The sounds around the world are getting more and more sorrowful, and even the snarl of the crows is faint, and it is very strange in the open forest. Gu only finally noticed that something was wrong, and I thought about it soon after I thought about it. How was she dominated by a moment of emotion, just thinking about leaving, but did not think deeply about whether Yaer would really let her go. According to her vicious character, how can she easily let go of her so-called "love enemy". Lan Shengling, the hatred between us is really destined, this time, will I die for you again?

I want to come, her life is hard, and she is trapped several times, and she died several times. It seems that she is like God. But this time, a blind-eyed woman, without martial arts, how can she escape? Still, who will save her in this barren mountain?

Lan Shengling, I really hate you, I can't wait to kill you, let all the killings in this world disappear because of your disappearance.

Without you, my life, how could there be so much suffering, if not you, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"I'm sorry, I just acted on my own." The gloomy male voice rang in the ear, and then the carriage trembled fiercely, and the horse screamed forward. Hold the handle of the door and window tightly, Gu only smiles in the heart, and now, even killing her, there is no need to do it. A two-handed carriage can put her blind woman to death.

The feeling of earth-shaking came in, and the final reaction was a pain in the back of the brain and loss of consciousness.

Brother, in the afterlife, goodbye, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Pray, the palace.

"Your Majesty, there is a good news!"

Lifting his head from a lot of chapters, Xue Yunge’s look is a little tired, “say.”

"General Xiao has already broken the last fortress of Chi Yu. After three days, he can drive straight in and win the late jade."

"Know it, go on."

One by one, my brother is about to be ready to give you a gift, and you, don't be too lazy, go slower than your brother. I miss you, my one, you are very fast, you can go back to me, right?

The precious porcelain was slammed on the ground, and the entire magnificent and exquisite room, like a typhoon, was awful. The tall man of Jinpao Huayi, his eyes are red, and he grabbed the clothes of the ordinary man in front of his eyes.

"Wang monument, pick up children!"

"The next day, I am following my majesty, I don't know the whereabouts of the lady." Calm and calm tone, Wang Bei's face is expressionless.

"is it?"

Cold smile, nostalgia, that is, Lan Shengling, hate said: "It seems that you have underestimated the status of Yalong in your heart, even you, began to betrayed!"

It’s easy to flash a little bit of expression, but it’s caught by Lan Shengling. The problem, as it is in Yara, is his negligence. In the past few days, I have been thinking about busy with the state to accompany me. But I forgot Yap, and she would not be better off with her love of his mind and means. Plus Wang Bei is in love with Yaer, **** it!

Under the anger, Lan Shengling, slammed his hand on the chest of Wang Bei, and looked at the monument that fell on the ground and vomited a blood. His eyes were gloomy. "If you don't see that you are still useful, you will have your dog's life soon! You can't find the baby, you will never let the woman of Yaer!"

Even if it is to destroy the promise, he gave her enough. It is her, I don't know how to be satisfied.

An arrogant emperor, with a big hand, turned and left the other house.

"Plop", the woman who fell to the ground, the palace dress has been scattered, the beautiful face, is a deep palm print. Holding his face, he looked incredulously at the man who was killing and anger, tears, and silently fell from the corner of his eye.

Hearing the news that he was coming to the palace, she was happy to dress up, full of joy, but did not want to open the door of the temple, but it was a slap in the face. Your Majesty, why should you treat her like this, she just loves him, is this wrong?

"Where is she, pick up, where?"

Sure enough, for that ugly, sir, Yah is very sad, and the heartache is almost dead. Why, your eyes never see my presence? Slowly looked up and looked at the man she loved, laughing low.

"Your Majesty, do you love her very much?"

Love her? I love her, otherwise, I won’t be so scared after she’s gone, and the confusion seems to have lost control. Putting a bunch of state affairs, even the war of Chi Yu does not want to be reasonable. At this moment, even if the army that prayed back to Xiyue, he would not move for it.

