Latest website: Li Luo followed Xi Chan into the small building. Although the small building was a bit dilapidated and shabby, it was made simple and elegant by instructor Xi Chan. There was a coffee table next to the window and a jade vase with delicate flowers. Flowers, the faint floral fragrance floats in the house.

Instructor Xi Chan sat down in front of the window. After Li Luo sat down opposite, a pair of cold eyes stared at him, with a faint smile in his words: "I didn't expect that you are actually a member of King Li Tian's lineage. It’s no wonder that he is the direct descendant of Yamai Mai. How can he be ordinary if he can escape the power of people like Li Taixuan.”

Li Luo waved his hand and said seriously: "I always rely on my own ability when I go out and never use my power to pressure others. My mentor knows me. I still like to be more ordinary. Generally, I will not tell people that I am from the lineage of Li Tianwang. , the direct descendant of Longya Maimai, the third young master of Longya Maimai, and so on."

Xi Chan was angry and funny, but the boy was still as talkative as ever. She held the teapot in her beautiful hand and poured a cup of fragrant scented tea for Li Luo.

"But I really have to thank you very much this time. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I would have to go back home." Xi Chan said softly.

Li Luo asked: "How is the situation at Shengxuanxing Academy now? When I left before, Vice President Su Xin also asked me some things. I originally planned to start handling it after arriving at Tianyuan Ancient Academy, but I didn't expect that they would ask you, my mentor, again. We were also sent.”

Xi Chan sighed and said: "Because there has been no news from you for a year, and the situation at the school is getting worse, so I can only be sent here."

"The school has lost the high-level Xiangli tree. Now it can only use the low-level Xiangli tree of Nanfeng Academy to train students. The efficiency of that kind of training has naturally been reduced a lot, and many of the previously reserved training resources are about to be exhausted. If they are not replenished, , I’m afraid it will cause disunity in the academy.”

"You also know that both instructors and students need training resources. The school cannot use people in vain, and it will not last long."

Li Luo nodded. Even if Shengxuanxing Academy encountered a catastrophe, the staff was still very large. If you want to maintain such a family, you don't know how much effort you need to make. Thinking about it this year, Vice President Su Xin should be very It's overwhelming.

Xi Chan took out another roll of maps and opened it. This was the map of Daxia. Li Luo took a look and saw that the top of the map was almost cut off by a scarlet blood line.

The place where the blood line starts is the Great Xia City.

"The scope of this blood line has now begun to be polluted by the power of evil thoughts. At the same time, many weird and strange species are emerging one after another. There are almost no living people found in the areas on both sides."

"The southern part of Daxia is controlled by the royal court led by the eldest princess. While resisting the aliens, they are also constantly at war with the regent. The situation is extremely chaotic."

"Saint Xuanxing Academy has helped a lot, setting up a defense line to clear out the aliens. However, after one year, the academy has suffered a lot of casualties, so it needs a lot of resources."

Li Luo looked at the scarlet blood line that seemed to tear apart the territory of Daxia. This blood line was just a simple stroke on the map, but he could imagine how cruel that area was.

During the Holy Grail War, he had seen the Black Wind Empire that was invaded by alien beings. The horrific scenes there were horrifying even when he thinks about it now.

Li Luo was slightly silent. He had special feelings for Daxia. After all, he grew up there, and Luo Lan Mansion was also there... Luo Lan Mansion's status in his heart was undoubtedly higher than that of Long Ya Mei. high.

"Let's get back together, Prince Regent, Shen Jinxiao..." Li Luo's eyes were a little gloomy. These **** were really torturing a good Daxia to the point of collapse.

Especially Shen Jinxiao, who caused Jiang Qing'e to sacrifice her bright heart. This revenge must be avenged no matter what.

"What's going on in Luo Lan Mansion?" Li Luo asked again.

"The situation in the Luo Lan Mansion is quite good. Cai Wei has been in charge of it, especially the "Xiyang House". Now it has the momentum to become the top Lingshui Qiguang House in Daxia, mainly because of President Yu and Wang of Jinlong Baoxing. The eldest princess of the court has given great support, so Luo Lan Mansion has been somewhat prosperous this year." Xi Chan said.

Li Luo was dumbfounded. He did not expect that the Luo Lan Mansion would develop quite vigorously with the help of the changes in the Great Xia. However, this was probably because of Yu Hongxi and the eldest princess. With the full support of these top forces in the Great Xia, the situation of the Luo Lan Mansion Naturally better than before they left.

Xi Chan talked about some things about Li Luo's friends again.

"Yu Lang and the others had just entered the Sanxingyuan when I left Daxia. Qin Zhulu replaced you and became the strongest in his class. However, there are still people who can compete with him. Can you guess who it is?"

Li Luo was startled and said, "White Doudou?"

