In the next few months, life became more and more comfortable.

Mulianfeng invited a couple of two maids over to take care of the daily life of Zhao Yuner's house, but it was not so busy anymore.

Zhao Yuner's belly grew bigger because she was pregnant.

By the time it was eight or nine months, the operation was already very inconvenient.

However, Zhao Yuner knows that she can't sit for a long time after she is pregnant.

Estimated the expected date of delivery, the family has arranged the midwife in advance, just waiting for the day of full-term delivery.

I don't know why, Zhao Yun'er's belly is bigger than the average person.

The old Zhao's women gathered together, staring at Zhao Yun'er's stomach curiously and talking together, "Yun'er girl's stomach is really bigger than ordinary people's!"

"Yeah! It's too big! It is estimated that the baby in the belly is born a big one, it should be a big fat kid!"

"Sure! Such a big belly must be a son!"

Zhao Yuner touched her belly and couldn't help but smile.

The ancients favored sons over daughters and wanted a son, but she didn't!


But it's good fortune to make people, the more you think about it, the less it becomes!

She wanted to have a girl but she didn't have a girl!

At this time, Tiantian is already walking very neatly. This child is smart, which means he can also say some long and short sentences, and communication is not hindered.

Sweet like a bunny, she came to Zhao Yun'er with a bounce, her little hand touched Zhao Yun'er's belly, giggled, and then pointed to Zhao Yun'er's belly and said, "Sister...Sister..."

On the side of the old Zhao’s wife who caught a cold reminded him, "Little girl, what a sister, a younger brother!"

Tiantian's little mouth pouted, and she was very unwilling to say: "Tiantian wants her sister but not her brother!"

"Haha!" Zhao Yuner was amused, and asked Tiantian, "Why does Tiantian want her sister and not her brother?"

"Tiantian likes her younger sister, is it okay for my mother to have a sister?"

"Haha! Good!" Zhao Yun'er touched Tiantian's head, and replied dozingly.

Doudou stood up and said, "Mother, Doudou likes his younger brother! It would be nice if mother has a younger brother!"

Zhao Yuner shook her head, "One of you wants a younger brother and the other wants a younger sister. You can't give birth to a baby at once, so you have a younger brother and a younger sister, right?"

"Well... that mother loves Doudou whether she has a younger brother or a younger sister!" Doudou replied very sensibly.

"Yes, no matter if it is your younger brother or younger sister, it is your siblings. You have to take care of your younger siblings after you become elder brothers and sisters, know?

"Yeah!" Both children nodded very sensibly.

Doudou stepped forward, looking at Zhao Yuner beggingly, "Mother, can Doudou touch her brother in her belly? Listen to his voice like a father?"

"Of course you can!"


Doudou came forward happily, her ears pressed against Zhao Yun'er's stomach, and after feeling a little movement, Doudou shouted excitedly, "Mother, brother moved!"


"Mother, when will Doudou see his brother?"

"Almost! Another month or two!"

"Doudou wants to see it right away!" Doudou's eyes were shining brightly, and a look of anticipation flashed.

More than a month later, when Zhao Yun'er reached the expected date of delivery, one day she felt severe pain in her stomach, and Mu Lianfeng hurriedly sent someone to invite the midwife.

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