In the coffee shop, Shen Junze sat in the window and looked at the watch on his hand. It was already twelve o'clock. It was half an hour before the agreed time, but the other party had not come yet. He frowned slightly and just thought. I took out my mobile phone and called, and I saw the white rose on the table. I thought about it and took my hand out of my pocket. If I counted it, wait another half hour. If the other party doesn’t come again, he will not go. late.

He is coming out today, and the person is introduced by Chu Yunrong. This is the fourth object that Chu Yunrong introduced to him. The first few people have let him refuse for various reasons. This one is not Shen Qingyu. Opening, he still does not intend to see.

He is very busy now. There are a lot of things in the company. Plus, he is really not worried about his life. He Chu Yunrong is very upset. He introduces him to him in three days, and Grandpa often intends to introduce him. Unintentionally speaking.

Among the three children of Shen’s family, there is really only one of them left alone. He can understand the mood of Chu Yunrong and Grandpa. This is why he promised to meet each other. I just didn't expect the other party to be late, let him wait for half an hour.

If it is put in the ordinary, even if Shen Junze is not happy, there will be no opinions. After all, some people like to use this method to test people's minds, but this afternoon he also has a very important video conference, which is related to the company's development in the next three years. He can't be there. For more than half an hour, if the other party doesn't come within half an hour, he will really go.

Shen Junze thought faintly.

Time passed by, and it took half an hour to go in ten minutes. He took a sip of coffee from the table and gradually lost patience.

Just when he hesitated to go a few minutes in advance, the other party appeared, breathe a little breath, "You are Shen Junze? Sorry, my car broke down halfway, I was rushing to catch up, I am very sorry. Let you wait for me for so long."

When Wang Ning met, he said that he apologized and he was sincere.

Shen Junze’s line of sight turned around on the other’s face and reached out. “Hello, I am Shen Junze.”

"I am Wang Ning, I am really sorry. I didn't mean to be late. My car broke down and I couldn't get a car. I just came over."

Shen Junze smiled slightly. "It doesn't matter, but Miss Wang, I have a very important thing in the afternoon. I can't talk to you for a long time. We probably have about half an hour. I hope you don't mind." He believes that the other person is saying Really, the other side's forehead is full of sweat, obviously running over.

Wang Ning only thought that this was the other party's dissatisfaction with his lateness. Although he was somewhat disappointed with the man's stinginess, he did not say anything. He sat down opposite Shen Junze. "Today's business is not good for me."

That being said, today's event is indeed an accident. She didn't want to be late, and she didn't want to use this method to test people's hearts. However, Shen Junze has clearly indicated that he is not difficult. It is too much to worry about. This is Wang Ning’s first impression of Shen Junze.

They were not very satisfied with the first impression of the other party. They left in the coffee shop for less than 20 minutes. Shen Junze stood in front of the car and said to Wang Ning, "Miss Wang, you have to wait. Where can I send you."

Wang Ning's face is polite and smiling. "No, you don't have to have important things to do. I won't delay you. It's convenient to get here. It's easy to hit the car. I just take a taxi."

Shen Junze saw the other party refused, and did not reluctantly, nodded at the other side, and drove away. Wang Ning looked at the far-away car, smiled indifferently, and waved a car, but her posture at this time was a bit strange.

Because the car broke down halfway, she couldn't get the car. In order not to be late, she had to run over. Who knows that she didn't pay attention to the steps and twisted her feet. Fortunately, it was not serious, and she could still meet Shen Junze without changing her face.

Just forbearing now, the pain from the ankle made her very uncomfortable, so after hitting the car, she went directly to the hospital.

"Condensed, what happened to your feet?" Wang Ning came home and saw her mother frowning at her.

Wang Ning smiled. "Nothing. When I came back, I accidentally got it. I have already seen a doctor. The doctor said that there is no major event, don't worry."

Wang mother took her daughter to sit down on the sofa. "You talk about you, you are so careless to walk, yes, you are not going to see the young man of Shen family today? Have you seen it?"

"See you see it."

Wang Ma heard the words, look at her, "How is the person?" She has never seen Shen Junze, but the person is introduced by Chu Yunrong. She and Chu Yunrong are colleagues of an orchestra. They have worked together for many years and the people who introduced her are still very Don't worry, or you won't let your daughter see each other.

Wang Ning looked faint. "Looking is good, but I don't think we are suitable."

"How do you say? You didn't look at people?"

"Mom, you are not accurate enough. It should be said that we did not look at each other."