The indifferent man, the soft light that flashed on his face, stung the eyes of Yaer. Such a gentle look, he never gave her. At this moment, she suddenly understood that what she could not get for the rest of her life was his love.

"She is gone. I know that you are the emperor of the moon, knowing that you still have a blind man, she will leave."

Your Majesty, Yaer, I love you, maybe, Yaer is wrong. However, everything has been irreparable. Not to let you let me go, just, not wanting to hurt you. The lie that Yaer gives you is a hope for you. If you know that she is dead, will it collapse? So, forgive Yale, Yaer, really wrong,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sure enough, let her know? Picking up a child is such a smart woman, but she is also so proud, knowing her identity, and having a blind man, leaving, is understandable. But pick up, why can you go so far, or are you escaping my true heart for you?

Stepping out of the palace of Yalong, the look of Lan Shengling’s face is dazed. Not unaware, picking up, maybe not feeling for him. Just rely on him, believe him, even, just treat him as a big brother. In her face, she could not see the love for him, and unlike him, she kept moving his eyes all the time, only wanting to look at her. If she doesn't love him, every time she thinks about this possibility, she can't breathe.

"Come on!"

A black defender stands on the ground, and Blue St. Ling looks at the dark night sky. The air is unquestionable.

"Send all the dark guards right away and look for a blind-eyed woman with a scar on her face. You will give you a portrait. If you can't find someone within a month, you will come to see you!"

The shadow of the erection hesitated, and the rough voice sounded. "But your majesty, all the secret guards, what about the safety of the imperial city and your majesty?"

"Do you still need to protect you? Just go out and find someone! Then there are doubts to kill innocent!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Pick up, you must find you, ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hundreds of flowers bloom, butterfly dance birds, here, is the moon, an unknown valley.

On a small steep **** full of colorful wildflowers, a white woman stands in the wind. The strange thing is that there are butterflies in the woman's body, I don't know if they are floral, or are attracted by the woman's body fragrance.

The so-called luck, that is, she is like this. The carriage rolled down the cliff, but she was still good and nothing happened. Even her own, I wonder if it was covered by a lucky star, and it would be hard to die back.

"Snow." The sound of clear water, like a spring, instantly surrounded a warm and familiar atmosphere. "How to run so far, it's time to go back to take medicine."

"Oh, it won't be next time!" Rarely spit out the tongue, the only thing at the moment, actually some spoiled. Somehow, facing the warm-hearted man around her, she would put her heart off so easily and show her unreserved self in front of him.

When she woke up, she lay on a comfortable bed with a bird's language in her ear, surrounded by silence, but so peaceful. Then she knew that she was fine. Saved her, it is an evening, that is, the man with the best voice in front of him.

She has been in this nameless valley for five days. Every day, it is a carefree life, get up, eat, be alone, or stay with you, feel the breath of nature. Her state of mind is an unprecedented peace, as if all the troubles have gone with the wind. On the eve of the day, he would use her sound of the spring to describe the scenery outside, as if she had seen it. When she goes out to collect medicine overnight, she will go out and walk by herself, just like now, but because she is walking around by feeling, she often has to find it for a long time.

Habitually squatting on the neck of the night, feeling the body hanging. Carrying her, slender and slightly thin body, slowly got up. It was a man who was also white as snow, but his whole body was covered in a silver cloak and he could not see his face.

The medicine that was smashed all night was for her to be replenished. Her body was broken, weak and weak, and her martial arts were completely abolished. Fortunately, after a night, although her face and vision did not recover, her body was as good as ever. However, it is not possible to use internal forces easily. After a few more months of rest, she can jump around with the usual ones.

Lying on the green grass, she stood side by side with her and looked up at the sky.

"All night, you said, man, why live in this world?"

"God created mankind, Xu is to continue life, live, hope."

