Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife of The Military Ye

She is the The Young Miss of Military family Shen, her face is peerless, her temperament is cold, and she is her family’s treasure, but isn’t accepted as one’s child by her mother; He is The Sole Heir to the top giant Fu Family, his power is unparalleled, indifferent high-born, t.... Read more

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Chapter 592 Fan 5 2. Thank God for meeting you (Fu Ye and Qing Yi) Chapter 591 Fanwu 1. Children's fun three or two when they are young (Fu Ye and Qing Yi) Chapter 590 Fan 4 3. Thank you for appearing in my life.

Chapter 589 Fan 4 Chapter 588 Fan 4 1. I will be late for the first time. Chapter 587 Fan San is very quiet Chapter 586 Fan 2 40. When the wedding is over Chapter 585 Fan II 39. Wedding Prelude Chapter 584 Fan two 38. I hope you will not regret it Chapter 583 Fan II 37. Two choices Chapter 582 Fan II 36. The accidental person Chapter 581 Fan II 35. Night of the Cry

Chapter 580 Fan II 34. Fruits that do not stay at night Chapter 579 Fan 2 33. Is it ok? Chapter 578 Fan 2 Visiting the door

Chapter 577 Fan II 31. Fu Ye, who was married by her daughter Chapter 576 Fan 2 30. was discovered Chapter 575 Fan II 29. Killing? Chapter 574 Fan II 28. Deliberate alienation Chapter 573 Fan II 27. Do not force Chapter 572 Fan II 26. Protect her life without worry Chapter 571 Fan II 25. Sudden confession Chapter 570 Fan 2 24. Who is married to whom? Chapter 569 Fan II 23. Bar encounter

Chapter 568 Fan 2 22. She is my girlfriend. Chapter 567 Fan II 21. The correct way to open people Chapter 566 Fan 2 20. Tsao Jiao and intimate Fu Dashao Chapter 565 Fan 2 19. Sorry, I have kept you waiting. Chapter 564 Fan 2 18. Gu Qingzhu is missing Chapter 563 Fan II 17. I love you Chapter 562 Fan II 16. After all, know Chapter 561 Fan II 15. Waiting for me Chapter 560 Fan II 14. It turned out to be like this Chapter 559 Fan II 13. Don't be afraid, I am at Chapter 558 Fan 2 12. She is my obsession Chapter 557 Fan 2 11. Sorry, you admit the wrong person.

Chapter 556 Fan 2 10. Gu Qingzhu's news Chapter 555 Fan 2 9. Fu Yuxuan drunk Chapter 554 Fan 2 8. Gu Qingzhu, where are you? Chapter 553 Fan II 7. Camping Chapter 552 Fan II 6. Fu Yuxuan, long time no see Chapter 551 Fan 2 5. He did not accept my invitation Chapter 550 Fan II 4. Their story Chapter 549 Fan 2 3. But he doesn't like me. Chapter 548 Fan 2 2. This is my boyfriend Chapter 547 Fan 2 1. Xiaoye is back. Chapter 546 Fan Yi 4. My wife, I am protecting Chapter 545 Fan Yi 3. I have long hair and waist, I am good.

Chapter 544 Fan Yi 2. Injury Chapter 543 Fan Yi, feelings, this is the case. Chapter 542 He is the love of my life. Chapter 541 Daughter slave Chapter 540 Freedom, Fu Ye’s dad’s life Chapter 539 The death of Lawrence Chapter 538 Because she is the person who Shen Qingyi cares most. Chapter 537 Not afraid that I fell in love with you? Chapter 536 Princess Fu Jia is born. Chapter 535 Know the child's gender Chapter 534 Fu Ye romance Chapter 533 Twins, transfer

Chapter 532 Two pregnant women Chapter 531 Fu Hengyi, I am pregnant. Chapter 530 Luyao production Chapter 529 Fu Ye's childhood bears one or two Chapter 528 An An beaten Chapter 527 Green hat Chapter 526 Transfer of shares Chapter 525 Capture power two Chapter 524 Seize the power Chapter 523 It happened. Chapter 522 Let's continue to associate. Chapter 521 Accident

