In the summer, the sun is roasting the earth, and the pedestrians on the street are pitiful. Even if there is, it is a hurry.

In front of a western restaurant in Jingcheng District, a bus slowly stopped at the platform, the door opened, a girl came down, the face of the melon seeds, the eyebrows bent, the eyes were clear and clean, and the long eyelashes trembled gently. It is a pair of eyes that are unforgettable.

The girl's facial features are exquisite, the skin is fair, and the long hair is tied into a neat ponytail, revealing an elegant white neck. She wears a white short-sleeved casual wear, looks young, and has collagen on her face. That pair of eyes, what a smile is so beautiful, but there is only silence on the face at the moment.

The girl got off the bus and the heat wave came over. She didn't seem to feel anything and went straight to the western restaurant.

At the entrance of the western restaurant, a girl in a pink dress saw her, her eyes lit up and rushed over to her.

"Clear, you are finally here, I thought you were going to let me go."

Shen Qing’s body was slightly on one side, the girl rushed to the air, but there was no accident on her face, and she quickly stabilized her figure. Obviously, she had already known this result.

"Sorry, something happened before the door." Shen Qingyi faintly opened, and the voice was clearer.

Yu Xiaotong waved his hands again and again. "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, as long as you can come, you said that I was only 21 years old, still small, my mom told me to come to blind date. Is this for fear that I can't get married? I will accompany you, otherwise I will definitely not come."

While squatting, he followed Shen Qingyu into the door of the Western restaurant.

"You said where the man is sitting, how do we find him? This person is really, you can't find a small place to meet, such a big restaurant, how can I find it." In the western restaurant, Yu Xiaotong Looking around, the little mouth muttered.

Shen Qingyi seems to have been accustomed to such a Xiaoyu, and ignores her words at all. She looks around and looks around and walks in one direction.

Yu Xiaotong was still muttering, and when he turned around, he found that Shen Qingyi had already left, and quickly followed.

Walking halfway, Shen Qingyi inadvertently blinked, and on the last pair of scorpions that were not at the bottom, the light was stunned, and if nothing happened, the sight was taken back, and the eyes did not squint and went straight.

In the middle of the restaurant, a man sits in a suit, and he looks up at the watch on his wrist from time to time. His expression is obviously impatient.

Just when he thought about whether he was going to leave, a shadow in front of him was covered.

The man looked up subconsciously and caught his eyebrows with a delicate face. He looked at the face slyly, his eyes full of surprises.

"Wei Lin?" Shen Qingyi faintly opened.

The man’s face was a pile of laughter, and the impatience had just disappeared. “Yes, I’m Weilin, you’re Miss Yu, hello.” Say, stretch out your right hand and shake hands.

Shen Qingyi did not reach out, but slightly sideways, pointing to Yu Xiaolan behind him and said: "You admit the wrong person, this is Yu Xiaoying, I am only her friend."

Wei Lin was a little embarrassed, his eyes moved to Xiao Xiao, looking at a pink dress, his girl with a ugly face, the smile on his face faded by two points.

"Miss Yu, hello." She did not shake her hand, but smiled politely.

"I don't know what the lady called?" Wei Lin stared at Shen Qingyi, and the surprise in his eyes was unmasked.

Shen Qingyu looked calm. "You call me Miss Shen."

Seeing Shen Qing’s coldness, Wei Lin did not continue to ask.

“The cold steak in this restaurant is very good. Do you want to try it?” Wei Lin took the menu and consulted with Xiaoyu and Shen Qingyi.

"We don't picky food, Mr. Wei looks at it." Knowing that Shen Qingyi didn't like to cope with such a scene, Yu Xiaotong took the initiative to speak.

Wei Lin smiled, did not quit, ordered the dishes.

"I heard that Miss Yu is still a student?" Wei Lin took the initiative to speak, although the question was Yu Xiaolan, but the corner of the eye has been stuck in Shen Qingyi.

He is a senior white-collar worker with good income. He is handsome and handsome. His family conditions are not bad. Naturally, there is no shortage of female friends. Beautiful women have seen a lot of things, but such a beautiful thing as Shen Qingyi is the first time. Coupled with Shen Qing's cold temperament, and his cold attitude, he naturally succeeded in inspiring his interest.

"Yes." Yu Xiaotong replied, some perfunctory, she did not call this man, today, if her mother forced her to come, she would not come.

"Miss Shen and Miss Yu are a school?"

"Yeah, she is my classmate." Yu Xiaotong did not say that they are roommates. She has already seen it. This is called Wei Lin. It is a clear-cut, although she has been talking to herself, but in the words Always inquiring about the clear information.

She knows that Qingyi is the most impatient to deal with such a man, and she feels a bit of apology for her to be with her.

Shen Qingyi sipped the orange juice in front of him, feeling the unobtrusive and inconspicuous gaze on his face, and the slender fingers rubbed against the wall. This was her little movement when she was impatient.

