was covered with red scars, which seemed to be very distressing.

Looking at the woman lying on the ice bed, Qianya got up and did the bedside and untied the cloak. The silver hair pours down, revealing a peerless beauty, star-like eyes, and tightly locks the only face of Gu.

Snow, waiting for the millennium, waiting for the millennium, this is my first time, so clearly gaze at your face. Whether it is Qianya, or Mu Yalun, they are always guarding your elegance. But now, Ya may have to lose faith in his promise. Snow Maiden is a heavy identity, but fortunately now, they are by your side. It was my negligence that made the wing destroy your spirit. You are unable to bear and control the energy of the snow woman at this moment. I don't want to leave you, but I don't want to let you die. Without the elegant life, snow is still happy; without the life of snow, Ya will be better than death. In this case, it is better to return.

I only hope that in your future years, you can remember such a person. He is so deeply in love with you, please don't forget. The whole world can forget, but you can't.

I love you.

"I want to kiss you, you will promise, right?"

Muttering to himself, Qianya 暮 smiled softly, leaned over and printed the pink blush. The soft lips and the slight aroma are so intoxicating. There is no sweet entanglement, no shackles of lips and tongues, but the lips touch the lips, the warmest close.

Crystal clear tears, slipped from the beautiful cheeks, fell into the only face of Gu, and then slowly, spilled into her lips. Silver-blue shimmer, overflowing from the lips of the two, a little bit, gradually flashing a dazzling brilliance. The face that was originally covered with scars gradually recovered at this moment. In less than a quarter of an hour, it was as clean as jade, just like a new life. The woman’s drooping long eyelashes trembled, and a tear suddenly flowed out of the closed eyes. And the beautiful man, his face was getting paler, and a burst of white light spilled from his body until he saw it again.

It was a gorgeous and beautiful, but extremely bleak dream. A love, a woman's forgetting, two people's love, a man's guardian and attachment. The scene is changing around, as if watching a movie. However, she was deeply shocked, moved, and heartbroken for the man. Infatuated man, a wrong paying, a world of reincarnation, waiting for a thousand years. The woman left for him is always just a shadow.

The white European-style giant castle, not like the beautiful fairyland of the world, a beautiful woman with white clothes like snow, playing in the grass flower beds. By her side, stood two tall and tall figures. It is the beauty of two beautiful men, a enchanting enchanting but slightly cold, a beautiful and holy and full of warmth, looking at the woman's eyes, are so intoxicating love and pet. However, when they turned around and looked at each other, they all had hostility that could not be concealed.

The sky is getting darker, the woman gets up and walks side by side with two beautiful men. They dine, chat, and talk poetry in a beautiful pavilion. Then return to their respective rooms together. The enchanting man walked into an old castle with a snow-covered house, while the holy man was the blue-snow house on the right. The woman who both of them belonged to the snowy court in the middle.

They lived on such a day, and no one dared to break the balance between them. Sometimes, love is not suitable for opening. Once it is clarified, it is the pain of three people. It’s been like this for many years. For a long time, the faces of the three people have not changed in the slightest. Then, it is the snow woman robbery, the next, reborn. They two, follow, chase, find. The enchanting man reincarnation turned into a pair of twins; the holy man could not reincarnate, he had to take his own feelings and cast a rebirth.

It’s a last, hopeless love. Whoever deceived, whoever forgot, has already gone with the wind.

You can't get your love in the world, it's my catastrophe. You can only chase your back in life, this is my attachment. Snow, but I am not stupid. Perhaps, such love is too heavy or even burdensome for you. I have already seen it, so as long as you are happy.

Please remember me, to give you happiness.

From then on, I can only watch you humblely until the end of my life. From then on, I can no longer give you the protection of life, only hope that you can see your smile before I disappear. God, please promise me one last request, please, as I wish, ,,,,,,,,,,

--------------------------end----------------------- ------

one year later.

The splendid palaces all show the domineering and luxury of the emperors. Gorgeous palace, a bed that can accommodate five people, faintly visible three figures. The morning sun was glaring, and the people on the bed moved. The man’s slender hand, like a jade, stretched out, and the person in the middle patted the left bulge. A slightly sleepy and hoarse magnetic male voice; "Brother, it’s early, you are up."

The raised figure on the left side moved, opening a quilt, revealing a beautiful and enchanting face with closed eyes. The big hand went forward and held the petite body around him into his arms and snorted. "Month, you go, yesterday I was in the DPRK."

The groping around the body has been taken by the big brother, the snow opened his eyes dissatisfied with the moon, and he opened the hand of his own brother hard, just holding the soft body half. "No, I have to sleep one by one, I don't want to go to the DPRK. Those state affairs are annoying!"

Lazily turned around, Xue Yunge did not even open his eyes, obviously it is not intended to pay attention to the snow. Some angrily grin, the snow rose in a month of indignation, the eldest brother glared at him before going up every day, but he went crazy in the palace to ‘rest’ to oppress him! I really don’t know how to cherish his younger brother. I only know that he is crushing him, no brothers love!

