But when she was happy, she couldn't help worrying. Now that she is pregnant and giving birth so quickly, where can the family take care of her?

Mu Xin is also about to give birth, and needs more staff to take care of her and take care of her confinement.

Although Liang Jinqiao had finished giving birth, Zhao Yuner's little sister was still young and needed more care.

If I have a baby now, I'm afraid my family will be busy with more children.

Seeing that Zhao Yun'er's mood was not high, and there was a hint of worry in her eyes, Mulianfeng asked with concern, "Yun'er, what's the matter? Are you unhappy that we have children?

Or do you not want this child? "

Zhao Yuner shook her head, and a helpless smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, "Of course I am happy to have a child, but I just feel that the child is not coming at the right time.

There are so many children in the family these past two days, I'm afraid I will be too busy...

Mulianfeng took Zhao Yun'er's hand, smiled and comforted, "Yun'er, if I'm too busy, I will invite a maid to come back. I will definitely take care of our family!"

Although Zhao Yun'er didn't want to be served, Mu Lianfeng's idea was still feasible.

Just like in the 21st century, there were not enough staff at home to ask some aunts and nanny to come back and take care of them.

"Good!" Zhao Yun'er nodded in response.

"Yun'er, it's great to have another child with you!" Mu Lianfeng held Zhao Yun'er's hand tightly, and couldn't let go of excitement.

When Zhao Yuner gave birth for the first time, he was not able to accompany him, nor did he take good care of his own children.

This time it was different, and she could accompany Zhao Yuner well and take care of the whole process.

Doctor Sun said with a smile, "Yun'er girl can usually eat more nourishing things and work less, your body is still weak!

After you become pregnant, you should pay attention to your body's recuperation, don't be too negligent, this is not good for the child in your stomach! "

"Good Doctor Sun, got it!"

"Then it's okay, I'll leave first!" Doctor Sun picked up the medicine box and got up to leave.

"Doctor Sun go slowly!"

When the old Zhao family heard the news that Zhao Yuner was pregnant, they were all happy for Zhao Yuner.

In ancient times, people were prosperous, and the more children, the better.

Especially for wealthy people, a full house of descendants is a blessing.

Recently, there are too many happy events in the old Zhao's family, and the people in the village have begun to talk about Feng Shui again.

Many people in the village are overhauling their ancestral tombs, hoping that one day they will be as lucky as the old Zhao family.

Since Zhao Yuner was pregnant, the family members have not dared to let her touch her hands again, for fear of some accidents.

The men in the house are all fighting for the work that needs to be done.

Such a small child as Tiantian suddenly became sensible, and stopped coming to disturb Zhao Yun'er, and let Doudou and Mu Lianfeng take them.

So Zhao Yun'er was leisurely during this period.

However, Zhao Yun'er has a temperament that can't be idle, so she doesn't do anything, doing nothing every day, and she is really bored.

In fact, family members don’t have to be so nervous at all. They don’t have a big belly a few months before pregnancy. As long as they are not doing rough work, they will not be too tired.

Many women in ancient times dragged a big belly to work in the fields when they were close to giving birth.

Before Liang Jinqiao was pregnant, although she was nervous, she was not too nervous.

The most inconvenience of being pregnant is when sleeping with Mu Lianfeng at night.

Zhao Yun'er was just pregnant, and Mu Lianfeng was filled with joy, and had no thoughts at night.

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