The tickets for the two extra concerts in Shen Junze’s hands finally fell in the hands of Shen Qingyi. Fu Hengyi did not come back in the army. Shen Qing’s sorrow and Chu Yunrong went together. At this time, Shen Qingyi did not know Shen Junze’s hands. There is also a ticket for the concert, so when she saw Shen Junze at the scene, she was surprised. With {梦}小◢.1a

"Hey, Junze, you are also, I know this, we will come with you." Chu Yunrong first saw Shen Junze, she knew that the tickets for the concert were given by Shen Junze.

"Mr. Shen, have you already come?" Wang Ning’s voice sounded at the same time. The three looked at her, she was wearing a white evening gown, which was the dress she was waiting for.

"Chu Ayi is good." Wang Ning and Chu Yunrong had a side relationship. I still remember her, but it was Chu Yunrong. She didn't have any impression of the girl in front of her. She knew her, but she didn't know each other. Oh.

"Miss Wang Ning." Shen Junze saw the shackles of Chu Yunrong and called the name of Wang Ning. When Chu Yunrong heard the name, he immediately remembered it. There was some doubt in his eyes. It was not that Wang Ning could not see Shen Junze. ? Can it be said that Shen Junze is pursuing others?

When I think about it, Chu Yunrong is happy, and this child is also. If you pursue someone, you will tell me, I must help you.

"It turned out to be condensed. I can always listen to your mother and tell you that you are very good. I saw it today, it is beautiful, and people are smart." Chu Yunrong took Wang Ning's hand, it was called a passion. .

In the face of sudden enthusiasm, Wang Ning has an inexplicable heart, but her face has a decent smile. Although she specializes in violin, she has heard a few songs from Chu Yunrong's piano performance. She is a very good musician, so she is a very good musician. Also follow Chu Yunrong's words, the two are engaged in music, naturally no shortage of topics, so Shen Junze and Shen Qingyi behind him, listening to the two exchange music.

"This girl is good." Shen Qingyi said softly to Shen Junze.

Shen Junze is awkward, "Sister, not what you think, the last time I had dinner with a friend, I met her at the restaurant, helped her out, and thanked me and sent me tickets for several concerts," he explained.

Shen Qingyi looked at it, "Where do I think?" She said nothing, and he was anxious to explain that she did not think much about Shen Qing, but now... She took a look at Shen Junze, and her eyes were thoughtful.

"Sister, it's really not what you think, I can't even count with her friends." Shen Junze lowered his voice, for fear of being heard by the two people in front.

Shen Qingyi sighed, "Not a friend is better, straight into the knife."

Shen Junze: does he have a feeling of being more and more black?

Wang Ning took them to the place and left. The concert started right away. She needed to go to the background to make the final preparation. Chu Yunrong patted Shen Junze's hand. "This child is really good. People can't see you is normal. But don't be discouraged, seeing what is not a thing, she hasn't got to know you in depth, you can try to get in touch with others, and let people have a chance to get to know you, maybe people will see you."

Shen Junze: ... Is this a comfort? Why is he not feeling comforted at all?

Regardless of Shen Junze's thoughts, Chu Yunrong is very satisfied with Wang Ning, who is beautiful, talented, and conserved. It is really appropriate for such a girl to be their daughter-in-law. The heart is secretly calculating how to help Shen Junze to win people.

So after the concert, Chu Yunrong invited Wang Ning to Shen Jia to be a guest. Wang Ning couldn't quit, and naturally came. When she saw Shen Junze in Shen, she was not surprised at all. She is a clever one, naturally seeing Chu Yunrong's mind.

After the meal, Shen Junze sent Wang Ning home, and sent people to the community downstairs. "If my aunt's words make you feel troubled, you should not put it in your heart, she is not malicious."

Today at the dinner table, Chu Yunrong was secretly screaming at Junze, and he boasted him into a flower. Wang Ning did not know how to do it. It was really uncomfortable at the time. It’s just that Shen Junze’s solemn mention, and the meaning of Chu Yunrong’s explanation, has made the embarrassment of Wang Ning’s heart disappear.

"I understand that when a man is married, I am married. When we are old, my parents want us to be married and I understand. My parents are like this, but your aunt is very good to you."

Shen Junze’s eyes are warm, “Well, my aunt’s family is very good to me.”

"Thank you for sending me back today. I will invite you to dinner the next day. This time, you can't rush to check out with me." Last time she asked Shen Junze to eat, and finally Shen Junze paid the money.