"But why, sometimes, I don't want to continue to live." Frowning, Gu's only face, suddenly appeared a powerless grief. Looking at her on the eve, the face under the cloak was bitter.

"Snow, don't you want to live, or dare you face yourself?"

A moment of silence. It’s her own, I don’t dare to face myself. God is a perfect brother, a beautiful brother like a goblin, they should have been the darling of heaven. No matter what the world thinks, in her opinion, they are so out of reach. No one knows what the true innermost feeling of the true Gu is, and how inferior and longing for love. The past life, so she always doubts herself, is not good enough, so she can not get love. Rebirth in a different world, she suddenly has so much love, how much makes her unbelievable, even, always thought she was dreaming. Perhaps in the eyes of others, Xue Yunge and Xue Yuyue are the only ones who have the only love that can be a person; but, in fact, it is the only one who lives by their love. To get rid of the mother, just to find you, **** in the breath you breathe out, in order to sustain my life.

Her love has become humble because of her inferiority. The former Gu was unique, beautiful, and intelligent. She tried to express herself so that she had the capital worthy of them. The only one who is now, ugly, blind, is almost a waste. Such a woman, even she is disgusted, how she is worthy of their love. So, escape, leave, can't face.

"A person does not want to live, perhaps because he has been abandoned by the whole world. Such a person is indeed in love. But the person who gave up by himself is the most sad." The voice, but directly pointed to her heart.

Is the person who is abandoned by himself the most sad?

There was a corner in the heart that collapsed. In a short sentence, it seemed like a slap in the face, which made her suddenly wake up. They gave up her, it was really desperate. But now, it is only her own that denies her.

"Snow, you can't decide the real thoughts for them. Go back, they miss you, think, they are going crazy."

The delicate body trembled and swayed for a long time, and the only one who did not dare to speak: "One night, you,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

"I am just a person who wants to find you. It is okay to be trusted by others." The man wrapped in the cloak suddenly raised his head and silver hair. The beautiful face, the nostalgic eyes tightly locked the person in front of me, seems to want to engrave her in my heart.

On the same day, Ben said that she only had to spend time with her alone, but after all, she was too greedy. It’s really enough for her to spend five days here. She is finally going to go. His arms are warmer, but not what she wants. This is his fate. I accepted it with a smile and sent her away.

He never gave up on himself, but he would not want to live. Because he was the one who cares the most, gave up, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the second year of June, with the powerful gunpowder weapons and powerful military power, Qihui took up Yuyu in just three months. Since then, Chi Yu has died and the alliance between the two countries has been broken. The army that prayed back was turned into a demon army, and the coach Xiao Ran, because of his cold and **** and cruel means, the world is stunned, secretly calling him a general of Shura.

Pray, the palace.

Looking at the news from the men, Xue Yun's beautiful face appeared a satirical smile. In the past three months, the attack on the big country like Chi Yu, with gunpowder and the army, simply did not achieve such a rapid effect. After all, they still used the power of Snow, the place where they vowed never to step in, the place that gave them a nightmare of life, but now they have to. Can't wait, the battle of Chi Yu, no longer want to drag on. All the people in the Snow Palace who are hidden in Chiyu, poisoned the Chiyu moat, buried explosives, assassinated the defending city officials, and did not compromise, as long as they can achieve their goals. It seems that in the subconscious, only the other two countries are occupied quickly, and it is possible to return to them one by one. If the whole world is in their hands, can you find it faster?

Now, there is only a month left, and all the places where hatred begins, he must be destroyed by the most cruel means!

The sky has begun to darken, and the sorrow and killing of this palace has just begun. Fu Hanzhen, who is dressed in a strong position, looked at the rows of women in front of him, and suddenly had some desperate resentment. The main character of the month, when you can calm down. Watching you like this every day, but smashing in an instant, then endless madness. Cold, but also a little tired, my heart is numb. Without the days of the lady, why is this hopeless sorrow?

