Chapter 1511 Crushing

"Master Dragon God, I will not leave!" Elder Eugene said firmly.

He had never disobeyed Dragon God's order in his life, but now he was stubborn for the first time to speak out against it.

"Elder Eugene, they are the future of the Dragons. Without your suppression, they will not leave!" Rarely appeared in the voice of the Dragon God.

Although looking at the Dragon God almost ignored the affairs of the Dragons, in fact, every change of the Dragons was remembered by him.

This is why he was able to name so many dragons immediately in a crisis.

"I'll take them to Warsong Plateau, by the way, to Warsong Plateau, the place of war **** Dow's faith. After he found me, he could directly contact Elder Abel!" Elder Eugene said suddenly, his eyes brightened, I patted my head, and I was annoyed how I hadn't thought about it before.

He knew very well that as Abel's contract, there was a spiritual connection between the war priest and Abel.

Once you find a war fighter, you can contact Abel.

"Then go!" Dragon spirit was also refreshed and waved.

Elder Eugene accelerated and walked towards the defensive fortress below, and soon he took a group of dragons to the Warsong City through the teleportation circle.

"Everyone, Elder Eugene went to contact Abel. I believe Abel will come to support soon!" The dragon **** saw some god-level wizards when he saw Elder Eugene leaving, his face was very bad, and he said immediately.

His words eased the look of the god-level wizards, but the pressure of the ever-present god-level sea beasts continued to increase.

The collapse of these divine wizards can happen at any time.

Finally, the appearance of the god-level sea beast stopped. There were 283 god-level sea beasts. This number made the dragon god's eyes feel a little light.

Although there are so many god-level sea beasts, as long as he is converted into a dragon body, using the speed advantage of the golden dragon, and with the help of these gods around him, he can still do it for some time.

He is the golden dragon, the most powerful dragon among the dragons. He is born with lightning control ability. After turning into lightning, he can achieve a `` momentary movement '' effect similar to a wizard.

If the number of gold dragons is not too small for the dragons, the dragons can suppress the wizarding guilds that rule the world by 'momentary movement'.

Just as he thought about it, three terrifying breaths emerged from that space installation, and then three huge figures came to the god-level sea beasts through the space installation.

"Louis, it's been a long time!" As soon as the nine-headed sea dragon appeared, he greeted the dragon **** and said.

Although looking at each other is very harmonious, in fact, there is a huge hatred between them.

Although the nine-headed sea dragon has a dragon in its name, it does not have the blood of a dragon, so it is not accepted by the dragon family. Some grudges of the year caused him to have a fierce conflict with the dragon god.

Finally, the nine-headed sea dragon was far from the mainland, ending the conflict.

"Nine-headed sea dragon, did not expect you to come!" Dragon God said in a deep voice, watching him.

"Louis, please call my new name, the nine-headed dragon god!" The nine-headed sea dragon has a huge advantage in his heart. His level is even higher than that of the dragon god, he said with a smile.

"Jiutou, no matter how you change your name, you are not a member of the Dragon family!" Dragon God said ironically.

At this time, he was no more polite, and called out the nine-headed Hailong alias.

"Nine-headed dragon god, don't delay time with him, let's enter the mainland quickly!" The turtle on the side stopped the conversation between the dragon **** and the nine-headed sea dragon, Shen Sheng said.

"A god, a god, you can't enter the mainland without killing the dragon god!" Nine-headed sea dragon pointed at the dragon **** to the two sea beasts.

"Then kill him!" When the voice of the **** of cricket appeared, it sounded like a thunder, because his body was too big.

"Three, do you think about offending a world-class powerhouse?" Dragon God knew that all he had to do at this time was to take time, he asked indifferently.

"A world-class powerhouse? Basham has been promoted?" Nine-headed sea dragon apparently knew the bottom of the continent, and he could not help asking.

He would not think that the dragon gods lied, because at their level, there would be almost no lies in such things.