Chapter 520 Xiaoqi, long time no see Chapter 519 An An is gone. Chapter 518 I don't know how to call my name. Chapter 517 Fruits that are overbearing Chapter 516 Drinking disorder Chapter 515 Parent-child Garden Association Chapter 514 Chiang Kai-shek Chapter 513 Share transfer, the plan begins Chapter 512 Fu Hengyi, shoot it. Chapter 511 Conditions of Su Qing Chapter 510 Was taken away Chapter 509 Luyao has a happy

Chapter 508 Counter Chapter 507 Invitation from the First Lady Chapter 506 Female extroversion Chapter 505 Pit son's Fu Ye Chapter 504 Fu Ye, who left home Chapter 503 After the introduction, the small theater Chapter 502 Sin deserved Chapter 501 Perfect match Chapter 500 It’s really him 2 Chapter 499 It’s really him 1 Chapter 498 The father is unknown. Chapter 497 Unexpected harvest

Chapter 496 Gu Yang was punished Chapter 495 Things turn Chapter 494 Conflicts caused by the seat of the event 2 Chapter 493 Conflict caused by the incident 1 Chapter 492 Agree to marriage Chapter 491 Blessing from the enemy Chapter 490 Jiang's birthday Chapter 489 Request by Mu Liancheng Chapter 488 Evidence, aftercare Chapter 487 Wedding, murder Chapter 486 Trust Chapter 485 Luyao is gone.

Chapter 484 A fight, mother and child break Chapter 483 Disputes Chapter 481 Jin Enxi, have you played enough? Chapter 480 An An’s gift, bar troubles Chapter 479 Miss Shen’s second child plan Chapter 478 First sight after two years Chapter 477 Two years later, I will meet again. Chapter 476 Jiang mother Songkou, slowing down the plan Chapter 475 Jiang Fu hospitalization Chapter 474 Confess Chapter 473 Discharged Chapter 472 Clearance and escape

Chapter 471 Successful development of new drugs Chapter 470 The journey of the jungle, the life-saving thing Chapter 469 Do you still refuse to admit it? Chapter 468 Find the cause Chapter 467 Strange disease Chapter 466 Empty, lonely, cold brother Chapter 465 You are shameless Chapter 464 Sticky Jiang Chenxi's 昊昊 Chapter 463 The storm, the people behind the scenes Chapter 462 Father and son recognize each other Chapter 461 The choice of Yin Yining Chapter 460 Distressing 昊昊

Chapter 459 Comfort Chapter 458 Rang Fu Chapter 457 Temptation Chapter 456 After five years of encounter Chapter 455 Already married? Chapter 454 Liwei Chapter 453 Couple PK Chapter 452 Strange man Chapter 451 Enxi, thank you for being alive. Chapter 450 Uninvited guest Chapter 449 Ann's birthday party Chapter 448 News of Jin Enxi

Chapter 447 Confirmation, disappointment Chapter 446 Coming back Chapter 445 The death of Qin Yu Chapter 444 Qin Hao, I am coming. Chapter 443 Saving people Chapter 442 Gears of fate Chapter 441 All parties are moving together, from the wind Chapter 440 Divorce Chapter 439 Missing Chapter 438 betrayal Chapter 437 Chapter 436 Premature birth

Chapter 435 Master Fu Xiao, who is against Dad Chapter 434 Is she? Chapter 433 Mother is just Chapter 432 I know the truth. Chapter 431 An An will call her mother. Chapter 430 Show love Chapter 429 Return 429. Chapter 428 Plan Chapter 427 Wearing a women's clothing Chapter 426 Do you really know Shen Qingyi? 2 Chapter 425 Do you really know Shen Qingyi? 1 Chapter 424 The purpose of Qin Yu

Chapter 423 Will you marry me again? Chapter 422 Seeing the true face Chapter 421 Master Xiao Xiao, who is reluctant to daddy Chapter 420 Careful eyes of Master Fu Xiao Chapter 419 Master Fu Xiao who was bitten a bite Chapter 418 Sticky Master Fu Xiaoye Chapter 417 Black belly Chapter 416 Behind the scenes Chapter 415 Spurious virus Chapter 414 Run Chapter 413 Qin Lan appeared Chapter 412 Unexpected truth