The low sigh, with a finger on a face that looks more similar, walked toward the moon hall. Before going in, she deliberately painted her the rouge and gouache that the lady used to do. In this way, the moon master would not recognize the difference so easily, and would not immediately kill the woman.

The moonlight is cold, and a white shadow flashes away in the palace. It seems to be just an illusion. At a strange speed, the white shadow floated on a leafy branch inside a magnificent palace, quietly lurking.

The woman’s soft and shy voice sounded with the words of a man’s deep surprise. The magnetic voice is so familiar, the figure on the trunk is slightly trembled. Through the slightly opened window, you can see a tall and beautiful man, the face of the cold and cold lotus is filled with joy and affection, holding the petite woman in her arms. Such beautiful scenes seem to be eternal, it is eternal.

Although invisible, the keen hearing heard the beautiful man, the gentle love words in his mouth. Gu, who is hiding on the trunk, only feels the pain of suffocation in his chest. All the courage is gone at this moment without a trace. Brother, actually had another woman, and said such a sweet talk to the woman. She really did, it really was abandoned,

The tears burst out, and the slender wrists seized the man's clothes behind him. On the eve, take me away and take me away!

Silently opening, the face covered with scars is full of despair. If the consequences are like this, then she only needs to make sure that they are doing well, but they are not willing to suffer such heartbreaking pain. They no longer love her, their love, gave other women, this fact will really make her collapse!

Grabbing her body with some emotions out of control, the white gentleman's gentle voice sounded low: "Snow, don't worry, you listen carefully."

listen? No, she should not listen to the lips that once kissed her, spit out love words to other women. Even, I will do the same thing for other women, so that she will be born to die! On the **** night, why should you lie to me, why do you want to torture me like this?


The woman’s horrified scream broke through the night sky, and she was scared of the only cry of the silent crying, even dull, forgetting the tears.

"Your Majesty, what are you doing? Don't, take your life!"

The chaotic fighting sounds, accompanied by the sound of breaking things, and the roar of the man's angry despair.

"You are not her! Despicable woman, you dare to pretend to be one of me! I want to kill you!"

The noisy voice continued, and finally it was calm, leaving only the low breathing of the man. Obviously, the woman has broken her interest. However, immediately, the man’s painful mourning continued to ring, and inside the house, it was like going through a melee.

"Dead, one by one, dead,,,,,,,,,"

Unthinkingly looking at his hands, the snow is red and red, "I am! I killed one by one, it is me!"

Tears flow down the cheeks, and the snow looks like a moon, and it becomes gloomy, looking at his own hands and tearing each other. All the sharp things in the palace were collected by Xue Yunge, in order to avoid snow and self-mutilation. However, he could not avoid his two hands and fiercely grasp each other. Soon, the white hands of the white had bloodstains and it looked shocking.

The only one who couldn’t stand it anymore, and ran away from the body of the night, and even forced his internal force. Her heart hurts, such a brother, let her die to die. Gu only, you are the most hateful person, how can you bear to let them suffer such suffering for you! How can you, so doubt their love!

On the eve of the day, that is, Qianya was shocked, and immediately he picked up the figure that was about to fall off the branch and flew into the room from the window. As soon as the foot touched the ground, Gu only ran towards the self-mutilated figure. And Qianya, looking at his empty palms, his face, showing a smile that is about to cry. Snow, I ended up with my own hands and sent you away.


He clinging to the body that is constantly struggling in his arms, and the only cry that is heartbreaking. The familiar voice, the familiar atmosphere, the snow in the frenzy, gradually calm down. Unbelievably stretched out the fleshy hands, gently holding the soft body in his arms, giving a dumb, doubtful question.

"One by one?"

"It's me, it's me! It's one by one!"

The palm of your hand is gradually tightening, yes, it is one by one, and his one by one is still back to him. A happy smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and the snow closed his eyes month by month and fainted. The palm of your hand, but it has been dead, holding Gu's only waist, refused to let go.

