For Zhao Yuner, who has no production experience, giving birth is indeed a very painful process.

Only by personal experience can I experience the pain personally.

I don't know if the baby in the belly is too big, Zhao Yuner is very troublesome to give birth.

There was a layer of sweat on his forehead from the pain.

The ancient delivery room was an inauspicious place, because seeing red may bring bad luck, and under normal circumstances, men are not allowed to enter.

But Mulianfeng couldn't take care of that much and insisted on staying by Zhao Yuner's side.

After several hours of labor, a child was finally born.

The midwife rejoiced and said with Mu Lianfeng, "Congratulations, my son, I'm a male doll! There will be a little boy in the family!"

Just after speaking, the midwife found something was wrong, and started muttering again, "No, there is one more in my belly!"

With that, the midwife put down the baby and continued to deliver the baby.

Then Zhao Yuner continued to give birth to a female baby.

The people in the delivery room hurriedly helped the two dolls to clean them.

The midwife laughed from ear to ear, "The Shi Ziye and Shi Zifei are so lucky that they gave birth to a baby in one child. I have never seen my old woman deliver babies for so many years!"

The prosperity of the dragon and the phoenix indicates auspiciousness!

Zhao Yun'er gave birth to a baby, and the family was immediately overjoyed after hearing this.

Mu Lianfeng was equally excited. Looking at Zhao Yun'er with a weak face, he lightly kissed Zhao Yun'er's head and said, "Yun'er, did you hear that? We gave birth to a dragon and a phoenix!"

Zhao Yun'er was very weak at the moment, but she was also very happy to hear that she had a baby.

The midwife reported the two children to Zhao Yuner, and let Zhao Yuner see the appearance of the two children.

A child is born crumpled, but it is vaguely visible that the child's facial features are very handsome, and he will definitely look good when he grows up.

At the moment when she saw the child, Zhao Yuner suddenly felt that the pain she had just suffered was worth it!

"Yun'er! Thank you for your hard work! We will guard you all the time!" Mu Lianfeng held Zhao Yun'er's hand tightly and promised.

Time flies, and in the following time, Mulianfeng indeed fulfilled his promise as she said.

The family stayed together, although the simple life in the country, they also felt happiness that they had never had before.

Everything around him is getting better. Zhao Yuner’s tea business is getting bigger and bigger. Most of the business is slowly handed over to Mulan’s family and Muxin and Zhao Tian’an to take care of them. Over the years, he has planted a few more hilltops. Tea and pig farming are also good business, at least it can make your loved ones worry free.

Because she no longer worries about survival, Zhao Yuner spends most of her time with her family and teaches her son.

Two years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the two children born have already learned to talk and walk, and they keep skinny every day. Fortunately, there are many people in the family, and there are many people to carry them, so they are not too tired.

"Mother, mother~"


Zhao Yuner had only left for an hour, and the two children rushed over as soon as they saw her, with their little hands open, seeking a hug.

Zhao Yuner had to hug one side.

An Le said sadly after seeing it, "Hey...Two little white-eyed wolves, I have been taking so long and haven't kissed me, so I'm talking about my mother!"

Zhao Yun'er smiled and replied, "Princess, then you can give birth to one by yourself, and you can kiss yourself!"

An Le pondered, and nodded in agreement, "Ms. Yun'er is right, her own person is good! I want to have one too!"

Then turned to Ye Li and said, "Ye Li, I also help you give birth to a monkey, OK?"

"Not good!" Ye Li shook his head.

"No, no! Let's have one too! I don't care, I am dependent on you! I will give you a monkey!" An Le was wrapped in Ye Li.

Ye Li hurriedly turned around to escape, but at the moment of turning around, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, as bright, happy and warm as the sun in the sky at this time.

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