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Above the King of Pirates

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Legion of Saints, Legion of Giants, Legion of Reaper, Legion of Ninja…

World government, navy, Qiwuhai, four emperors…

Take turns in battle, all come on stage.

The Tianlong people on the red earth continent are supreme and domineering.

In the underground caves extending in all directions in the red earth continent, steam trains roared past, piercing the four seas.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ATKOP
Alternate Title:海贼之国王之上
Author:Half eat and half house
Weekly Rank:#166
Monthly Rank:#254
All Time Rank:#161
Tags:Age Progression, Army Building, Betrayal, Cheats, Death of Loved Ones, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harry Potter, Imperial Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Lolicon, Marvel, Multiple POV, One Piece, Pokemon, Polygamy, Pregnancy, System, System Administrator,
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22 Comments on “Above the King of Pirates
  1. Oh stupid King fight against WG without any information about Im, he have space weapon but he didnt used it against WG? I know on the end the system will give him dragon ball (boring!)

  2. 10/10 Muy buena novela muestra "ONE PIECE" desde casi todas sus angulos y toma muy bien informacion del anime o manga para desarrollar un mundo completo, el protagonista de la novela tiene buena mentalidad no se deja guiar por la nariz por el sistema o personas terceras es decisivo, y hace todo lo posible por su reino e hijos sin cegarse por odio o ventajas rapidas, Me gusto este tipo de actitud de protagonista que hace todo por mejorar y ser autonciente de sus ventajas y desventajas tratar de mejorar lo mas posible. la novela tiene pocos hoyos cerebrales y muy poco nacionalismo solo de comida todo los demas pasable 10/10

  3. Arthur is devil fruit user but can swim to save joz in the sea n not weakened at all(ch.1140), Arthur is so strong even Luffy son of plane still weakened if get touch with sea water? If i remember correctly Arthur is human not murloc like Jack, its so amazing could survived after swim in the sea, lol..

  4. Shanks to Buggy : "I heard they are incarnations of the sea devil. Supposedly, if you eat one, you will gain devil powers... but the sea will hate you and take your ability to swim!" Jack is half murloc/real murloc so he could survived in deep ocean even he is a devil fruit user, but he couldnt even move in the manga! Arthur is human and devil user so he should not have ability to swim! But he swim so well n show no weakness.

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