Going out of the palace, the snow screamed out to the outside, "Come on!"

"Your Majesty, the slave is here!" A white face with a red lips and white teeth, also known as the eunuch's father-in-law, appeared in the face of the snow and bowed down in a respectful manner.

"The purpose of the transfer, all matters of today's early dynasty are represented by General Xiao Ran, and the Emperor and Yunhuang are unwell, take more rest. Go on!"

Turned around and walked into the palace, leaving only the little **** to stand in the same place. In the past month, neither of the two sergeants have been in politics, and every day they use the same excuse. Poor General Xiao, such a huge country, the state is so heavy, every day looking at the generals, they all find that he looks pale, and he wants to be tired of being made by the state.

Just walked back to the snow in the palace, watching the two figures entangled in the bed, shouting dissatisfiedly: "Brother, you are too treacherous, actually yelling at me, sneak attack one by one!"

The tall and beautiful man, red*- bare naked and jade-like upper body, pressed against a petite figure, lingering and kissing. The hairs of the two men are entangled together, and there is only a low breathing in the air. For a long time, Xue Yunge released the sweet lips of the cherry, revealing the face of the woman under her body.

Like the newborn baby, the porcelain white and delicate skin becomes red because of the emotional kiss, giving off a seductive atmosphere. A pair of curved bends under the eyebrows is a beautiful scorpion that is dark and inky. At this moment, it is mixed with the waking shackles. It is unusually sparkling and heart-wrenching. This is a beautiful face like a ceramic doll. It is already a woman in her twenties, but she still looks like a fifteen-year-old child.

Gu only woke up in a confused way, and gave his brother a kiss and a dark night. I finally opened my eyes, and a beautiful face with a slight anger fell down and continued a lingering kiss. Responding slyly, it is gradually not supported.

"Brother, hey, no, can't breathe,,,,,,,,,,,"

The snow finally stopped, and the blind eyes stared at her, and the red tongue actually added a silver wire left in the mouth. "Boom" blushes, and Gu only looks at the snow that is enchanting and enchanting at this moment, and some are in a daze. Unexpectedly, the second brother who has always been cold, will actually have the charm of the big brother.

Because of the previous struggle, Gu only slightly raised his body and inadvertently looked up, but found that his brothers suddenly appeared a strange look. It seems that it is not unfamiliar to eat her. As they looked down, they slowly moved down, but their undead bodies were revealed, the clean skin, and the traces they left last night.


Screaming, buried in a thick quilt, wrapped himself like a silkworm. In the ear, the sound of the snow cloud song is fascinating.

"Oh, baby, come out soon."

No, absolutely, listen to my brother’s hoarse voice, and know that when she goes out, she will definitely be overwhelmed by them. I used to hate her brother who had children. Since I knew that they didn't have a blood relationship, I almost couldn't wait to put her on the bed every day, so that they could have a baby. However, she is afraid, childbirth, very painful, she does not want it!

However, Xue Yunge and Xue Qiu will be as she wished, two pairs of big hands, all together, want to open the bed of abominable quilt.

At this moment, a big drink suddenly sounded from the door. Xue Yunge and the snow are released in a row, and the two beautiful faces flashed through the anger and helpless look. Damn, how can this scorpion come in, and the secret guard at the door is doing what you eat! Unable to blame in the bottom of my heart, the two know that those who are blind, can not stop him.

"What are you doing, why are you bullying me?"

Tall figure, handsome face, but the expression on the face is like a child's simple anger. I hurried forward and wanted to protect the figure that was shrunk in the quilt. Gu only slightly stunned his small head and shook his head in comfort.

"My brother, they are not bullying! We are playing around!" God, she is still naked now, it is a shame!

On that day, Lan Shengling was indeed dead, but the nephew survived. A foolish fool, a child who simply wants to protect her daughter, can't give up. What's more, the two of them are actually the real brothers and sisters! Xue Yun song and snow month by month, understand her thoughts. The man who wants to die regardless of everything, some hate, is often washed away by love. Tsing Yi, no, is a mother-in-law. On that day, because she was too weak, she left her forever. To death, she did not hear her call her a mother. However, despite the sorrow, some people are already unable to recover. Just like Tsing Yi, like, ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Now they are, they are already very happy. The memories are too painful and I don't want to keep thinking about it, but some people are deeply imprinted on the bottom of my heart and can't erase it anymore. On that day, when she woke up and opened her eyes, the two faces were reflected in front of her face. Her eyes were good and her face returned to normal. Even, she could feel the power inside her body. These forces seem to be as comfortable as her integration. Her martial arts have not only recovered, but also thousands of miles, and the internal strength is so great that my brothers are surprised. She can even sense the words of nature, dialogue with flowers and trees, birds and beasts, so magical power, she knows who gave her. However, after she woke up, she did not see him. There is almost no one in love with that man. Every time I think of it, it is the pain of heartbreaking.

