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Originally titled “I heard that my husband likes green”
Shen Yuzhi is the affectionate male supporting role in the article “The Best Love of the Dude”. With the status of the heroine’s childhood sweetheart and fiancé, he sees the heroine kissing me and the heroine and marrying me together, not only for the sake of the one above my head. Qingqing Grassland was ashamed and angry, and fell deeper and deeper, and finally became the heroine’s loyal licking dog.
Outside the book, countless girls were moved by his infatuation and cried for his ending.
Therefore, the Jinjiang Ministry dispatched a system to match a host who has transmigrated into the heroine’s sister and Shen Yuzhi’s nominal wife in billions of universes. Our goal is to make her feel true love and live a happy life~
The matched host Bai Chu: Bah!
Mother of the original owner: Chu Chu, as long as you are virtuous, considerate and patient, uncle will change his mind one day.
Maid: Young Madam, the third young master is back, you must think of a way to get back the third young master’s heart.
System Xiaoba: Host, host, how can you make Shen Yuzhi feel happy?
Bai Chu thought about this: I heard that your husband likes green?
Shen Yuzhi: I didn’t…
Brother/friend/classmate/shangfeng/enemy, etc. (Qi Shushua covers his mouth): No, you have.

Lightning Protection Tips
1. The heroine Su is very Su and flirtatious. There are many people who love her (including the author).
2. Be careful to join the party with a clean body, the author is cowardly, and can’t guarantee anything.
3. The CP is undecided, it will never be the ex-husband, so the one who will reconcile will reconcile, that is, in the second half of the plot, after the male protagonist is determined, the reconciliation will be done~
4. The heroine let go of herself. Although the author loves her, she should try not to implicate the diligent Xiaohuan when she scolds her. Harmonious society.

Content tags: travel through time and space
Search keywords: Protagonist: Bai Chuhua (Bai Chu) ┃ Supporting roles: various male protagonists & male supporting roles ┃ Others:

One sentence introduction: I dare to fool the system, what is a man?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:AMTHS
Alternate Title:关于我比女主苏这回事
Author:Huan He Ji
Weekly Rank:#9382
Monthly Rank:#8158
All Time Rank:#9086
Tags:Ancient China, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Comedic Undertone, Cunning Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Transmigration,
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  1. I only read 2 pages and had a hard time understanding what is going on. Not sure if it's only me. Anyways, i have no patience to try to understand it.

  2. Sincerely I hated the fl to the bone. Way to ruin everyone’s life flirting with every male she could see And then leave all of them hanging. least of all the one she had a mission to get did not . Also Out of everyone she could’ve chosen she chooses the one she shouldn’t. But that is jut my opinion. 😂

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