Chapter 411 The good and evil of human nature Chapter 410 A moment of shock Chapter 409 Suicide or homicide? Chapter 408 Du mother is dead? Chapter 407 Fu Ye is a strict father Chapter 406 Everything is causal Chapter 405 Fu Ye is a walking hormone Chapter 404 Grab the son of the ration Chapter 403 License Chapter 402 I refuse Chapter 401 The promise of death 2 Chapter 400 The promise of death

Chapter 399 Send you a gift Chapter 399 Protect you well Chapter 397 瓮中鳖鳖, handsome shot Chapter 396 Careful eyes of Fu Ye Chapter 395 Master Fu Xiao who was disliked by his father Chapter 394 Is artificial Chapter 393 Dystocia Chapter 392 I want to be born. Chapter 391 Try to like me Chapter 390 Fu Ye, who has prenatal anxiety Chapter 389 Chapter 388

Chapter 387 Wedding surprise Chapter 386 Shen Family Wedding 2 Chapter 385 Shen Family Wedding Chapter 384 The wedding is coming soon, Du Nan is coming to Beijing. Chapter 383 Past events of the year Chapter 382 Anonymous mail, identity exposure Chapter 381 How much did you know about her past? Chapter 380 Hard-pressed Fu Ye Chapter 379 Du Nan's abnormality Chapter 378 She is Mrs. Kim. Chapter 377 You can still remember Qin Mu. Chapter 376 Polishing

Chapter 376 Acquisition? Chapter 375 Chapter 374 Notice of important benefits, must see Chapter 373 Notice of important benefits, must see Chapter 372 It turned out to be him. Chapter 371 Unbreakable knot Chapter 370 The death of Zhao Jiaqing Chapter 369 Learn to be strong Chapter 368 Xiaomei male meter Chapter 367 Try again Chapter 366 Wedding 1 Chapter 364 Eating vinegar in a swimsuit

Chapter 363 Du Nan’s prayer Chapter 362 Long term photograph Chapter 361 Yan Xi's heart knot Chapter 360 Be careful with your eyes Chapter 359 Chinese New Year 1 Chapter 358 Was rejected Chapter 357 Shen Qingyi’s suspicion Chapter 356 Touching the edge of the truth Chapter 355 Shen Junze's remorse Chapter 354 The purpose of Qin Yu Chapter 353 Which daughter and wife are important? Chapter 352 Yan Xi is coming

Chapter 351 Shen Junyi's comeback 4 Chapter 350 Shen Junyi's counterattack 3 Chapter 349 Shen Junyi's counterattack 2 Chapter 348 Shen Junyi's fight back 1 Chapter 347 Only follow your heart Chapter 346 Night 旖旎 Chapter 345 Do you love him? Chapter 344 Chapter 342 怂恿 Chapter 342 Cut peach blossom Chapter 341 Meeting at the annual meeting Chapter 340 Apologize

Chapter 339 Pregnant mood mood Chapter 338 旖旎 in the ward Chapter 337 Talk Chapter 336 Yan Xi returned to China Chapter 335 Psychological disorders? Chapter 334 Heavy female light man Fu Ye Chapter 333 Baby's nickname Chapter 332 Alarm Chapter 331 True and false Chapter 330 Governing disease Chapter 329 Provocative Chapter 328 A traitor?