Before falling to the ground, I used my body to catch one by one, and hugged her tightly in my arms, sure, this is not a dream bubble.

"Brother, what's the matter with you?" He eagerly reached out and groped in a hurry to climb the face of the coma in the snow, until he confirmed his breath, and he was relieved. And here, the door was pushed open, and before the only reaction, I was shackled into a familiar embrace.

The raging tears, once again robbed, Gu only can not open, just buried in the other's arms, bursting out loud and crying. All the uneasiness, all the pain, all the parting and the suffering of Acacia, are uncontrollable releases at this moment. The tight force that embraces each other, can't wait to integrate into each other's bones, and can no longer be separated.

Fu Hanzhen stood at the door and looked at the pair of men and women who stood together, solemnly and indifferently, and burst into a gratifying smile. And the beautiful man who was hidden in the cloak, a bleak and relieved smile, turned and disappeared into the night.

After all, it is an unbearable pain. When she is held in the arms of other men, she is sad and heartbroken, but it is difficult to get away from suffering,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I can't walk into your world.

Deep night, gorgeous palace, above the huge dragon bed, sleeping three beautiful figures. Pity and distressed eyes, slender hands, carefully caressing the face that is full of scars, causing her a slight tremor. Slightly low self-esteem, buried his head in the arms of Xue Yunge, muffled.

"Brother, don't look, it's ugly."

Gentle but not tough to win her face, Xue Yunge directly looks at her broken face, eyes, is enough to be gentle and loving. "My one, no matter what it is, in the heart of my brother, is the most beautiful woman."

Bow down, gently kiss the horrible scars, little by little, full of tenderness and tenderness. Gu’s only body trembled under his kiss, tears, but he couldn’t help but slip off the tight eyes.

"Brother, I can't see you, I can't see you! I want to know what you are now, are you thin? Is your face smashed with scum? Or is it not so beautiful and enchanting? I am good. I want to see you, but,,,,"

I couldn't speak, but I didn't know how it looked so pitiful. It hurt the heart of Xue Yunge. One of his sufferings, how much suffering, is that they have no power to protect her, only to make her become like this.

"Brother, isn't it ugly? One by one, I am so scared. When I see this one, I will never like it again. So, I don't dare to come back. But now, one by one knows wrong." Passing over, pulling up the snow that is still coma, and the two hands that are self-injured and bruised.

"One is the most hateful person in the world! Brother, one by one is really wrong!" Sobbing sobbing, the little face has been tears.

"You stupid!"

How can they be willing to blame her, they are too late to pity her. The madness of the month is taken for granted, but now, the antidote is already around them. Everything is no longer important.

"Don't say anything, one by one, now, brother just wants to hold you like this, no longer want to let go."

She, why not? The small face with tears was buried deep in the man's arms and fell asleep. The beautiful and enchanting man in the dark night, smiling with tears, bowed his head, and gently printed a kiss on the woman's forehead.

Tomorrow, it will be a new starting point.

The wet, soft, warmth of the face moves up the cheeks and turns around impatiently, trying to avoid such itching. However, the soft thing is not to let her go, but has been going down, lingering in her neck and collarbone. hate! Stretching out a small hand and pushing it away indiscriminately, she is so sleepy, holding down the messy things. The head turned and went to sleep.

The low and pleasant laughter sounded low, the hair shattered with the hair scattered on the shoulders, and the loving eyes deeply locked the woman in front. Seeing the scarred face, the beautiful face crossed the deep pity and the pain of a flash.

"Monday, don't blame yourself."

The nightmare after that one palm has tortured him for a whole year. However, don't continue to suffer any more, one by one, have already returned to them, aren't they?

"Brother, I hate myself. If it weren't for me, how can we separate for so long! And one by one, it will not become what it is now, it is my fault!"

