"You are still young, don't worry about it at a time." Shen Shengzi heard the meaning of Chu Yunrong's words and comforted him.

Shen Junze nodded with a smile, and he was not anxious from beginning to end, but this was the intention of the elders. He accepted, "The big aunt, I will go back first."

Chu Yunrong should have a good voice, "Go back to the road to drive to pay attention to safety, come home and have a call."

When Shen Junze returned home, he first gave Chu Yunrong a phone call for peace, and then went to bed and went to sleep. He did not put the matter of today’s blind date at heart. In his opinion, since the other party did not look at him, it is the best. In the end, this thing was forgotten by him.

Seeing Wang Ning again after a month, it is coincidental that Shen Junze was accepting a second blind date and bumped into Wang Ning who came to the restaurant with friends.

Shen Junze looked at the girl in front of her eyes. She was very young. She was a primary school teacher. She was very clear and white, and she was very quiet. There were very few words. Shen Junze said ten sentences. She probably can talk with two or three sentences.

Shen Junze thinks that he is a talkative person, but he can't talk about it in half, and he can only eat food. It is at this time that there is a broken dish in the restaurant, and then a woman. The sharp voice, "You are a long-haired person, don't you see someone coming over, look at my new dress, what have you been made of?" The woman's new dress was poured out, no More, it's a piece of skirt, but because the skirt is light, it looks very obvious.

Wang Ning licked her lips. She just slipped her hand and accidentally knocked down the drink cup on the table. The cup fell to the ground and smashed. Just as the woman came over, the drink splashed on the skirt.

"I'm sorry." Wang Ning apologized. It was awkward to talk to this woman, but it was indeed that she accidentally spilled the drink on her skirt. "How much is your skirt, I will pay you."

The woman snorted. "You pay, can you afford it? This dress was bought by me for 30,000 yuan. I wear it for the first time today. Now I am made this way. How can I wear it?"

Wang Ning glanced at it. It was a limited edition of a certain brand. Her friend bought it. It is really difficult to buy. "Then give me the skirt, I will send it to dry cleaning, and then send it to you. I will bear all the expenses. "Since it is difficult to buy, it can only be sent to dry cleaning.

"What you said is easy. This is my new dress. I just got dirty when you wear it. Can dry cleaning be clean?" The woman was unwilling.

"What do you want?" Wang Ning asked her, this is not the case, and it is not willing.

"Losing money, this is a skirt that I bought very hard. I can't buy it anymore. It's hard to buy a good heart. If you break my heart, how can I pay for it?"

Wang Ning frowned, his eyes were full of dissatisfaction, but he did not say much, just said, "Okay, I will pay you five thousand." Five thousand pieces sent to dry cleaning, this is enough.

The woman is very dissatisfied. "I bought this dress for 30,000 yuan. If the dry cleaning is not clean, then my skirt will be scrapped, and 30,000 pieces will be washed."

Is this being smashed? Wang Ning thought of it lightly.

"This time you have to pay me 50,000, 30,000 is a skirt, and 20,000 is my spiritual loss." The woman is unyielding, her eyes are shining, she is watching Wang Ning talking, thinking about sitting Starting price.

The king was angry, and this was simply blackmail. Just wanted to speak, he heard a voice.

"I will give you 50,000. You will take this skirt off to me." The strange and slightly familiar male voice rang in the distance. Wang Ning turned his head and saw Shen Junze, who is him!

Shen Junze walked over to Wang Ning and looked at the woman quietly. "I will give you 50,000. You will give me the skirt now." He repeated the words again.

A woman, "Who are you?"

"I am a friend of this lady. I saw what happened to you just now. Although my friend accidentally soiled your skirt, she also apologized for the first time and took out the solution. Sincere attitude, it is you, the lion is open, how do you think she is bullied and wants to swear?"

The mind was punctured, and the woman's face was tight and cold, "Is it careless to say carelessly? I also said that she was deliberate. Who knows if she is guilty of my limited edition, so I want to ruin my Skirt." This is what Hu is so confusing.

Shen Junze looked cool and looked at the woman. "Don't you want compensation? I agree, I will pay 50,000 and buy your skirt."

"Well, give me the money first, or how do I know if you are telling whether it is true or not." The woman looked at him unbelievably.

Shen Junze immediately took out a checkbook from his jacket pocket, and a pen, a big stroke, and tore off a check. "This is 50,000."

The woman has already seen the amount above, her eyes are slightly bright, she wants to reach out, but she sees Shen Junze’s hand, and the woman’s face changes slightly. “I want to go back?”

"I don't regret it, but you didn't seem to understand what I said. I am talking about buying a skirt from you."