"Basham? He is a thing of the past. Now the president of the Wizarding Guild is Abel, and Abel is also an elder of the Dragon clan. He is even more a world-class power. Said the dragon **** Shen Sheng.

"What about the two of us?" At this moment, two figures appeared in the distance. It was the **** Barsham and Tyrael the Archangel, talking about the **** Barsham.

"I've seen the nine-headed dragon god, the armor god, and the **** of hell!" He ignored the eyes of the dragon **** and looked at him, but continued to bow and salute to the three sea beasts.

"Interesting, former President of the Wizarding Guild, Basham will help us!" Jiu Hailong said with a laugh.

"Because we have common enemies, Tyrael and I were chased and killed by Abel. There is no shelter on the mainland, and when the integration of the" Tree of the World "is complete, we will have nowhere to run and cooperate with you. It's our only way out! "Shen Sheng, the **** of Basham, explained.

"Well, no need to say anything, let's kill all the guys in front of us together, and then some go to the 'Tree of the World'!" Jiuhai Hailong nodded.

The sea beast now has absolute divine power, and is not afraid of any other thoughts of the Basham **** wizard and archangel Tyrrell.

Besides, as long as the Basham **** wizard and archangel Tyrrell are involved in attacking the Dragon and Wizardry Guilds, their attitude can be explained.

Immediately, the scene suddenly became tense.

A god-like breath rises into the sky, and wars will erupt at any time.

Eighteen divine wizards were about to spur 'momentary movement' to leave the battlefield, but they felt the fluctuations of the power of the world inside them, and immediately they also inspired the divine breath without any fear.

Because they sensed the news from Abel, support came soon.

Although Abel guessed that there would be trouble in the evolution of the tree of life into the 'tree of the world', he did not expect that all the god-level sea beasts of the entire world would come to the central continent.

He stood next to the tree of life, and the Golden Castle also opened the "Star Defence Array", making the teleportation circle of the Tree of Life valley ineffective, and even his induction was affected by the fusion of the tree of life, and Nothing was found offshore.

His contact with the outside world has long since ceased. Although the Temple of the Moon Goddess wants to notify him, it will take some time for the Druids of the Temple of the Moon to reach the Valley of the Tree of Life.

Just before that, Elder Eugene came to Warsong City with a group of dragons, because Elder Eugene was very familiar with the War Godhood, and then he got in touch with the War Godhood, and then the God War God was contacted by the soul chain Bo, informed the situation.

Abel couldn't leave the Valley of the Tree of Life, so he came to the Golden Castle, where he sensed a confrontation offshore.

Two hundred and eighty-three god-level sea beasts and three Xeon strong sea beasts, plus the breath of the two Xeon strong beings going there, he understood the situation facing the Dragon God.

His soul chain immediately contacted all the god-level compacts, and immediately passed through the teleportation matrix in the kingdom of God. A god-level compact was appeared in the dragon-class teleportation matrix.

First the God of War, and then Milton, but just as soon as Milton appeared, it disappeared.

Then fifteen combat-level gods appeared, and god-level one to god-level seven appeared.

Both sides originally prepared to go to war stopped, and the sea beast wanted to wait for the other party's combat power to come out, and concentrated on solving it again.

When the "Little Brother" figure appeared on the battlefield, there was a smile on the face of the dragon god, and the god-level wizards also felt relieved.

Then, the angel body with four wings on the back also appeared on the battlefield. His powerful forty-five level breath increased the morale of the Wizarding Guild and the Dragon Race again.

Abel's half of his mind controls the angel's body, and he knows that these combat powers alone cannot solve the current troubles.

He turned his eyes to the dark world. He had never used the ‘high elves’ before. He may have worried that these ‘high elves’ would come to the world ’s repression when they came to the central continent.

But now that he has some control over the world because of the ‘world stone’, ‘high elves’ are the life in the real world of his dark world, and he is also affected by him.

With a wave of his hand, Elder Locke, the leader of the 'High Elf', first summoned from the dark world to the Central Continent. When the elder of the 'High Elf' appeared on the Central Continent, his breath was fully revealed.