Looking at the woman with a smile on her face, Shen Junze unconsciously evokes the corner of her lips, and a "good" word overflows from her mouth.

"Then I will go first, goodbye." Wang Ning got off the bus and went home. Shen Junze saw her enter the community before driving away.

Less than three days later, Wang Ning fulfilled his promise to invite Shen Junze to eat. When Shen Junze came out, his face was not good-looking, but because it was not obvious, Wang Ning did not care.

When I arrived at the restaurant, this time it was Wang Ning's order. Shen Junze put one hand under the table. In fact, it was pressed on the abdomen. Today, he was sick of stomach disease. He didn't want to come out, but he promised people, and the cool appointment was not good. Strong support, but now, the stomach seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable.

Wang Ning ordered the dishes and returned the tablet to the waiter. When he turned around, he saw Shen Junze frowning, so he cared, "Mr. Shen, what happened to you?"

Shen Junze smiled and shook his head. "It's okay, it's a bit uncomfortable for a hungry stomach. It's too hasty in the morning, forgetting to have breakfast."

Wen Yan, Wang Ning did not care, she often did such a thing.

Only came up, obviously a delicious food, but Shen Junze has no appetite, but just said that he is hungry, now if you do not eat, it is too much to give face, so strong support for a few mouthfuls of food to eat, just suddenly Shen Junze’s face changed, and he vomited a **** blood. When he was black, he fell.

Wang Ning stayed in the same place, and it took a few seconds to react. He rushed to the front and lifted the person up, not forgetting to dial 20.

When Shen Junze woke up in the hospital, he saw Wang Ning, who was lying on the side of the bed, and he moved. Wang Ning immediately woke up. When he saw that he had woke up, he suddenly smiled. "You finally Woke up, I was really scared to death." This person ate half of the meal and suddenly vomited blood, can not be scary?

"The doctor said that you are a stomach perforation. You estimate that you have to live in the hospital for a while. I wanted to call you to inform your family, but I don't know the password of your mobile phone and can't contact them." Wang Ning explained why he would A person is in the hospital.

"You will give me your family's phone number, I will call them now." Wang Ning said.

Shen Junze fixedly looked at her, looked at the real worry on her face, her eyes flashed slightly, and reported a string of numbers, which is the number of Shen Qingyi.

After calling Shen Qingyi, Wang Ning looked at Shen Junze. "The doctor said that your stomach has been going on for a long time. Have you not seen a doctor?"

"Look, the doctor also prescribed medicine, but he often forgets to eat when he is busy." Shen Junze said, the voice is weak.

Wang Ning frowned slightly. "How can your family not remind you to take medicine? The stomach disease can be big or small, just like you are very dangerous this time. You can protect your stomach in the future. You are still young. Can't ruin your body so much."

When he heard Wang Ning mention his family, Shen Junze’s eyes were dim. His parents, apart from Shen’s family, were his mother. He did not go back often. His mother had not traveled for many years. Does he still have family? ..

Wang Ningzheng said, seeing the other party did not respond, looked at him, and happened to see the smattering of his eyes, the heart of the meal, it seems that he should have just touched him. Thinking about it, I can't help but guess, is it a family?

Shen Qingyi came very quickly. After confirming Shen Junze's condition, she expressed her gratitude to Wang Ning. Today, if she sent the person to the hospital, Shen Junze would be in danger.

Wang Ning is embarrassed. "In fact, it is not good for me. If I know that he is not feeling well today, I will not ask him to eat."

Shen Qingxiao smiled. "No matter what, I still want to thank Miss Wang."

"Since he is fine, you are coming, then I will go first, yes, why didn't his parents come to see him?" Wang Ning saw that only Shen Qingyi came alone, instinctively asked.

"His father died a few years ago." Shen Qingyi explained one sentence, but did not mention his mother, Wang Ning heard a strange, but did not ask, left.

On the second and third days, Wang Ning will come to see Shen Junze every day, accompanying him to talk, Chu Yunrong has seen it once, seeing the two people talking and laughing in the ward, obviously have gone to the ward door. And back again, his face is happy, if Shen Junze and Wang Ning can become, she is happy.

Because Wang Ning came to heaven, Shen Junze and Wang Ning were familiar with a lot. Shen Junze looked at Wang Ning for his busy schedule, saying that there was no feeling in his heart that it was fake. It’s just that he didn’t forget that Wang Ning didn’t look at himself. Now he cares about him so much. It’s also because she fainted when she was eating with her, so she’s like this. It’s totally in the interest of a friend.