Wang mother regrets, "It is impossible. When I heard Yunrong talking about it, I thought this young man is very reliable." Here, she thinks of something and asks her daughter, "I have a sprained foot, and people have not sent you back?" ”

"I came back by taxi. I have something to send, and people don't even know that I am sprained." Wang Ning is not a person who will say right and wrong behind the scenes. Even if he is dissatisfied with Shen Junze, he will not tell his mother. It’s a stranger who won’t meet in the future. What is worth talking about.

The mother did not agree. "The words are not like this. Even if he doesn't know that your foot is hurt, then you can't drive you if you don't drive. Is this not a heart, no gentleman, I see This person is not as good as Yun Rong said. If you forget it, there is really no need for such a person to contact and not see it."

Wang Mu also had a slight thought on Shen Junze. Her daughter was only twenty-four years old. She was not so anxious about marriage. This time, if she didn’t look at Chu Yunrong’s face, there would be no such thing.

At this time, Shen Jia also staged a very similar scene, Chu Yunrong knows that Shen Junze is going to meet with other girls today, and Shen Junze is specially called to eat at night.

Now Shen Junyi and Wen Yuyao do not live at home, Shen Qingyi has already married, and there are two people, Chu Yunrong and Shen Laozi, who are at home, and occasionally Shen Qian. The family is much colder than before, and Shen Junze does not. With his own biological mother, he is always alone. Chu Yunrong is worried that he will not be able to live alone. He will often call him to let him come back and give him various body supplements.

Shen Junze knows what Chu Yunrong wants to know, but pretends to be incomprehensible and burying his head to eat. Chu Yunrong looked at him like him. He only thought that he was busy and couldn’t attend to dinner. He gave him a dish with his strength. " Eat more, eat slowly."

Shen Junze nodded indiscriminately and wanted to leave after eating. "Auntie, I have eaten, I will go back first."

Chu Yunrong came out of the kitchen. "Wait, I still have to ask you, sit first."

Shen Junze smiled bitterly, and sure enough, he couldn’t easily escape. He sat down and Shen’s father rarely went upstairs and sat down.

Chu Yunrong wiped the water from his hand and smiled at Shen Junze. "I am in Wang Ning today, how do you feel?"

Shen Junyi did not mention the other party let him wait for fifty minutes, just said, "It's a good girl and."

"That is very good for her?" Chu Yunrong eyes are slightly bright.

"Great aunt, I don't mean that, the other is a good girl, but I think, we are not so suitable. There is no common topic. You see that people are learning music, and I don't know anything about music. What are you talking about?" Yeah."

"The common topic can also be cultivated. Do you talk more and understand each other and not find a common topic?"

For Chu Yunrong's point of view, Shen Laozi agrees very much. "I think your aunt is right. If you have a meeting, you will deny others. If you think that the other person is good, try to contact with others. The good girl is very popular. "Shen Shen is very concerned about Shen Junze's marriage, for fear that he will learn his father and find a fault."

Shen Junze: ... I knew that he didn’t say that people were good girls at the beginning. Isn’t that a digging for himself?

"Grandpa, aunt, even if I look at people, people may not be able to see me, the twisted melon is not sweet." Shen Junze tried to dispel the thoughts of the two elders in the family from the perspective of the other side.

"This is what Wang Ning told you?" Chu Yunrong was suspicious.

"That didn't, it was what I saw." Shen Junze said.

"That is to say, this is what you guessed. You can't do it. You guys know the daughter's family carefully." Chu Yunrong is relieved, as long as there is no direct statement, there is still a chance.

Wen Yan, Shen Laozi spoke up, "Yun Rong, you call someone and ask the other person's attitude."

Chu Yunrong nodded, stood up and called, did not give Shen Junze a chance to stop, Shen Junze can not leave now, had to sit here waiting.

Chu Yunrong ended very quickly, not long after he came back, and fixedly looked at Shen Junze, Shen Junze's eyelids jumped, the other said what he was, the aunt looked at him with such a look.

Just when Shen Junze’s eyelids jumped straight, Chu Yunrong spoke up. “Jun Ze, it’s okay, the big aunt knows a lot of good girls. This is not good. Let’s look at the next one. I will always find a heart, Wang Ning is in me. It seems that there is not much excellence."

Is this a comfort? Shen Junze thought faintly, it seems that the other party did not really look at him, so it would save trouble.

"Great aunt, I am not in a hurry."

Chu Yunrong only thought that Shen Junze was a kind words, and he also gave birth to a touch of sympathy. It was hard to see a girl. As a result, the other party did not look at Shen Junze.

Patted on the shoulders of Shen Junze, "Junze is relieved, the aunt will definitely find you a heart." As he spoke, he thought secretly that there were no suitable candidates.

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