Shi Jingge was silent for a long time, with a sincere face, "I can't take my eyes off of your heroic appearance, so I just forgot about it."

His Royal Highness looked at him suspiciously. Although he had accepted the explanation in his heart, he still said coolly, "Really?"

"Of course." Shi Jingge's eyes were full of sincerity, "How could I lie to His Highness the God Spirit?"

"I'm sorry you don't dare." His Royal Highness snorted coldly, and raised his head arrogantly, "Come here."

Shi Jingge walked over, walking side by side with His Highness the Spiritual Highness, who snorted coldly, but matched his pace very well.

"This is the Outer Palace," His Highness said reluctantly, "I don't come to the Outer Palace very often. The Outer Palace has not been taken care of, but it has a large area. If you want to raise some flowers, grass, fish and animals, you can raise them here. .”

"Through the outer palace, there are two doors," His Highness Shen Ling stretched out his hand to Shi Jingge, "reach out."

Shi Jingge blinked, smiled lightly and glanced at His Highness the Spiritual Highness with a teasing meaning, and then put his hand on His Highness the Spiritual Highness's hand a second before His Highness the Divine Spirit became angry.

...He did it on purpose, right?

These words involuntarily popped up in His Highness's mind.

But at this moment, the touch of another person's fingers came from the palm of his hand. The finger was slightly cold, and then he gently hooked it in his palm. He only felt a strange energy rushing straight from his palm. His brain made him tremble involuntarily.

"What are you doing!" His Royal Highness was furious.

Shi Jingge looked at him innocently, "I just follow your wishes and put my hand on yours."

In order to show his obedience and innocence, he even used honorifics.

This address made His Royal Highness frowned on the spot, and he didn't know why, he just felt uncomfortable.

His Highness Shen Ling pursed his lips, Shi Jingge only felt a tingling pain from his fingertips, and a drop of blood gushed out and merged into the "door".

"Let's go." His Royal Highness entered the door first.

Shi Jingge looked at his back, dumbfounded.

Obviously it is possible to prevent him from feeling the pain, is it intentional?

It's really... childish.

Shi Jingge is actually very familiar with this palace. After all, the layout of this palace is almost exactly the same as that of the Deep Sea Palace in his previous life.

But seeing Wen Xusheng introduce him with a serious face, he still has to be a little awkward from time to time, and occasionally even make a fuss, not to mention how fun it is, why did he interrupt Wen Xusheng?

So Shi Jingge and Wen Xusheng "revisited the old place" and re-experienced the feeling of going to the Deep Sea Palace for the first time in the previous world.

"That's it." His Royal Highness seemed a little unhappy, "Except for my palace, you are not allowed to enter, and you can do anything else."

"Okay." Shi Jingge said with a smile, "But how do I get in?"

"When you want to come in, you can come in naturally." His Royal Highness snorted coldly.

Shi Jingge nodded, expressing his understanding, and His Highness waved his hand, indicating that he could leave.

Before losing consciousness, Shi Jingge heard the slightly depressed voice of His Royal Highness.

— “Don’t call me that again.”

What do you call me?

do you

The corners of Shi Jingge's lips are turned up, who can understand you when you say that?

Dishonest people... will be punished.

Shi Jingge fell into a deep sleep.

His Royal Highness slowly appeared behind him, with complicated eyes.

Are you so tired?

Tired enough to fall asleep from the desk?

Is it really comfortable to sleep like this?

His Highness Shen Ling stood quietly for a while, then stepped forward hesitantly, put his arms around Shi Jingge's waist, and hugged him forcefully.

In fact, you can use divine power.

A thought quietly floated through the mind of His Highness the Spiritual Highness.

How can you waste your divine power for a human being?

His Highness the Spiritual Highness retorted sternly.

Just like that, he walked into Shi Jingge's bedroom step by step, holding Shi Jingge in his arms, and then put him on the bed, and covered him with a quilt thoughtfully.

For some reason, he suddenly felt very hot.

Maybe the temperature in the deep sea is too low for him to adapt to the temperature on land?

His Highness Shen Ling was thinking vaguely, wanting to return to the Deep Sea Palace, but his feet seemed uncontrollable, and he walked slowly to the table, and looked at the papers that Shi Jingge hadn't had time to process. Imitating Shi Jingge's notes, I dealt with everything that can be dealt with.

He is not helping this human being deal with it.

He is just curious.

The next day, when Shi Jingge woke up, he saw that half of his unprocessed documents were missing, and a few more difficult things had been dealt with. Looking at the font on it that was exactly the same as his own, he couldn't help but curl his lips. horn.

It seems that the king will be more relaxed than he imagined.

Although Shi Jingge was selected by His Royal Highness, there is no problem in theory, but the subject also feels a little uneasy in his heart. This transition is too fast, can His Highness the Second Prince adapt quickly?

However, when the orderly instructions were passed down from the throne, they knew that they were thinking too much.

The second prince chosen by His Royal Highness is the most suitable king for their Lycargis Empire!

Many things that could not be handled by the old king were clearly arranged by the second prince, but within a month or so, the entire Lycargis Empire was in a state of prosperity, and both inside and outside the palace were full of respect for the second prince and His Royal Highness. respected.

The Queen Mother observed it for more than a month, and she had to sigh that she was indeed the one chosen by His Highness the Gods. Perhaps the stupidity before was just a way to paralyze them. Can be blamed, not to mention there is His Highness the gods protecting him.

The queen mother dressed up and was ready to surrender to the new king.

"You know, Ye'er, he is an outstanding king."

She looked at her son and said slowly.

The third prince was silent for a moment, unwillingness flashed in his eyes, and he was a little more relieved. He slowly let out a foul breath and nodded vigorously, "Yes, he is."

"My son understands."

Only then did the Queen Mother show a little smile on her face, and she led the people to Shi Jingge's bedroom in a mighty manner.

The Queen Mother already had a heart of surrender, and Shi Jingge treated the Queen Mother politely. The two of them did not talk about the past, but only about the present and the future. It is easy for a smart person to talk to a smart person. Needless to say, the meaning behind it is It is already clear.

The Empress Dowager gradually felt relieved, and said with a smile: "Since the king has already ascended the throne, this queen can't be empty."

"Does Your Majesty have a favorite candidate?"

Shi Jingge smiled lightly, "Of course there are."

The Queen Mother was taken aback for a moment, and she couldn't help being more curious, "Who is it?"

Shi Jingge smiled and said nothing.

Who else?

Of course it was the hidden, cold guy next to him.

Then, Shi Jingge heard an extremely depressing voice.

"I want to know too, who is it?"

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