At the moment, Shen Qingyi did not notice that they were sitting in two diagonally opposite positions, and the two people in the mouth were her.

One of the men looks very enchanting, and under the sword is a pair of passionate peach eyes, full of innocence, wearing a ruby ​​earring on the ear, adding a charm to his facial features.

Sitting on the opposite side of the man's body, the color of the bronze, the facial features of the clear, deep, sword eyebrows, giving a tough guy feeling.

These are two men with very different temperament, but they are equally eye-catching.

"I didn't expect to see the second lady of Shen's family here." The enchanting man stared at Shen Qing's figure.

"Do you know her?" The opposite man, Fu Hengyi, has a low voice and is very nice.

"You know it too." Han Yu said, "She is Shen Junyi's younger sister. When she was a child, she always followed the little girl behind us."

Fu Hengyi frowned, apparently did not have any impression of Han Hao’s said thing, but Shen’s situation as a family of Fu’s family, Shen’s situation is still understood.

Miss Shen Jia, who was robbed by traffickers when she was five years old, had no news for many years. It was only after eleven years to find it.

"You have been in the army for so many years. This Miss Shen Jia is low-key on a regular basis. It rarely appears in front of people. It is normal for you not to know. There have been rumors that Miss Shen, who has been living outside since childhood, lacks education, so Shen Jiacai does not Let her appear in front of people, people only know Miss Shen Jiada, but I don't know this second lady. Today, it seems that it does not match the rumors." Han Yu said carelessly.

He has already read countless people, although he is surprised by the face of Shen Qingying, but he likes the enchanting woman. He is not interested in Shen Qing’s cold type, not to mention the family of Shen’s family, nor is he free to provoke .

"You also said this is a rumor." Fu Hengyi faintly opened his eyes, and his eyes stayed on Shen Qing's straight back, and then moved away.

However, Han Hao heard this and raised his eyebrows. He looked at Fu Hengyi’s eyes with interest. "Are you interested in this?"

Fu Hengyi glanced at him faintly, and it was a warning in his eyes. "If I remember correctly, she is only 21 years old this year." This is a child, after all, he has already been 31 this year.

Han Han did not put his warnings in his eyes, and laughed: "You don't know that the most popular now is Uncle Loli?" Although this Loli is a bit cold.

Fu Hengyi ignored the ridicule of Han Yu, but spoke casually. "I happened to meet Mrs. Han and my aunt last night. Mrs. Han seems to have a good heart recently and is discussing with my aunt to introduce you to a few ladies."

"Big Brother, I know it is wrong, I won't say it." Han Yu begged for mercy. For his lingering flowers, marriage is a cage, and his marriage is the top priority of their family.


Shen Qingyi was not unaware of the seemingly inconspicuous gaze behind him, but there was no such thing as a slight malice in the gaze, so he did not care.

"Where is Miss Shen?" Wei Lin was not satisfied with the information provided by Yu Xiaotong, and asked himself.

“Beijing natives.” Shen Qing’s tone is faint.

"That's a coincidence. I am also a Beijinger. We have time to gather together. It happens that we have a party this weekend. If Miss Shen has time, I might come together." Wei Lin reveals a smile of a gentleman, and invites him to open a invitation. It’s just a slap in the face with an intentional or unintentional teasing.

Shen Qingyi gave him a faint look, and he looked calm and did not answer.

"Miss Shen, this is not to give a face?" Seeing her not answering, Wei Lin is slightly unhappy, he likes beauty, but also likes to conquer the beauty, but does not like the beauty does not put him in the eye.

Although Yu Xiaoqi is occasionally amused, but it is not stupid, catching the teasing of Wei Lin's eyes, can't help but change his face, her mother's eyes, this kind of goods dare to let her see.

Just about to export irony, under the table, one hand held her hand, the cool hand, gently pressed, instantly ignited the anger in her heart.

Yu Xiaotong’s heart was loose, how she forgot, although the Qing dynasty is cold, but it is not a good provoke, this time let her accompany her to come and kiss, is not without courage.

"The elders in the family are sick and hospitalized, and they are planning to take care of the weekend. Thank you Mr. Wei for your kindness." Shen Qingyi faintly opened, always cold.

They all said that the elders in the family were hospitalized. No matter how much water there is, Wei Lin could not let Shen Qingyi disregard the elders and go to the party, but he did not give up.

"Miss Shen, leave a contact, so it is convenient to contact. We often go out for self-driving tour on weekends. Miss Shen can go with us when I have time. I have a car and can take you."

Shen Qingying’s eyes were scratched, and it’s so fast that it’s hard to capture. “It seems that Mr. Wei is not as busy as you said.”

Although the tone is calm, Wei Lin still heard the ridicule in Shen Qing’s words. Who told me that he had been busy with his work, often working overtime, and rarely had time to come together. Shen Qing’s words are clearly Say you are lying. Wei Lin’s gentle face has finally changed.

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