The woman waved her hand. "I heard it. When I got home, I changed the skirt. You gave me the address. I sent it."

Shen Junze smiled. "I like to hand over the money and deliver it. Who knows if you will run with my money."

The woman is black-faced. "My identity still needs to greedy you for tens of thousands of dollars?"

"Who knows, the heart is separated from the belly, or I have two thousand pieces. You send the skirt to dry cleaning. Or, I will give you 50,000. You will take off the skirt and give it to me now."

The woman's face was gloomy and she looked at Shen Junze with certainty. She could see it. The man did not compensate her at all. In public, she couldn't do anything like this, but two thousand...

She looked down at the skirt. In fact, such a big place, sent to dry cleaning, should not use two thousand pieces? But think about the bad things I encountered today, my heart is still unwilling, pointing to Wang Ning, "She just said that I gave him five thousand."

Shen Junze snorted. "That is what my friend gave you. This is what you know in the price of dry cleaning. Even if you are two thousand, you will earn money. As the saying goes, greedy is not enough for snakes to swallow, too greedy is not good." This is bright. Warning.

The woman wanted to refute, but after stern eyes on Shen Junze, after swallowing his mouth, he snorted and reached out, "Two thousand, bring it."

Shen Junze took two thousand from the wallet and handed it to the woman. The woman took it and left without hesitation.

Shen Junze was planning to leave. Wang Ning handed him two thousand pieces. "I really thank you today. This is what I should have paid for. I can't let you pay for me."

Shen Junze looked down at her and didn't refuse. He took the money. "Miss Wang didn't have to worry about it, just happened to meet."

He would not say that he saw that Wang Ning was not good at dealing with such occasions before exporting.

Wang Ning wanted to invite Shen Junze to eat, but when he saw him walking towards a woman, it seemed to be known, so he gave up, and he wanted to thank him for always having a chance.

"Have you eaten?" Shen Junze asked back to the position.

The blind date object nodded and stood up. "Go."

When the two left the restaurant, Shen Junze sent the person to the place to drive away. He did not take the matter of meeting Wang Ning in the restaurant today. Of course, because of his behavior today, the woman felt that Shen Junze did not agree with the blind date. On the heart, so of course, this second blind date has failed.

Just when Shen Junze completely forgot the restaurant incident, he suddenly received a call from Wang Ning. The other party invited him to lunch. He said that he was thanking him for his help. Shen Junze raised his eyebrows slightly and did not reject her invitation.

In the restaurant, Wang Ning has already arrived one step at a time.

"Miss Wang, I am sorry, I am late."

Wang Ning smiled slightly. "I arrived early, and Mr. Shen's time concept is very strong." There are still fifteen minutes from the time they agreed. Shen Junze is indeed not late.

Shen Junze smiled and handed the menu to Wang Ning. "You come."

Wang Ning replied, "Today I am asking you to eat, naturally it is."

Shen Junze hesitated and said, "Well, what do you have to avoid?"

Wang Ning shook his head. "I can do whatever I eat. You can just pick it up."

Shen Junze ordered a few dishes, and the average person would eat it. Wang Ning saw this and did not say anything.

"The last time the restaurant had wanted to say thank you to Mr. Shen, but I went abroad for a performance some time ago, and I came back yesterday." This is also the reason why she asked for dinner after so long.

Shen Junze did not put it in his heart. "Just raise his hand, Miss Wang does not have to worry about it, change to other friends, I will do the same."

Wang Ning's eyes flashed slightly. He saw him for the first time. He felt that this person lacked patience and no gentleman's demeanor. Now it seems that he may have misunderstood. Maybe he was really in a hurry that day.

"In short, I still want to thank you. If you didn't have you that day, I would have been stunned by that woman." She is obsessed with music, and these things are really not good at it.

A meal was spent in Wang Ning's thanks. When he left, Wang Ning gave Shen Junze several tickets for the concert. "This is my performance in Beijing. If Mr. Shen is interested, I might as well bring my family and friends. Listen."

Shen Junze did not refuse. When they were eating, they didn’t talk much, but it was not too small. This Miss Wang Ning’s speech was much more interesting than the primary school teacher she saw last time. He thought that playing music was all elegant. People who have refined themselves and ignored ordinary things have been able to see one or two from the last restaurant incident, but they did not expect serious contact, but it is not entirely true.

"Thank you, I will definitely go." Shen Junze said with a smile. "Where are you going, I will send you."

Wang Ning refused. "No, I drove today, goodbye."

Shen Junze has been going back to the company until he has gone far, looking at the tickets for the three concerts in his hand, thinking about who to send two of them.

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