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Accidentally Become the Belief of the Whole World

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In every world, there is no shortage of vicious cannon fodder.
They are arrogant, dandy, gloomy, and sick. They are the stepping stones of the protagonists and the sublimation agents of their emotions.
And Shi Jingge became such a vicious cannon fodder.
In the world of the entertainment industry, he is a playful young master who is playful and playful;
In the world of cultivating immortals, he is a ruthless elder brother who kills people and seizes treasures;
In the Western fantasy world, he is the holy son of light who abuses spirit beasts;
After Shi Jingge passed through, people were surprised to find that it was different from what they had imagined——
The young master is obviously innocent and cute, and he protects one talented idol after another!
The big brother who is not good at words quietly sent back one piece of spiritual weapon, each one is a treasure!
The Holy Son guards the entire continent alone in the dark, and he is covered with bruises every day without saying a word. He should be the faith of the entire continent! the
Shi Jingge: You may not believe it.
Shi Jingge: In the beginning, I just didn’t want to die so badly.
But in this world, who is willing to hurt him?
He is the light, he is the faith, he is the only one.
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One sentence introduction: He is light, he is faith, and he is the only one.
Conception: Even if you are in the mud, you must go forward to the bright world, and one day, you will walk with the light

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Short Title:ABBWW
Alternate Title:一不小心成为全世界的信仰(快穿)
Author:Dream. Qianhang
Weekly Rank:#1863
Monthly Rank:#2000
All Time Rank:#3981
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Cute Protagonist, Entertainment, Ghosts, Gods, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Pets, Power Couple, Quick Transmigration, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, World Hopping,
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  1. Does anyone know the name of the novel in which MC is a acting student and got a VR game in parcel. The game shows him different worlds and he becomes the supporting character who has to complete his script to get a good rating from the system. But the game was actually sent by his boyfriend to make him remember his forgotten memories. MC got in an accident and forgot about his boyfriend so his boyfriend made the game to help him remember him back. If anyone remembers the name, please tell me.

  2. Can someone help me find this story, bl, I just remember the Mc woke up in a tomb, third arc or relationship lifetime, and now it's interstellar, there was a crashed ship and hid among the dead as a survivor. The ML watched it all by remote surveillance how the ancient corpse snuck into the ship and college.. the earlier lives seems to have been ancient China themed royally, throne

  3. Hi, I don't exactly remember the title but I do know that it has the same author to Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. May be you can start searching from there.

  4. I'm certain that the story is titled 'There is a beauty' it is about a kid who transmigrated in ancient times and got powerful as time passed by. I think he was a immortal or something. The last arc was interstellar where the ML dug his tomb.

  5. Hola, soy yo otra vez entrando en una crisis existencial, recuerdo haber leído una novela de transmigración rápida, no recuerdo mucho solo cierto arco en donde el protagonista es algo así como el hijo del líder de una base (es el fin de los tiempos) y es algo así como alguien "malvado" se supone que había capturado al protagonista e intentaba divertirse con el pero llegan los secuaces de este e intentan arrebatárselo, pero al darse cuenta de que no pueden detenerlo abortan la misión, aparte de eso el otro punto relevante que recuerdo es que sus padres eran una pareja gay y uno de ellos se había convertido en un zombie, si alguien sabe el nombre de esta novela estaría eternamente agradecida

  6. yep, this one is a good one too. the length of each arc isn't that long. So as the title is, it's about MC who possessed a person who is destined to do bad things. His mission is to world repulsion to half (50) but with his acts of saving a lot of people or so, he lowers it even more and receives the world's recognition and gets the power of faith or smthg. I've read other works the author made :3 It reminds me of "I Don't Want to Become a Savior." ksksks, its short one too. p.s. author's recommendation "穿上美人鱼后,邪神靠颜值收san值" is quite interesting too

  7. HELP ME!!! im searching for a book (not sure if its a transmigrating one or not) about where the MC pass through a vicious cannon fodder in interstellar age where he was held hostage to help an important person to the empire (a researcher maybe) escape from the starship that was held captive by star thieve..... the MC was tortured and have a beautiful appearance.... the ML is an undercover spy send by the empire to the star thieve to get something important(not sure what it is) so he is needed to act as a torturer of the MC...>>>>>time skip?>>>>>while being tortured the MC sang the empire anthem then the ML was ordered to broke his voice (so now his voice is broken) ooh, one more thing the MC got a fiancee that hate me..... or maybe dislike..... pleaz help me find this book.... i wanna read it soo much... and sorry for the clumsy writing 😔

  8. I think it was like ' boss is cute' or something like that in this if i remember correctly 1st world was modern cultivation.

  9. If I'm not mistaken, it's Alternate Title: BOSS 穿成小可爱 [快穿] State : Finished Author : 光明 在案 And it's in arc 3

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