"Fu brother, you wait for me." The tender child voice sounded behind him, Fu Hengyi's footsteps, turned and saw a fat little figure like a cannonball rushed over, Fu Hengyi subconsciously kneel down, Zhang With his arm open, the small figure rushed directly into his arms. Fu Hengyi hugged the situation and smiled. "What are you doing so urgently?"

Xiao Qing whispered, "Who made you go so fast."

"I want to go home to do my homework, you have to go home and sleep."

"Then I am going home with you, okay?" The five-year-old Xiao Qing’s eyes widened, his eyes were like two black grapes, and he turned and squinted.

Fu Hengyi helpless, "Hey, go home first, my brother will go to see you play tomorrow."

Xiao Qingyi hugged Fu Hengyi's neck and did not let go. "I don't want to, you will run. Mom said that you will go far and far. If I get up tomorrow morning, you have already disappeared."

Fu Hengyi, who had already been fifteen years old, had already gone abroad to study. This time he came back to the Spring Festival, and he will leave in a few days. Hearing the laughter and clear words, he held the little girl's hand tightly and comforted. "My brother won't leave, my brother promises that you will get up tomorrow morning and see me."

Xiaoqing’s eyes are bright, “Really?”

"Really, I promise, if you can't see me tomorrow morning, I am a pig, okay?" Fu Hengyi didn't know how to marry a little girl, and she only said this sentence.

Shen Junyi chased her sister, and only then came, just heard that her sister could not bear Fu Hengyi’s words, and could not help but taste. “Oh, obey, go back with my brother, tomorrow, your brother will wait for you at home, or you will wake me up tomorrow. Just take you to find Fu brother, can't you?"

When Shen Junxi said this, the heart was called a grievance. It was obviously his sister, but he remembered Fu Hengyi every day. Every time Fu Hengyi came back, he was also relative to him, and he said that the girl was extroverted. It is a bit good.

Xiao Qingyi leaned on Fu Hengyi's arms, his little face wrinkled into a buns, and looked at Shen Junyi, and looked at Fu Hengyi. Hesitated for a long time, and he said it was difficult. "Well, my brother, you will take me tomorrow morning." Look at Fu brother."

"Know, can you go back with your brother now?"

Xiaoqing nodded and pulled out from Fu Hengyi's arms, holding Shen Junyi's hand, and still not forgetting to say goodbye to Fu Hengyi.

Early the next morning, Fu Hengyi had not got up yet, and he had an extra weight. When he opened his eyes, he saw that a little girl had climbed into his bed. The little girl was wearing a down jacket, and she wore a scarf and a hat. Like a bear, clumsy, looking at the embarrassing situation.

Fu Hengyi laughed, pulled the little girl and let her sit next to her. "How come so early?"

"I didn't sleep late today." The little girl was whispering, screaming like a puffer fish.

"Did you eat breakfast?"

"Eat, my mother gave me eggs and milk. I don't like milk."

The little girl reached for her hand and pulled the scarf. The room was heated and a little hot. Fu Hengyi took her hand and wrapped her scarf around her. "I don't like to drink milk and it will grow up, it will become ugly."

The little girl frowned. "Really?"

"Really." Someone said something wrong.

The little girl’s shoulders shrugged in an instant. “Well, I will drink milk every day.”

Fu Hengyi reached out and touched the little girl's head, put on her clothes, and took her down the stairs.

Fu Hengyi was having breakfast, Xiaoqing was sitting beside him, talking to him, and talking about it, there was always something to say. See Fu Hengyi eating bread, looking forward with a eager look, "Fu brother, delicious?"

Fu Hengyi tore a small piece and handed it to her mouth. "You will know when you taste it."

"Then I will try it."

Chewed two, frowned, "Fu brother, not sweet."

Fu Hengyi laughed. He ate salty bread, of course not sweet. Pick up the milk on the table and put it in front of the little girl. "Then drink milk."

The little girl shook her head, she didn't want to drink, Fu Hengyi took the milk and shouted, "Hey, just take a sip. After you finish drinking, I will buy you candy."

The little girl suddenly smiled, hugged the cup and drank a small cup. "Fu brother, my toffee?"

"When I finish eating, I will take you to buy it."

She sat there with her eyes waiting for Fu Hengyi to finish her breakfast.


On the day when Fu Hengyi left, he did not tell Shen Qingyi. He was afraid that the little girl would cry, so she sneaked away.

Xiaoqing took up and went to Fu's family to find her Fu brother. After searching for a long time, she didn't find it. She cried quickly. Shen Junyi had to tell her that she had already left. The little girl suddenly burst into tears and cried out. The gas, the whole family is useless.

On that day, Shen Qingyu cried until the last scorpion was dumb, his eyes were red with a little white rabbit, and did not let her Fu brother come back.

At that time, Fu Hengyi would not have thought that this is not more than ten years.

When Shen Qingyi was lost, he was at the airport. The little girl had a birthday. He prepared a gift for her and prepared to give it to her personally. She gave her a surprise, but when she arrived at the Beijing airport, she heard the little girl lost. The news, he went crazy on the street, no day and night, but the little girl came back.

One day, two days, one month, two months... Fu Hengyi didn't know how long Shen had been looking for, how long he had been looking for himself, but the little girl who smiled at him and intimately called him "Fu brother" never come back. Gradually, even he himself slowly forgot her appearance, but when he remembered it occasionally, he would imagine what kind of appearance she would look like, and if it was met again, would she still recognize it.

Later, Fu Hengyi went to the army, and the busy life of the troops made him think of the past innocently, and naturally he rarely remembered the little sister next door.

He knew that she was back. He also looked for a chance to come back to see her, but he never found it. He didn't even think that the encounter with her would be like that.

"Fu Hengyi, sugar seems to be hungry, you go and see." In the kitchen, the female voice of Qingyue came.

Sitting in the living room, Fu Hengyi pulled out from the memory and glanced in the direction of the kitchen. The little girl who was not as tall as his waist had grown up and became a slim girl, and became his wife, the mother of his child.

The years have owed her, but fortunately God has never been too cruel to her, let them meet again, and let him have the opportunity to stand by her side.

Fu Hengyi got up and walked toward the kitchen. He hugged Shen Qing’s waist from behind and slightly sideways, and dropped a soft kiss on her face. "Wife, I love you."

Thank God for giving me another chance to spend the rest of my life with you.

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