Fuck, he actually wore a book? !

These were the first words that came to Gu Lan's mind when she woke up in the boys' dormitory.

The second sentence is:

Why does everyone wear a villain female supporting role to make a perfect turnaround while she wears it in the boys' dormitory and becomes a man? !


Gu Lan checked her body, there was nothing extra in a certain part, she was still a woman's body, but she seemed to be a man.

Gu Lan was lying on the bed in the dormitory, frowning as she read the plot of the book-crossing novel that suddenly appeared in her mind.

The original book is a campus full of "handsome men all over the world love heroines", "those who don't love heroines are bad guys", "all beautiful women love heroines", and "everyone who loves heroines except heroines is a bad guy" Mary Sue novel.

Gu Lan in the book is the roommate of the heroine, with a wealthy family and outstanding appearance. She is the 102nd male partner in the book who has a crush on the heroine.

Well, the male supporting role is more decent, but it is actually cannon fodder.

The chapter in the original book that introduces the original patron Gu Lan is only one chapter—

Gu Lan molested the heroine, said a few lines, and went home to recuperate after being violently beaten by the heroine.

After recovering from the injury, he went back to the dormitory, and the male lead was thrown by the original owner into the most terrifying dormitory described in the book, like a horror novel in a campus novel, 444 dormitory.

In the end, Gu Lan had a mental breakdown and went crazy, and her family was also pinned down.

After reading the whole novel, Gu Lan felt very complicated.

This... so few appearances, how can she continue to play the role of the original owner?

There are no character actions, that's it, that's it?

Gu Lan herself fits the characteristics of many heroines in time-travel novels.


no money.

no friends.

Still unlucky.

There was a car accident, and there was a whimper on the spot.

Now that I have crossed over, there is nothing to worry about.

And what she used to like most was fighting, flirting with girls, and sleeping.

She's not good at acting.

Gu Lan thought about it seriously for a long time, and finally decided—

It's just random.

Anyway, the original owner was originally a small supporting role, so no one should have noticed.

When she noticed it, she said that when she went out, her brain was caught by the door, so her personality changed.

If it doesn't work if the door is clamped, she will hit the wall on the spot and pretend to have amnesia...

Simply perfect!

The more Gu Lan thought about it, the more she felt that she was worthy of being talented and intelligent.

At this time, three parts are cool, three parts are sneering, and four parts are careless voices, accompanied by the sound of the door opening.

"Hey, An Momo is my woman! You dare to tease her, you are finished! Get out of this dormitory, now, immediately, immediately!"

Gu Lan didn't expect that the domineering president here not only has fan-shaped eyes, but also has a voice, and the quotations from the domineering president made her think that this boss might have a brain.

Gu Lan blinked and decided to fight the poison with the poison.

She sat up, before she could see what the hero of the statistics chart looked like, she spoke first.

"This classmate, first of all, I don't call you Hey, I'm Gu Lan. Second, I didn't molested her, and I'm not as blind as you."

Xiao Hui didn't expect Gu Lan to say such a thing.

He and Gu Lan have been roommates for three years. Gu Lan has a flamboyant personality and causes troubles everywhere by virtue of being a rich second generation.

He, who is worth hundreds of millions, is very low-key, how dare this little rich second generation dare to be so arrogant in front of him, and even molested his woman? !

Lihua, who was crying silently, brought rain, so he found someone to beat Gu Lan, and Gu Lan fled back to the dormitory.

Mo Mo was puzzled and felt that the punishment was not enough, Xiao Hui was going back to the dormitory to punish Gu Lan in person this time, and recorded Gu Lan begging for mercy in pain for Mo Mo to watch, so that Mo Mo could rest assured.

In the end, he didn't expect that Gu Lan would mock him like a normal person?

Not only Xiao Hui, but there were four watching boys standing behind Xiao Hui. After hearing what Gu Lan said, they all looked at Gu Lan gloatingly.

"Gu Lan, you just have to be stubborn!"

"Tsk tsk tsk, it seems that brother Xiao didn't do anything cruel, you can still get up."

"Who doesn't know that Momo is our sister-in-law? You dare to tease your sister-in-law, are you courting death!"

"Brother Xiao is nobody here, let's beat him up!"

Gu Lan sat upright on the lower bunk, staring at the five people in the dormitory, connecting them with the characters in the novel.

Xiao Hui standing in the front is indeed the configuration of the male lead in Ba Zong's novels.

Tall, with a straight nose, sword eyebrows and starry eyes, iceberg temperament, eyes with the momentum of throwing a hundred million people to death, the astonishing confidence of a boss is not something ordinary people can have.

Standing behind him was Gu Lan's former roommate and Xiao Hui's younger brother Jia B B C Ding Ding.

Gu Lan thought it was funny when she saw it, she was the villain in the book, but why did she feel that these guys were the ones who really deserved to be beaten?

The smile on Gu Lan's lips made Xiao Hui frown tightly, he knew it was a provocation.

"You are not convinced?! It seems that they are right, or I am too kind!"