Chapter 327 Is a male baby Chapter 326 escape from danger Chapter 325 Life and death follow Chapter 324 The couple in affliction Chapter 323 Chaos Chapter 322 Fu Hengyi, wait for me Chapter 321 Fu Hengyi is missing. Chapter 320 The danger is coming Chapter 319 Military exercise 2 Chapter 318 Military exercise 1 Chapter 317 Fu Hengyi wants to withdraw Chapter 316 Her past

Chapter 314 Cooperation Chapter 313 Mrs. Kim appeared Chapter 312 Depart abroad Chapter 311 Shen’s request Chapter 310 Serious Chapter 309 Second request Chapter 308 Qin’s intention Chapter 306 A false alarm Chapter 305 Plane crash Chapter 304 Misunderstanding Chapter 303 Almighty Wen Yaoyao Chapter 302 Han Yu is jealous

Chapter 301 Relationship between Qin Lan and Mrs. Jin Chapter 300 Qin Hao is coming. Chapter 299 Yan Xi’s troubles Chapter 298 Fu Ye applied to transfer back Chapter 297 Fu Ye and vinegar Chapter 296 Fu Ye birthday Chapter 295 Digging the wall Chapter 294 Liang Zi is big. Chapter 293 Chapter 292 The gallery was destroyed Chapter 291 Hot springs Chapter 290 Revisiting the place

Chapter 289 Fu Ye tells the story before going to bed. Chapter 288 Who is Mrs. Kim? Chapter 287 Refusal Chapter 286 Tranquility Chapter 285 Police come to the door Chapter 284 It turned out to be him. Chapter 283 Bait Chapter 282 Allen's warning Chapter 281 Stay, don't go Chapter 280 Proposal Chapter 279 I almost got out of a car accident. Chapter 278 Threatened abortion

Chapter 277 Was it tracked? Chapter 276 Intimidation incident Chapter 275 Reward task Chapter 274 Who is doing ghosts? Chapter 273 Car accident accident? Chapter 272 I moved my mind to Fuye. Chapter 271 Occasional? Chapter 270 I want my daughter, Fu Ye. Chapter 269 Fisherman Fu Ye Chapter 268 I really care about the age of Fu Ye Chapter 267 Wedding night Chapter 266 Wedding 2

Chapter 266 Wedding One Chapter 264 Fu Hengyi, I am pregnant. Chapter 263 With Chapter 262 The cost of the calculation Chapter 261 Thanks him for warming up the rest of your life. Chapter 260 Stealing the column Chapter 259 Last request Chapter 258 Unexpectedly steep Chapter 257 Goodbye Yan Xi Chapter 256 Romantic Fu Ye Chapter 255 Accident on the engagement banquet Chapter 254 The heart is hard to measure

Chapter 253 Restaurant encounter Chapter 252 Wedding, relieved Chapter 251 Uncle's request Chapter 250 Shen Qingying who can only sing songs Chapter 249 Use money to swear? Chapter 248 Counterattack, scandal Chapter 247 Hypnosis Chapter 246 Method of healing Yan Xi Chapter 245 Fu Hengyi, I am the killer Chapter 244 Found 244. Chapter 243 Searching for news Chapter 242 Looking for

Chapter 241 I eat Chapter 240 Trading Chapter 239 An accident Chapter 238 Intrigue Chapter 237 Xiao Qi, do you miss me? Chapter 236 Birthday party, marriage proposal Chapter 235 Rainy night chasing 2 Chapter 234 Rainy night chasing 1 Chapter 233 Trouble 2 Chapter 232 Trouble 1 Chapter 231 Forgive Chapter 230 Unexpected death

Chapter 229 Huahai Chapter 228 Li Xiwei’s end Chapter 227 Punishment 2 Chapter 226 Punishment Chapter 225 Imprisonment, 怂恿 Chapter 224 Li Xiwei, you are looking for death. Chapter 223 Shen Laozi is hospitalized Chapter 222 One net is exhausted, the uninvited guest Chapter 221 Tracking Chapter 220 Traffickers? Chapter 219 Communication Chapter 218 Incidence

Chapter 217 Do we want to try Chapter 216 Exploring the class, including welfare announcement Chapter 215 Grandpa Fu is dying, aunt returning Chapter 214 Break up, slap in the face Chapter 213 Betray Chapter 212 Having lunch Chapter 211 Wake up Chapter 210 Title is incompetent Chapter 209 Drive out of Shenjia Chapter 208 Chu Yunrong hospitalization Chapter 207 Falling into the clouds Chapter 206 The taste of the cloud