Painful bowed his head and stared at his hands. I have already taken the medicine, and now I am wrapped in white cloth. However, the wound, even if healed, could not heal the pain in his heart.

"Okay, the moon, everything, has passed, and we all have to rest again." What they have to do is not to immerse themselves in the pain. But from now on, firmly grasp your own happiness.

Put the tender hands that pressed the chin on his chin into his mouth, kissed it thinly, and the small body in his arms began another uneasy commotion. Sure enough, as long as you feel itchy, you will not be able to stand it! His baby, now, always figured out his eyes now, so that he really felt her existence. From then on, there is no longer a pain in the frenzy.

The morning sun shines on the three people who are tightly embracing, and the sky outside seems to be clear at this moment.


"One by one."


"One by one."


"One by one"


Nestled in the snow and in the arms of the moon, the only one who has already woken up, and the snow has started a long and unnutritive dialogue. The snow cloud songs on the side looked at them, but the eyebrows were all uncontrollable smiles.

"Okay, you two are enough!" It’s so boring, it’s been this morning. "One by one, my brother has something to go out, can you accompany me in the first month?"

"Well, come back soon!" Knowing that Xueyunge is now an emperor, there must be many political affairs to deal with, not to mention, some things, he does not say, she also understands.

In the study room, Xue Yunge looked at the film guard who left, his face, and the ice. Lan Shengling, this day, I finally waited. You are waiting, I will give you a "big gift"!


Strong strength, flying a table of the memorial, have been hit on the floor of the expressionless dark guard.

"What do I eat for you? For so long, I can't find a trace of finding one. What are you doing back?"

The handsome man who is furious and violent, wearing a crown and a bright yellow robe, looks like a Shura at the moment. Sitting angrily back to the dragon chair, Lan Shengling’s face was gloomy. How long has it been, how is it now? She is a weak woman, is there any money on her body? She can't see things, what if she encounters a robber? Can't take care of her at all, can a lonely person be desperate? She is stubborn, even if she is afraid, she will not show it. However, her hands will be very cold and her body will tremble. The more he thought about it, the more he took a sigh of relief, helpless and desperate, picking up the chest that suddenly had pain, and screamed at the dark guard in front of him.

"Don't roll it down and give people back!"

The figure of the dark guard had just gone out, and the Wang monument came in from the temple. The blue sacred Ling, who was full of murderousness, saw him, and his hatred was even worse. He gave him a hand directly. The monument that has not healed, once again slammed on the ground and spit out a blood. But still on one knee, strong support for the open channel.

"Your Majesty, the big things are not good. The prayers have already occupied Chi Yu, and I have received the news. After three days, the prayers will infringe on my land, and please take down the holy priest!"

Hey, sneer, this day, sooner or later. He has already prepared for it. This is a war where only you die and live, it is the hatred that belongs to them only. However, it is based on the people of the world as a weapon. Heaven and the mainland are the battlefields. He can’t escape and he doesn’t want to escape.

The departure and disappearance of the child has already made him lose the reason and calmness that he usually has. He was a mess in his heart, and he had no extra energy to deal with the revenge of the Xue family. The emperor's right is what he had wanted to chase in his whole life, and he has the supreme power to protect himself. At that time, he had nothing but himself, but now, a woman with no face has entered his heart. The illusory power has long been his dream. If he is not the one who has been abandoned by the whole world; if he does not have those painful experiences, he actually wants to be an ordinary and simply happy person. Mother, if you are just my mother, giving me the maternal love and warmth I want, my life will never be like this.

I am a cruel and selfish person. If I find the happiness I want, I will abandon the whole world and exchange my life for my happiness. Even if I kill the river and become a sinner who has been cast aside, it will definitely not stop!

"Prepare the army, fight!"

The final battle between Tian and the mainland will eventually be kicked off.

Pray, the palace.

The gloomy snow cloud song, watching the underground war and the doctors who filled the entire hall and the famous doctors recruited from all over the country, the eyes are concealed. Really, is there a way to do it?