With that said, Xiao Hui slowly unbuttoned the cuff buttons of his shirt.

"You all stand back. I will clean up the men who bully my woman myself. You take pictures with your mobile phones and show them silently."

Little brothers A, B, C, D were excited.

"Brother Xiao, you actually want to do it yourself?!"

"Brother Xiao is a dark class in Taekwondo, and he never strikes lightly!"

"As expected of a wife-loving madman, it's all because of my sister-in-law..."

Before the younger brother finished speaking, Gu Lan walked over slowly, and gave an uppercut to Xiao Hui who was still unbuttoning his cuff buttons slowly and gracefully!

Xiao Hui almost bit his tongue!

Gu Lan is also very helpless!

She didn't want to do anything, but the other party wanted to shoot a video to threaten her!

"Yo, that's it? Black Duan? Sorry, I've practiced it too."

Gu Lan was not used to using this body, but the strength of this body was stronger than her original one, coupled with her actual combat skills, she was simply invincible.

She raised the corners of her lips. The appearance of this body belonged to an indistinguishable androgynous handsome boy, with short sandalwood hair in a wolf-tailed hairstyle, extremely deep double eyelids, and thick and curly eyelashes.

It's a pity that the original owner always looks arrogant and cowardly at ordinary times, forcibly giving a discount to the beauty.

After Gu Lan came through time travel, it was like wiping off the dust from a dusty pearl, revealing a different brilliance from before.

With one hand in her pocket, the corners of her lips were raised, and there was a wicked smile in her eyes, looking cynical and undisciplined.

Xiao Hui, who is the male protagonist, is also slightly inferior compared to her.

Xiao Hui looked embarrassed, touched his chin, and looked at Gu Lan with shock and anger.

"How dare you..."

Before Xiao Hui could finish speaking, Gu Lan punched Xiao Hui again, causing Xiao Hui to stagger back.

The little brothers A, B, C, and D, who were taking pictures with their mobile phones, stood there in a daze, feeling unbelievable at the sudden and unusual plot.

Gu Lan was also surprised. Is there something wrong with the hero of the plot? This strength is not like the hero but like cannon fodder.

For a moment, Gu Lan wondered if she had fallen into the villain's face-slapping novel.

But it doesn't matter, if you see an injustice, you can do it, it's better if the other party is easy to bully, or wait for the other party to bully her?

Gu Lan thought about it, looked back lazily, curled her lips, made a V hand gesture to the camera, and said with a smile.

"An Momo is your sister-in-law, right? Back then, her best friend didn't talk cheap about me, and I didn't bother to talk to her."

"Problem solved, I'm leaving."

When Gu Lan said this, she didn't even bother to look at Xiao Hui, and went back to her bed to fold the quilt and roll up the bed.

How could Xiao Hui tolerate this kind of thing as a domineering hero, his clenched fist trembled with anger, and glared at Gu Lan's figure.

"How dare you provoke me! You are finished!"

Saying so, Xiao Hui didn't move.

He was also afraid that Gu Lan would hit him a few more times in front of his younger brother, and he would really lose face.

After a stalemate for a while, Gu Lan packed up all the things in the dormitory, and walked out of the dormitory with the bedroll. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

Xiao Hui didn't expect that Gu Lan would move out of the dormitory as he had planned. Could it be that Gu Lan was afraid of him?

Xiao Hui was thinking, then heard Gu Lan say.

"We should be doing a good job of sorting garbage here, right? You guys should live together with non-recyclable garbage. Goodbye, A, B, C, D."

Gu Lan walked away gracefully, leaving Xiao Hui hammering on the door panel vigorously!

"Damn it, you dare to provoke me like this! You guys, shut everything up for me!"

"Gu Lan wants to change the dormitory, right? Okay! I'll help him! Gu Lan will definitely be worse than death!"

Gu Lan could hear Xiao Hui's impotent rage as she walked in the corridor, she shrugged.

"Sure enough, it's still very strange to see the real boss in real life."

In the original book, the master of the Central Plains went to the 444 dormitory and was bullied miserably, but Gu Lan looked at the whole book, and in the book with such a strange style of painting, the whole school was almost influenced by the heroine Mary Su and the dominant male protagonist.

Only the people in the 444 dormitory were unaffected and perverted from the beginning to the end.

She'd better hang out with the pervert.

Gu Lan walked to the door of dormitory 444 with a pile of bedding rolls in her arms.

This dormitory number is particularly unlucky, and there seems to be no students living on the 4th floor, and the entire corridor is empty.

Gu Lan walked to the door of room 444. She put the bedroll at the door and was about to knock on the door, but who would have thought that the door was not closed, so she just creaked and opened——

Inside, a man was taking off his shirt and throwing it on the back of a chair.

Gu Lan happened to have her back facing the door, and Gu Lan could just see the man's muscular and tight wheat-colored back, wide shoulders and narrow waist, and the obvious muscle lines that would only come from regular exercise.

There is also a hideous scar that almost runs across the entire back.

Gu Lan was stunned!

I went so mad?

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