In August, it was the time when the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance was in the military compound. In the military compound compound, the young teenager shuttled on the road, running fast, with a big smile on his face, and his mouth still called, "Fu Hengyi, Fu Hengyi."

He ran directly to a house and patted the door. "Fu Hengyi, are you not here?"

The window on the second floor was pushed open, revealing a teenager's face, screaming at the screaming teenager downstairs. "Shen Junyi, my ears are not."

Shen Junyi looked up and looked at the boy at the window. "Fu Hengyi, I told you, hahahaha, I have a sister right away, my mother wants to give birth to my sister."

Fu Hengyi stunned and stared at Shen Junyi, Shen Junyi laughed. "Really, really, my father took my mother to the hospital early this morning. My mother told me personally that I will have a sister soon. Would you like to go see my sister with me?"

Fu Hengyi sighed at the corner of his mouth, and snorted, closing the window, hey, what's so great, you have a sister, and there is a glimpse of the good-looking eyes.

Shen Jun looked at the closed window, looked dull, and the reaction did not come. He shouted a few voices, "Fu Hengyi."

After a while, the front door opened, and the tall and straight figure appeared in the field of vision. The beautiful face was expressionless. "Is there a sister, take me to see."

Shen Junyi raised a big smile. "Good, good."

Two small figures rushed to Shen's house and just stepped into the house. Shen Junyi shouted at the house. "Parents, I am back."

Fu Hengyi followed behind, Shen Qian looked at the two children who came together, laughing and huh, "Come in, Hengyi, you are here."

"Shen Shu."

"Dad, my mother, Hengyi is looking at my sister." Shen Junyi's childish face is full of excitement, Shen Qian looked funny, "Your mother is resting upstairs."

Shen Junyi took Fu Hengyi’s hand, “Go, we go upstairs.”

Fu Hengyi had not been able to say anything with Shen Qian and was taken away.

"Mom, how long does it take for my sister to come out?" Shen Junyi and Fu Hengyi both stood in front of Chu Yunrong and stared at her belly.

Chu Yunrong touched his stomach and smiled softly. "It’s still early, and in June next year, my sister will come out."

Shen Jun’s face is awkward, “Ah, it’s going to be so long.” The young boy’s face was full of disappointment, and he sighed deeply. Then he took Fu Hengyi and left. “It takes so long to see my sister, then we still have to play first. Let's go."

The two young lang quickly forgot about it and played happily in the yard.

Only after that day, Fu Hengyi often went to Shenjia, and every time he saw Chu Yunrong, he would say hello to her stomach.

Winter is coming to spring, Chu Yunrong has been pregnant for five months, and her belly is completely bulging. It looks like she is carrying a big balloon. Fu Hengyi came back from school and came to Shen family with Shen Junyi.

He looked at Chu Yunrong's big belly and looked curious. "Rong Rong, did my sister grow up today?"

Chu Yunrong has a gentle face. "Yeah, do you want to touch your sister?"

Fu Hengyi looked eager, "Can you?"

"Of course." Chu Yunrong said with affection.

Fu Hengyi carefully placed his hand on the belly of Chu Yunrong, his brow wrinkled slightly. Suddenly, he screamed and looked shocked. Chu Yunrong was slightly stunned. "What happened?"

"She... She moved, Rong Hao, my sister just kicked me." He looked at his hand and said with a sigh of relief, Chu Yunrong heard the words and smiled. "It seems that my sister likes you very much. I have never had this treatment, and I am not willing to move every time. Today, when you come to your sister, you will move."

Shen Jun, who just came out of the kitchen, heard a word, "Are the sister moving?" He flew over and put his hand on Chu Yunrong's stomach. For a long time, frowning. "How can she not move?" Said, but also whispered a sigh, "Sister, I am a brother, is a brother, say hello to my brother?"

Chu Yunrong’s stomach still remained, Shen Junyi was disappointed, and looked at Fu Hengyi with a look. “Why didn’t my sister say hello to me, but to you?”

"Because your sister likes me more." Fu Fu Hengyi's mouth is slightly upturned, a small smug look.

Shen Junyi stared at Chu Yunrong's stomach resentfully, oh, obviously my sister, why don't you like me? Hey, I knew that I wouldn’t tell Fu Hengyi that I have a sister.

On the morning of June 1st, Chu Yunrong and Shen Qian were planning to take Shen Junyi and Fu Hengyi to go out for a ride. By the way, they took them out for dinner. As a result, the car opened halfway, and Chu Yunrong’s face suddenly changed. The angle of the people around me, "A Qian, I am afraid I will be born."

In a word, the faces of the three people in the car all changed. Shen Qiang said to Shen Junyi and Fu Hengyi, "Jun Yi, Heng Yi, you are seated."

The two teenagers grabbed the handrails and the car smashed out like a string of arrows and rushed to the nearest hospital.


"Dad, how is the sister so ugly, red, crumpled." Shen Junyi looked at the child in the cradle with a look of disappointment. The voice just fell, and the back of the head slammed. "You didn't have a good look when you were a child. The children born are like this, and it will be better to wait a while."

Fu Hengyi stood by Shen Junyi and looked at the little girl who was sleeping with her eyes closed. She looked curious. Was this sister?

After the birth of Shen Qingyi, Fu Hengyi had one more thing every day, that is to buy fun for her sister, even though the little girl now sleeps except eating, even people do not recognize it.

"Fu Hengyi, sometimes I think you are more like a brother than me." Shen Junyi was at the bedside of her sister, staring at Fu Hengyi holding a wave to drum up her sister. Shen Qingxuan has been six months old, and he is white and tender, and it is very pleasant.

The little girl stared at a pair of big eyes, and her head moved with the wave drum in Fu Hengyi's hand. The corner of her mouth was squatting, her little fat hand was stretched, her mouth was filled with saliva, and Fu Hengyi gently wiped it with her thumb. "I was originally better than You are big, I am a brother."

As soon as the little girl grasped the finger on her mouth, she giggled, her big eyes bent into a crescent, and Shen Junyi reached out and poked a poke on her sister's face, slamming her hand on her back.

"Hey, Hengyi, you beat me."

Fu Hengyi snorted and raised his hand to touch the little girl's face. It was just the place where Shen Junyi had poked. Shen Jun licked his mouth and snorted.

Shen Qing learned to speak, the first word to open was his brother. At that time, Fu Hengyi was sitting next to her, listening to this ambiguous "brother", suddenly red eyes, holding the little girl in her arms, a gentle The kiss fell on the girl's face, with piety and touch.

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