Zhao Yuner woke up and rubbed her aching forehead. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a strange environment.

She was lying on a tattered bed with straw, covered with a thin quilt, which still had a musty smell. Surrounded by dilapidated walls, the walls are full of dust. There was nothing else in the room except for a table that had half a leg missing and was padded with bricks.

Zhao Yuner's eyes rolled, trying to support her body and get up.

What the **** is this place?

She is a policeman. She ran into a thief and robbed her on the road. Then she was accidentally hit by a car. She woke up again and came here...

"Mother, are you awake? Is your head still hurting?" At this time, a milk doll walked into the house, a boy aged three or four, with a soft voice, which immediately made Zhao Yun'er feel soft.

It's just that this milk doll is thin, with a sallow face, and her big eyes are a little bit sunken. At first glance, it is caused by chronic malnutrition. The clothes on her body are also a bit shabby and not fit, as if they were remade from adult clothes. In modern times, are there people who are so poor that they make children like this?

Zhao Yun'er was stunned, and she couldn't recover for a while.

Mother? Is this kid calling her?

"Mother, why did you ignore Doudou?" Seeing Zhao Yuner's silence, Naiwa felt a little scared.


Zhao Yuner rubbed her forehead and asked uncertainly, "Your name is Doudou? Am I your mother?"

After Zhao Yun'er said these words, the black and bright eyes of the milk doll were stained with a layer of water mist, and she looked at Zhao Yun'er pitifully.

"Mother, don't you recognize Doudou?"

Zhao Yun'er looked at the aggrieved and sad face of Naiwawa, and her heart ached.


"Hey~" His head hurt more severely. In an instant, a memory from another person emerged in Zhao Yuner's mind.

Zhao Yuner knew that this memory did not belong to her.

She had indeed crossed, crossing over to this body, with the same name as her, also called Zhao Yuner.

It turned out that Zhao Yuner went up the mountain to chop wood, accidentally stumbled, knocked her head and fainted on the mountain. Fortunately, Liu Lei, the hunter in the village, found Zhao Yuner when he entered the mountain, and then sent Zhao Yuner back.

However, the original Zhao Yun'er is still dead, and now Zhao Yun'er passed through.

"Mother, don't you want Doudou..." The nurse cried sadly.

Zhao Yuner's heart is also a little bit more sad.

How pitiful a child would be if his mother were gone?

"Doudou, my mother just had a headache and forgot a lot of things, how could she not have Doudou." Zhao Yuner coaxed softly, and when she said, she hugged the milk baby into her arms. "Doudou don't cry."

The nurse felt Zhao Yun'er's body temperature, and suddenly stopped crying. There were still tears on her little face, and Zhao Yun'er gently wiped the tears off the face of the baby.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

"Yun'er girl, are you at home?" An old woman's voice rang outside.

Zhao Yuner knew from the memory of the original owner that this person was her grandmother, Huo Chunhua.

But what did the old woman come to her for?

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