Chapter 205 Do you want to fight with me? Chapter 203 Thoughtful Fu Ye Chapter 202 Fu is too handsome. Chapter 201 Fighting Chapter 200 Desire to be dissatisfied Chapter 199 The clumsy Fu Ye Chapter 199 That person is not dead? Chapter 198 It is her Chapter 198 International superstar Andre Chapter 197 Chapter 196 Wen Jiayu Yao Chapter 194 Shen Xi beat

Chapter 193 She said, I love you. Chapter 192 Fu Hengyi is back. Chapter 191 Accidents at the meeting Chapter 190 Yan Jia’s past Chapter 189 Is Qin Mu a Yan family? Chapter 188 Shen Qingxi, stand still Chapter 187 Rescue Chapter 186 Old acquaintance, help Chapter 185 I met, something went wrong. Chapter 184 Leave here Chapter 183 Recognition of relatives Chapter 182 Birth parents?

Chapter 181 Charm encounter Chapter 180 Fu Ye 哄 记 2 Chapter 179 Fu Ye's wife Chapter 178 Fu Ye’s vinegar jar turned over again. Chapter 177 Identity exposure Chapter 176 Exhibition, true and false, cold autumn Chapter 175 What do you want to do? Chapter 174 Jealous Fu Ye Chapter 173 Shen Junyi, who was forced to kiss each other Chapter 172 Guest, Fu Ye is back. Chapter 171 Solved, my aunt is back Chapter 170 Willing to gamble

Chapter 169 Little nephew saves lives Chapter 168 Cold autumn is coming Chapter 167 May you be treated with tenderness in the world Chapter 166 Unexpectedly, the first order, Chapter 165 Annual Meeting 4 Chapter 164 Annual Meeting 3 Chapter 163 Annual Meeting 2 Chapter 162 Annual Meeting 1 Chapter 161 Quarrel Chapter 160 Li Boming Chapter 159 The guest is here. Chapter 158 Lunch invitation

Chapter 157 Transfer Chapter 156 look at the storefront Chapter 155 Chapter 154 Is it important for the door to be 3? Chapter 153 Is it important for the door to be 2? Chapter 152 Is it important to be the door to the door? Chapter 151 Know the cold autumn Chapter 150 Cold and autumn paintings? Chapter 149 What did you paint? Chapter 148 Angry and angry Chapter 147 What did you do to me? Chapter 146 little alcoholic

Chapter 145 Don't regret it Chapter 144 Go to the army. Chapter 143 Talk Chapter 142 Causes Chapter 141 Fighting Chapter 140 Occasional encounter with Shen Xizhen Chapter 139 Famous in Beijing Chapter 138 My brother is here. Chapter 137 Fu is angry. Chapter 136 Mall Cry 3 Chapter 135 Mall Cry 2 Chapter 134 Mall Cry 1

Chapter 133 Fu Ye is a little white face? Chapter 132 Life is everywhere dog blood Chapter 131 He is her salvation Chapter 130 Birthday present Chapter 129 We are not familiar with Chapter 128 Fu Hengyi, happy birthday Chapter 127 Wash your hands and make soup Chapter 126 Cooking for him Chapter 125 Seeing death? Chapter 124 Chapter 123 What about the evidence? Chapter 122 Kindly as a liver and lung

Chapter 121 Active kiss Chapter 120 Fu Ye is back. Chapter 119 I want to eat rice. Chapter 118 State fermentation 2 Chapter 117 event fermentation Chapter 116 You know that. Chapter 115 you are not leaving, I will not give up Chapter 114 That is **** 2 Chapter 113 That is **** 1 Chapter 112 Dreamland, past 2 Chapter 111 Dreamland, past 2 Chapter 110 Dreamland, past 1

Chapter 109 Ann, long time no see Chapter 108 just don't want you to worry Chapter 107 The people behind the scenes found Chapter 106 Is Shen Qingzhen married? Chapter 105 The principal has a request Chapter 104 Who is the ghost? Chapter 103 Is Shen Qingyu being fostered? Chapter 102 Shen Xi’s mask can’t be maintained. Chapter 101 Pick things up Chapter 100 Is this Shen Xi? Chapter 99 Guest 2 Chapter 98 Being a guest

