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After the gold medal teacher Sun Mo of the City No. 2 Middle School fell into the water, he came to Tang Guo, Zhongzhou, and became an intern teacher who had just graduated. He had a white and rich fiancée who was still the principal of a prestigious school, but the school was declining. Delisting and delisting, disposing of the school…

Sun Mo’s start was to help his fiancée sit firmly in the position of principal and let the school return to the rich list.

After Sun Mo got the Peerless Master System, he turned the waste into gold, turning each waste into a genius. Under Sun Mo’s guidance, the scumbags learned to master one year, learn emperor for three years, and learn god for five years. A king-level boss!

How dare you say that my master and apprentice has a false name? Swordsman, spear saint, sword demon, saint, Wushuang Guoshi, a generation of devil emperor, two great saints, three supreme, all are taught by me, just ask you if you are afraid?

I like to take the bronze trash fish into the king boss, Sun Mo said!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:AGT
Alternate Title:绝代名师
Author:Longing Washes Red Beans
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#256
Monthly Rank:#157
All Time Rank:#258
Tags:System, System Administrator, Teachers,
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4 thoughts on “Absolute Great Teacher
  1. Recomendada sin duda mejor que Library of the Heaven Path, el MC es carismático y sus alumnos todos tienen su propio desarrollo y personalidad en fin 10/10 y por si preguntan si hay romance

  2. Nice novel.Better than library of heaven path.Students-teacher relationship,smart mc(he dont leave because he want to prove he can save the school),not many face-slapping,system is cute and most importantly mc PRACTICE the skill he gain from System which show mc does not wholly depend on system.Sun Mo is likable Mc.

    1. Is this a harem? It was said in the review section he was avoiding intimate relationship and scream like a girl, so is he going to treat those lady as flower vase or treat them ad reward who like to show off but never touch them?

      After all if he was not interested in them and make their relationship ubclear, i will feel disappointed for those women who likes him.

      Has not started reading ànd just asking for spoiler about his live life if it is a harem, what about intimate contact like what a bormal relatioship do. Cause sometimes I feel I was reading an eunuch mc lol.

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