I don't know why, as long as I think that Wang Ning may only have friends with him, my heart is inexplicably uncomfortable.

Shen Junze was hospitalized this time. Lu Yaqin did not know. Ten days later, Shen Junze was discharged from the hospital. On the day of discharge, Wang Ning personally picked him up.

"Now I see you jumping around, I am relieved. You really scared me that day. People who didn't know thought that I was poisoned to you." Wang Ning was joking and relaxed.

Shen Junze turned his head slightly and looked at the woman who was walking beside him. His face was relaxed and his mouth was slightly stunned. Will she not see her from tomorrow?

When I think of it, my heart is lost.

Sending Shen Junze home, Wang Ning is going to leave. "You have a good rest at home. Don't be so desperate in the future. It's important to work, but it's good health. You are physically paralyzed. It's useless to make more money. Do you know? ?"

Wang Ningwei Shen Junze. Shen Junze nodded.

"That line, I will go first." Wang Ning was ready to leave, Shen Junze suddenly pulled her arm, Wang Jing looked at him inexplicably, "What?"

Shen Junze licked his lips. "Leave a meal at noon, I will do it."

"No, I have to go back to the orchestra in the afternoon, wait until the next day." Knowing that this person has just left the hospital, he needs to rest. Wang Ning naturally does not want him to toss again. It is only this saying that Shen Junze is somewhat uncomfortable. When he is discharged, she will Don't even want to eat a meal? Thinking of his own thoughts, Shen Junze’s mouth was full of bitterness, and the hand pulling Wang’s arm was unconsciously loose.

Just when Wang Ning opened the door, Shen Junze once again called her, "Wang Ning."

Wang Ning stepped up and looked at him. "What's wrong?" Eyes care.

Shen Junze looked at her fixedly, and her lips did not speak.

Wang Ning came back. "Are you not feeling uncomfortable?"

Shen Junze shook his head, as if he had made up his mind and calmed down. "Wang Ning, what do you think of me?"

Wang Ningyi said, subconsciously said, "You are very good, why do you suddenly ask?"

"If it is your boyfriend, am I qualified?"

Wang Ning was completely in the same place. Shen Junze was helpless. He explained, "I mean, we have to try to communicate, I like you very much." The voice is getting lower and lower, and the tip of the ear is getting redder.

Wang Ning noticed his ear tip, and the face that was quietly red. His eyes were full of smiles. This person is really innocent, and he would be shy when he expressed his confession.

When she thought of it, she smiled. When Shen Junze thought she was going to reject him, she heard Wang Ning say, "Well, I just don't hate you, then let's try it."

Shen Junze suddenly looked up and looked at her in shock. "You..."

Wang Ning raised his eyebrows and laughed. "What are you, are you saying that you just joked with me?"

Shen Junze shook his head madly. "Of course not. I am serious. I didn't expect you to promise." After all, Wang Ning is so good. In his opinion, he should not look at him.

Wang Ning smiled. "It’s just serious. From this moment, you are my boyfriend, but my boyfriend, I really have something to go now. Can you pick me up at work in the evening?"

Shen Junze nodded and wanted to go out and send her, but was stopped by Wang Ning. "You don't need to send it, you should take a good rest first, and pick me up after work." He said that he left, but halfway through, she suddenly ran back. Reaching out and holding Shen Junze, "I am leaving, see you at night."

Shen Junze stood in the same place and smiled like a dice.

Chu Yunrong knew about Shen Junze and Wang Ning together. After all, Wang Ning did not take care of her mother, and her mother knew that Chu Yunrong would know.

Chu Yunrong knows that he is very happy. Shen’s father is naturally satisfied. To say that he is dissatisfied is Lu Yaqin. After all, she has been to the son to be engaged with someone before she knows that her son has objects, and even has been in contact for two years. It is.

It was only then that no one cares about her thoughts. Shen Junze told Lu Yaqin that it was a notice, not an opinion.

In May of the same year, Shen Junze and Wang Ning were married. In February of the following year, Wang Ning gave birth to a son for Shen Junze.

Shen Junze looked at the weak wife on the bed, gently raised her hand and wiped the sweat of her forehead due to production. The light was gentle, "Coag, thank you for appearing in my life, giving me a warm and complete Family."

Wang Ning looked at Shen Junze, smiled slightly, holding his hand and interlocking with him.

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