Chapter 97 Going to Shenjia to be a guest Chapter 96 Talking about life, talking about ideals Chapter 95 A human condition Chapter 94 Seeing us take a detour afterwards, 3 Chapter 93 Seeing us take a detour in the future 2 Chapter 92 Seeing us take a detour in the future. Chapter 91 Win, bet? Chapter 90 She went up. Chapter 89 I am going Chapter 88 I am afraid that you can’t afford it. Chapter 87 Little nephew, take you to see a good show Chapter 86 The strength of clearing is a mystery

Chapter 85 Confessions Chapter 84 This is my brother Shen Junyi. Chapter 83 Occasional encounter Chapter 82 Yu Xiaotong is back. Chapter 81 Is it in love? Chapter 80 See also Yan Xi Chapter 79 Wu Qian is back. Chapter 78 Yan Shengyu is a troublesome manufacturer Chapter 77 Move back to the bedroom to live insomnia Chapter 76 Shen Junyi’s request Chapter 75 This is my daughter. Chapter 74 Wu Qian?, PK seeking

Chapter 73 Ring 2 Chapter 72 Ring One Chapter 71 On the spot Chapter 70 Want to travel? Chapter 69 Ignition does not go away Chapter 68 A good mother and daughter love Chapter 67 She is not qualified enough Chapter 66 Beautiful and flowery and profitable Chapter 65 Good performance, reward you Chapter 64 Designed Chapter 63 Transfer of shares Chapter 62 Sleeping together

Chapter 61 Exclusion of troops? Chapter 60 Sorry, I am worried. Chapter 59 Fu Hengyi was injured. Chapter 58 A suggestion Chapter 57 Goodbye Shi Feng Chapter 56 Road accident Chapter 55 Sea election, PK seeking Chapter 54 Recommend a person Chapter 53 Support you, PK seeking Chapter 52 Selected by the crew Chapter 51 Refusal, PK seeking Chapter 50 Yan Shengyu, PK seeking

Chapter 49 Change a house Chapter 48 My sweetheart, PK seeking Chapter 47 What is the first time? Chapter 46 ​​I saw an acquaintance Chapter 45 This is my wife. Chapter 44 Dating Chapter 43 Misunderstood Father Fu Chapter 42 Are you satisfied? Chapter 41 sharing a bed with a pillow Chapter 40 Interlude, people coming in the middle of the night Chapter 39 I blame you. Chapter 38 Big sister, let me talk about it.

Chapter 37 Black physique? Chapter 36 Shen Xi’s thoughts Chapter 35 Next time, I will go with you. Chapter 34 Cold autumn, one of the identity exposures Chapter 33 Inexplicable likes Chapter 32 Yan Xi Chapter 31 Do not change Chapter 30 One person's travel Chapter 29 I miss you. Chapter 28 My male god Chapter 27 Wu Qian’s change Chapter 26 Follow-up, seeking

Chapter 25 You still have me. Chapter 24 Recruitment, collection Chapter 23 Are you willing to marry me? Chapter 22 The mind was dismantled, and Shen Xi’s wolverine Chapter 21 Grandparents talk Chapter 20 My name is Shi Feng. Chapter 19 A man with blood Chapter 18 Trust and alienation Chapter 17 Say goodbye Chapter 16 I will not apologize to her. Chapter 15 Does it hurt? Chapter 14 My sister is not intentional.

Chapter 13 Lively Fujia Chapter 12 Father Fu’s plan Chapter 11 Past events three years ago Chapter 10 How can you be with him? Chapter 9 Accompany me for dinner. Chapter 8 The wish of grandmother Chapter 7 This is your sister. Chapter 6 Go to Fujia Chapter 5 No one else now, what are you loading? Chapter 4 Shen Xiyu Chapter 3 Shen Xizhen is back. Chapter 2 Entangling my fiancée, have I agreed?

Chapter 1 blind date, first sight

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