It’s hard to take a break, and the three people in the room are relieved. Although the existence of deaf children is allowed, Xue Yunge and Xue Yue are very disgusted with him, because this stupid big man always destroys one's and their 'good things', and, one by one, is For a long time, I don’t want to leave, it’s really annoying!

"Brother, I hate going up and hating that fool!"

"Month, I don't think so!" Looking at the younger brother helplessly, Xueyun song was a little tired.


"Not as good as,,"

The twins who have the same mind, the beautiful face flashed a glimmer of light, the bottom of the eyes, is a tacit smile.

After praying for the mainland, it did not change the country. After praying for five years in the spring, the two emperors made a sacred decree and passed the supreme power of the emperor to the general of Xiao Ran Xiao, and left the palace on the day of the imperial edict. The whole country is in a state of utter disappointment, but in view of the fact that the jade seal on the imperial edict is indeed true, and the most beloved of the priests, the princes of the princes gave the general to Xiao, and the ministers accepted the fact. After Xiao Ran was the emperor, he made great efforts to make a fine, rewarding and punishment, and brought the imperial prince to an unprecedented peak. After fourteen years of praying, Xiao Di greeted Fu Hanyu as a post-it, and announced on the day of the wedding that it would never continue, and it was circulated as a generation of stories.

The weather was fine, and on an official road far from the Imperial City, a carriage that was not conspicuous was slowly walking. The equipment in the carriage is complete, the things inside are exquisite and elegant, the value is even in the city, and the appearance of the carriage is really not at all. However, at this moment, the atmosphere of the carriage is somewhat dull.

"Pick up, thirsty? Is it good for your brother to peel you an orange?"

"Okay!" The delicate jade woman smiled and nodded, and she hugged her around her, and the two beautiful men with a sulking look seemed to have a green blemish. Damn, how is this annoying fool getting on the bus? They are so careful, they still can't escape his viciousness!

The murderous look stared at the nerd who was seriously peeling the oranges. Unfortunately, the stupid children were not affected by their blade-like eyes. In addition to the woman around them, there was no other existence.

"Brother, I am going crazy, I really want to marry him!"

"Hey, come here, go outside to fetch water!"

"Why, why don't you go?"

"Month, isn't he a fool? Why don't you lose money?"

Looking at the three big men who quarreled like children, Gu only slightly tilted his mouth, and his brothers always bullied them, but gradually, the children became more and more clever, and even began to refute them. They have to argue every day and they can calm down.

Holding the kettle, walking to the stream not far away, the air is refreshing grassy taste, faint, very comfortable. Open your arms and take a deep breath, so warm. However, gradually, Gu’s only face suddenly appeared a hint of excitement, so familiar, it is him, must be him!

With the power of Snow Maiden, she can sense a lot of things. This time, there will be absolutely no mistakes. Close your eyes, open all the spiritual power to feel the existence of that person, and finally, Gu only smiled and extended his arm to a big tree on the other side of the stream, shouting loudly.

"Ya, let's go to the world together!"

A crisp sound that makes a little echo in an open place. The snow clouds next to the carriage sang them, but they looked at the only direction in this direction, but they did not stop.

The air is very quiet, it seems that there is only wind. Gu only smiled, extended her hand and continued to scream at the river bank.

"Ya, let's go to the world together!"

For a long time, I still didn't respond. Gu was only annoyed in the heart. Looking at the slightly deep stream, the eyes flashed. Deliberately pretending to be a lame, exclaimed, and fell to the stream.

The sound of the roaring wind rang in the ear. Immediately, Gu felt that he was picked up by a warm embrace, and his mouth smirked and smirked, holding the neck of the person.

"I know, you will definitely see it!"

The silver hair fluttered in the air, the beautiful face, the panic and the slight blame, and the helplessness that could not be concealed.

Reluctantly reaching out to him, Gu only looked at him, and once again seriously opened; "Ya, let's go to the world together!"

It was a white, tender, seemingly innocent hand, but he was waiting for the millennium. Today, it finally reaches out to himself. Even after this world, he will disappear with the air, even if Ya, this person will never exist in this world. Finally, he still took her hand and walked with her in the last life.

"it is good."

The long, slender hand holds the soft little hand in the palm of his hand. At this moment, he finally waited for his happiness.

(End of the text) Written here, Jing Cried and laughed, whether it was Ya or Blue Shengling, Jing gave them a beautiful ending. The favor is boundless, and finally at this moment, I drew a period. This is the first novel of King, and all the efforts and emotions of the scene are exhausted. I hope that after reading the pro, I will not feel disappointed or regretful. I hope that the pro will be satisfied.

I sighed a lot and licked my sore arm and shoulders. From today, the scenery is going to be a good vacation! As for the parents who are concerned about the "Queen of Book Boys", there is a sorry to say here, and Jing is not going to write immediately. Well, a week is good, take advantage of this week's time to rest and conceive, but also to re-edit. The book boy will change the name, and the time will inform everyone, huh, huh, thank you for your support all the way, without the support and companionship of the parents, pets, simply can not persist. Here, thank you guys, 鞠躬ing.................O(∩_∩)O~

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