Before being suppressed by the dark world, Elder Locke's strength was not clear to Abel.

Now he was surprised to find that Elder Locke was a god.

"Great God, Locke fights for you at any time!" Elder Locke's little body floated in the air, and the Central Continent did not suppress him, he said respectfully.

In Abel's perception, the repressive power of this world is offset by the real world of the dark world, just like the gods of this world, except that the 'high elves' cannot use the real world energy of the dark world to enhance their own attacks.

But the **** level is the **** level, especially the darling of this world, even if there is no real world blessing, its strength is extremely terrifying.

At this moment Abel can feel that the magic between heaven and earth is cheering for Elder Locke. It seems that as long as Elder Locke orders, all the magic will obey his orders within his control.

With the example of Elder Locke, Abel again summoned the ‘high elves’ in large numbers.

The moon goddess was surprised to find in the kingdom of God that thousands of gods appeared at once in the land of her faith above the valley of the tree of life.

Had she not known that Abel was there, she would have fled from the kingdom of God and evaded other kingdoms of God.

Abel summoned ten thousand 'high elves' at one time, and he found that half of these 'high elves' had reached the level of the gods, and the rest were all demi-levels.

In the dark world, after the number of 'high elves' reached 40,000, it never increased.

The previous rapid increase was due to the acorns constantly growing in the tree of life to regenerate 'high elves', and the reproduction efficiency between 'high elves' was very low.

It seems that the world also has a rule. After the tree of life has evolved into the 'tree of the world', the number of 'high elves' in the dark world has not changed, and has stabilized at 40,000.

Abel finally summoned 20,000 'high elves' and returned 10,000 demigods 'high elves' to the dark world.

In the offshore, when the angel's body appeared, there was no god-level appearance after a few minutes. After all the sea beasts thought that there was no support, the nine-headed sea dragon issued a howl and thousands of huge ice arrows appeared in his Around the body.

The other god-level sea beasts are also ready for spells and ready to go to war. The Dragon and Wizard Associations have also made preparations for fighting. Seeing that the biggest **** war in thousands of years is about to start.

A small figure appeared on the battlefield, and it was Elder Locke.

At the same time, thousands of huge ice arrows were fired around the first nine sea snakes that attacked, and Elder Locke appeared to be the target of the attack.

"Dangerous!" Cried Dragon God.

Next, everyone was stunned.

When I saw Elder Locke's hand wave, the thousands of huge ice arrows were just like Yuzi returning home, obeying his orders and stopping in front of him.

Under his command, these thousand huge ice arrows turned around in the air, and toward the sea beast, he did not order to attack, but just watched.

"'Higher Elves'!" The nine-headed sea dragon, Jiashen, and Wushen screamed in panic almost at the same time.

Even the dragon gods on the dragon side are frightened, but god-level wizards feel much lighter.

Whether they are sea beasts or dragons, in their blood veins, they inherit the fear of 'high elves'.

As the first ruler of the world, the High Elf has unparalleled strength.

According to legend, 'High Elves' can command all the magic and elements between heaven and earth. If the 'High Elves' of this world have not disappeared, then this world will be ruled by 'High Elves'.

The fear in the blood, and the ability of Elder Locke to control the elements in front of him, made the war quiet again.

"He will handle it for me!" Archangel Tyrrell said in a deep voice.

Only here is that instead of using elements to attack, he can fight Elder Locke without being suppressed.

But just after his words fell, one by one, the god-level 'high elves' appeared, and they stood beside Elder Locke as quietly.

One hundred and two hundred, twelve thousand, and fifty-one million, all the strong men present were a little numb, and a 'high elf' was so terrible. What was the result of adding ten thousand to this terrible.

All the god-level sea beasts lost the idea of ​​fighting. They looked at these 'high elves' with dreadful eyes. In addition to the three most powerful sea beasts, they were forcibly supported, and the other 283 god-level sea beasts will Low body signifies humility.

(End of this chapter)

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