Latest website: Elder Wang Ling looked at the greeting card handed over by Li Luo and was stunned for a moment. He didn't accept it or not.

He was naturally a little unhappy with Li Luo, so he tried every means to shirk their desire to meet the two vice-deans, but he never expected that Li Luo would make such a move...

Submitting a greeting card is an extremely formal act.

This is also a kind of etiquette between the various forces. Generally speaking, unless there is a blood feud between the two parties, the invitation will be accepted in a friendly manner.

If you refuse, it would be a great insult and disdain to the other party.

The lineage of King Li Tianwang is also a king-level force and the overlord of the Tianyuan Divine State. If this causes the two sides to become hostile, the impact will obviously not be something Wang Ling can bear.

The consequences were a hundred times more serious than beating Li Luo.

Therefore, Wang Ling did not dare to refuse this invitation.

So, he could only pinch his nose, stretch out his hands, and politely accept the greeting card.

In fact, Wang Ling knew in his heart that this greeting note may not really be sent by Long Yamai, but it was something Li Luo suddenly did.

But what can he do? Is it possible to check the Long Ya Vein to determine whether the invitation is genuine? Moreover, Li Luo can hold a greeting card in his hand, which shows his legitimacy... In this regard, Wang Ling can only say that Li Luo may be very popular among the dragon teeth.

"I will forward the invitation to the two vice-deans, and ask Li Luo to wait for the news." Wang Ling said in a muffled voice.

"I will also arrange for little friend Li Luo to stay at a VIP place later."

When Li Luo heard this, he looked at Instructor Xi Chan and asked, "Instructor, do you want to change your place to live?"

He could tell at a glance that Xi Chan's small building was quite simple, and compared with the ones next to it, the conditions were undoubtedly much worse.

Instructor Xi Chan shook his head and said, "No need, it's fine here."

These were insignificant things, and she didn't bother to care.

Li Luo nodded and said, "Then I will live here. There should be extra rooms, right?"

Instructor Xi Chan thought for a while and nodded.

"This..." Wang Ling was a little helpless. Li Luochi came to pay his respects, but he lived in such a run-down courtyard. When word spread, they would be accused of Tianyuan Ancient Academy's lack of hospitality.

In the end, Wang Ling could only nod, and then without further words, he turned around and left with Chen Yun, who was still a little unwilling.

After Wang Ling and the two left, Li Luo looked at Zong Sha and Jiang Wanyu and said with a smile: "Can you two do me a favor?"

"Just say it." Zongsha said with a hearty smile.

"I want some information about the teams from other holy schools that came to Tianyuan Ancient Academy to participate in the college-level review this time." Li Luo said.

Jiang Wanyu said in surprise: "Are you really planning to represent Shengxuanxing Academy alone?"

Zong Sha also frowned and said: "This is a team competition. In other holy colleges, four colleges join forces. Although the students from the first and second star colleges basically work together, the students from the third and fourth star colleges should not be underestimated. watch for."

Although Zong Sha also understood Li Luo's strength and methods after what happened in Lingxiang Cave Heaven, this kind of competition was somewhat different from the fight in Dong Tian. Li Luo was the weakest one after all.

"I'm afraid there are some external forces that cannot be used here." Jiang Wanyu also reminded that Li Luo's method of using the power of some kind of great spirit beast to increase his strength is no longer a secret.

Li Luo smiled and nodded. Of course he knew this, but...some of the three- and four-star students from the Holy Academy may not pose much of a threat to him now.

Zong Sha and Jiang Wanyu didn't say too much. After all, they knew Li Luo's strength. Even if there was only one person, they thought that as long as they were a little more obscene in that competition, they should be able to achieve good results.

So the two of them quickly said goodbye for the time being.

As the two left, Li Luo turned around and looked at Instructor Xi Chan, whose beautiful eyes had been staring at him from the beginning.

"Teacher, have you noticed that I have become a strong man after not seeing you for about a year?" Li Luo said with emotion.

Instructor Xi Chan rolled her eyes at him and said: "I haven't noticed the strong demeanor, but the dandy demeanor has just appeared. It seems that without Jiang Qing'e taking care of you, you are about to let go."

Immediately, her red lips curled up slightly, and a smile appeared in her eyes: "'s quite refreshing."

"This is called treating others with their own medicine." Li Luo defended.

Then the two looked at each other and both laughed.

"Teacher, won't you let me go in and sit down? I still want to know the current situation of Shengxuanxing Academy." Li Luo said with a smile.

Instructor Xi Chan nodded slightly, stood at the gate of the courtyard, turned slightly sideways, and extended his hand to guide her.

"Please, the "dandy" young master from Li Tianwang's lineage. "


On the other side, Elder Wang Ling left with Chen Yun. "Is everything going to go away this time? The dean told me about this matter. I will definitely be disappointed with this result after I go back." Chen Yun was obviously unwilling. Shengxuanxing Academy was now in ruins. resources are given to them

, it is indeed a bit wasteful.

Elder Wang Ling was also a little helpless and said: "Who knew that there would be a student with such a background in the Shengxuanxing Academy in Shenzhou, and he would also stand up for them..."

"This Li Luo's name has become quite famous recently. He is considered a new leader among the younger generation in Tianyuan Shenzhou." He glanced at Chen Yun and said, "But don't worry yet. Although Li Luo has Li Tianwang He has the same background, but our Tianyuan Ancient Academy will not be afraid of him. We just need to look better in order to avoid attracting attention and causing a big fuss.

Not easy to clean up. "

"Besides, the college-level review is a four-person group system. No matter how powerful Li Luo is, he can only dominate among his peers. And this time at Shengxuanxing Academy, he is the only one. Can he really beat four with one?" Wang Ling sneered and said: "I have heard of some of his methods in the Spiritual Celestial Cave. It seems that he used the power of some kind of spiritual beast to achieve victory over the next level. However, this method is not considered in the academy-level review. will be banned, so

No need to worry. "

Chen Yun breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I was almost frightened by this guy's one-on-four tone."

Wang Ling smiled lightly and said: "It is natural for young people to be frivolous, and with the beautiful instructor watching next to them, they always want to show off. After thinking about it, I may feel a little regretful."

"I will report this matter to Vice President Wu Yu. He is the brother of your president. I think he will help you in the future. By making some adjustments within the rules, Shengxuanxing Academy may be able to overcome the difficulties. Return."

"Although Li Luo has some status, there is no reason for Li Tianwang and his family to interfere in the internal affairs of our school alliance."

He glanced at Chen Yun and whispered: "Pang Qianyuan, the dean of Shengxuanxing Academy, also had some grudges with deputy dean Wu Yu back then."

Chen Yun suddenly realized that there was still such a grudge. No wonder Vice President Wu Yu didn't want to see the Shengxuanxing Academy, and he didn't even want to see Xi Chan.

He turned his head and looked at the small building with a roof protruding from the trees, and he snorted in his heart.

"So what about Li Tianwang's lineage... I, Shengze Academy, will keep an eye on this "extreme family". "

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