"Brother, I have said that even we are all helpless. Those quacks are simply a bunch of idiots!" Come, very cruelly gave them hope, but at this time they shook their heads and prayed for their lives. It’s a bunch of garbage!

Yes, they are not able to diagnose the cause or even heal. Finding these people is just because there is still a glimmer of hope in the heart. However, it is clear that they did not bring them what they wanted.

"Pull down!"

"Have your life!"

"The grass people are really powerless, and they are spared!"

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

"Brother! Don't!"

Gu only slowly came out with Fu Hanxi's help. They are all the same. If they don't like it, they will use killing to solve it. She doesn't want this, even if she can't recover her face and vision, she doesn't care if she can be around them.

Waving to indicate that the quacks had retreated, and Xue Yunge came forward, and he would only hug him in his arms and sit on the dragon chair. The snow is also approaching the moon, and Fu Hanxi sees it and retreats with interest.

Taking advantage of Xue Yunge's neck, Gu only slowly opened his mouth: "Brother, you will not be one by one because of this one-by-one?"

"A fool, how can you think so! Anyway, one by one is my brother's favorite person."

For such a direct confession, I was slightly blushing. "If this is the case, can you be good, just look at God. I will not lie and deliberately say that I don't care. I care about it. Because of this, I don't even dare to return to you. By the side, but now, I want to open, as long as you have not given up on me, I will never give up on myself."

Yes, it’s not easy to keep it right now. The future is still very long. As long as they love each other, no difficulty will pose difficulties. They love her, she will not give up her because of a dough, and she will not dislike her because she can't see things. So, what does it matter if it does not recover?

"One by one."

Looking at her peaceful face with dignity, Xue Yunge's look is serious but with an unspeakable excitement. "After three days, the prayer will officially start to fight against the moon. The secret guards came to the news that Lan Shengling did not Death, the moment of our revenge, is finally coming. Xiao Ran is already preparing for the war. After this campaign, we can have true peace."

"Yeah, one by one, my brother and I intend to go to the battlefield personally. And you are in poor health, and we are worried that you are in danger. So, are you left to pray?" The snow then began to open, this is what they really want. the words said. No longer dare to risk letting her go out, but they are bound to fight with Lan Shengling. This time, they have to smile and watch him cry, to let him die from now on, to pay for what he has done to them!

"Good." Nodded with a smile and no more response. Buried into the arms of Xue Yunge, covering the inexplicable insult of the silk that flashed on his face. Gu only constantly reminded himself that that person is Blue Shengling, not a nephew, nor is it a nostalgia, just Blue Shengling!

The ridiculous fate, I no longer bow to you, so this nonsense arrangement can not change my determination to hate him, never!

The small hand holding the neck of Xue Yun's song slowly tightened, and the face covered with scars passed through.

Three days later, Yanyue Yanzhou, an earth-shattering loud noise cut through the sky, the world of fire and sky, is the people who are constantly fleeing and the advancement of a silver-winged iron hoof. The gunpowder's gunpowder shocked other countries, and with the rapid death of Chiyu, it also increased people's fear of praying for the army. This first battle, even if Haoyue was prepared under the arrangement of Lan Shengling, still could not withstand the tremendous power from gunpowder and the iron hoof of General Shura.

In the month of the moon, the palace hall, Wenwu Baiguan Qiqi stood in two columns, above the dragon chair, sitting on the blue-and-white sun. The entire hall was filled with a tense and oppressive atmosphere, and no one dared to speak.


The commander sneaked in and stumbled in. A squatting slammed into the ground, the trembling voice, almost close to the head of the ground, afraid to stand up.

"Qi, 陛, Yan, Yanzhou have already fallen!"

After saying this, the commander is already soft. Above the main hall, the ministers are horrified, but they are still dead silence. Time seems to solidify at this moment.

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