But after a few days, I couldn't hold back.

The two lay flat on the bed, and Mu Lianfeng couldn't help but leaned against Zhao Yun'er, then turned over and put Zhao Yun'er in his arms.

His face couldn't help but rubbed against Zhao Yun'er's neck, and whispered to Zhao Yun'er's ear, "Yun'er...I want to... some can't help it!"

Mu Lianfeng is a normal man, young and vigorous, and full of desires.

The woman she likes is held in her arms, just wanting to endure some difficulties.

Zhao Yuner hurriedly pushed Mulianfeng away and stopped Mulianfeng's behavior.


"Yun'er, why is this?"

"Don't you know that a woman can't have **** after being pregnant?"

Mu Lianfeng frowned and replied, "I know...but I thought it was just that I couldn't have **** after my stomach was big. Now my stomach is still small and I can't see it. It should be fine..."

Zhao Yun'er and Mulianfeng started popular science.

A woman can't touch her during the first and last three months of pregnancy.

Although it's ok in the middle few months, you still have to be safer if you don't have sex.

Of course, for the average person, normal men and women do not have **** for ten months.

Coupled with confinement to nurse your body, you can't touch it for a year.

This is a very painful period of time, but for the sake of the child in the stomach, I can only endure it.

After listening to Zhao Yuner's words, even though Mulianfeng had a strong desire in his heart, he still restrained himself for Zhao Yuner and the child.

"Okay, Yuner, I get it!

Do not worry! I can't touch you if you can't "

As Mu Lianfeng said, holding Zhao Yun'er, he gently dropped a kiss on Zhao Yun'er's forehead.

Putting a hand on Zhao Yun'er's abdomen, he gently stroked, feeling the little life in Zhao Yun'er's stomach.

It's a pity that the child is only one month old, too young to feel anything.

Mu Lianfeng could only close his eyes and imagine what the baby in Zhao Yuner's belly would be like when he was born.

Mulianfeng hopes that the child can be as simple and beautiful as Zhao Yuner!

"Yun'er, do you think it's better for us to give birth to boys or girls?" Mu Lianfeng asked with a smile.

Zhao Yuner thought for a moment, "All boys and girls are good.

But we already have a male doll. It would be better to have a female doll.

Only children can make up a good word! "

Mulianfeng nodded in agreement, "I also think it's better to have a baby girl.

The daughter is the intimate little padded jacket of the parents, and the female doll can be as cute and sensible as Tiantian. "


"Haha! Go to sleep! You have to sleep more, you can do it for the child in your stomach."

"it is good!"

The two cuddled together, and soon fell asleep.

On the other end, An Le just fell asleep in a daze when he heard the exclamation from Ye Li's room.

An Le was so scared that she didn't even wear her shoes, and rushed into Ye Li's room to see what happened to Ye Li.

Only seeing Ye Li sitting on the bed, his forehead was soaked with a layer of sweat, his face was a little pale under the moonlight through the window.

An Le rushed to Ye Li and asked, "Ye Li, what's wrong with you? What happened? Why does his face look so bad?"

Facing Anle's concern, a strange feeling emerged in Ye Li's heart, but he still faintly replied to Lean, "It's none of your business, don't ask!"

An Le curled her lips and said a little unhappy, "Ye Li, why are you like this? I care about you and you still have a cold and indifferent attitude towards me..."

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