In the same class, it seems that only Bai Doudou can compare with that guy Qin Zhulu.

Xi Chan shook his head and said, "It's Yu Lang."

A look of surprise suddenly appeared on Li Luo's face, and he said, "What did that boy Yu Lang do? He can actually compare with Qin Zhulu."

It's not that he looks down on Yu Lang, it's just that Yu Lang is only a sixth-grade Feng Xiang after all. In terms of talent, he is more than a step weaker than Qin Zhulu.

Xi Chan sighed softly and said: "He practiced with his mentor Mir. Mir passed on to him the secret technique he had obtained from an ancient ruins. This volume of secret technique can stimulate potential, but it is just for You will also pay a heavy price for this, and this price is your own phase, which will be permanently suppressed at the sixth level. Even if you break through to the feudal realm in the future, it will be difficult to give birth to a phase beyond the sixth level."

Li Luo's face became solemn and he frowned: "How could Yu Lang take such an extreme path?"

In Li Luo's memory, Yu Lang was always a carefree guy with a rather forthright personality, and the path taken by Teacher Mier was obviously not something that ordinary people could take.

It can't be said that it is completely useless.

Xi Chan was silent for a moment and said: "Half a year ago, Bai Doudou and Yu Lang officially dated, and then he took Yu Lang to the Bai family. It is said that Bai Doudou's elders were extremely dissatisfied with Yu Lang and felt that he The conditions were too poor, he had no background and no talent, and something very unpleasant might have happened during this period. After that, Yu Lang decided to practice with Teacher Mier."

Li Luo was stunned, and his expression became a little complicated. Bai Doudou's Bai family was considered a prominent family in Daxia, while Yu Lang was from an ordinary background. In addition, he was only of the sixth grade, and his future was unclear. ...The Bai family looks down on him.

Yu Lang usually looks carefree, but his self-esteem is not weak. When he was stimulated by this, he made some extreme choices.

"The Bai family will definitely regret it in the future." Li Luo frowned and whispered. He had a very good relationship with Yu Lang, so he was naturally dissatisfied with the Bai family's behavior.

"Those families are indeed quite pedantic, but fortunately Bai Doudou has a strong personality and does not pay attention to the family and is still with Yu Lang."

"The Bai family was furious about this and felt that these two sisters were too disturbing." Xi Chan said.

"What does it have to do with Mengmeng?" Li Luo was confused.

A smile appeared in Xi Chan's eyes and she said: "Do you think Xiyang House has developed so fast just because of the eldest princess and Guild Fish? If Bai Mengmeng hadn't provided many formulas for spiritual water and strange light, Xiyang House would have developed so fast. How can the house compete with those old Lingshui Qiguang Houses?"

"And these should originally belong to the Bai family. Do you think they are angry?"

"They have been trying to take Bai Mengmeng back, but Mengmeng hid in Xiyang House and could not come out. Luolan Mansion also tried its best to protect her. Once the incident got quite big, it was the eldest princess who came forward to calm the matter down. .”

"..." Li Luo was silent for two breaths, and then sighed: "Mengmeng is so generous."

He thought for a while and took out a jade box from the space ball. Inside the jade box were some mysterious black crystals, which were the remnants of refining the "Godly Creation Serum" he had obtained from the Spiritual Aspect Cave. The scent of "original Xuanxin Fruit" remains on it.

"Teacher Xichan, when you go back this time, help me bring these things to Yu Lang and the others." Although these things are not as precious as the "Xuanxin Core", they are better in quantity, which should be of some use to Yu Lang and the others. help.

Instructor Xi Chan took it, glanced at it, and seemed to understand the effect of this item, and immediately said with some surprise: "This inner China is indeed uniquely endowed by nature. This kind of treasure is quite rare in outer China."

"Don't worry, I will bring the things for you."

She nodded slightly and put the things away.

Then she paused and asked: "So, regarding the college-level review, do you really want to represent Shengxuanxing Academy alone?"

"At your age, even if you have just entered Sanxingyuan, other holy schools will definitely send out the strongest students for their share of resources, and there are many students like our "Seven-Star Pillar"."

Xi Chan looked a little worried. Not only was Li Luo lagging behind in terms of college level, but he was also alone. It looked like he would be eliminated if he played.

When Li Luo heard this, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

Now that we’ve finally come to this point, you can’t blame me for showing off my skills.

As a result, his back straightened slightly, and the phase force in his body suddenly roared. The next moment, five bright dzi beads emerged behind him, emitting bright brilliance and absorbing the energy of heaven and earth.

Li Luo looked at the beautiful female instructor in front of him. The latter's beautiful eyes widened obviously at this moment. The teacup held by her jade fingers also broke the handle with a click.

So he asked with a smile.

"Teacher, are my five dzi beads big and round?"

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