In the next few offensive rounds, the Chinese men's basketball team suffered an offensive setback, allowing the Brazilian team to directly get a five-point lead.

Yi Dun will definitely not work at first glance. He doesn't want to lose this game.

What makes Yi Dun even more painful is that he is thinking of suspending quickly and replacing Da Zhi. However, in FIBA ​​games, players cannot call a timeout. Only the coaches on the field are eligible to suspend with the technical desk.

Of course, if the player really wants to suspend, it is not impossible, but it will make the player eat a technical foul.

Yi Dun ran to Deng Huade in the offensive round and directly reminded Deng Huade to suspend the substitution. Of course, this was spoken in Mandarin. Yi Dun also knew that Deng Huade would not understand, but the translator behind him would definitely translate his meaning immediately. Listen to Deng Huade.

Yi Dun has already seen what the translator is saying to Deng Huade, then Yi Dun will not pay attention to Deng Huade anymore, and will devote all his attention to the game, waiting for the next suspension to change the lineup, leading the team to re-establish the advantage Come.


The offense of the Brazilian team was slapped out of bounds by Yi Dun, and the game entered the dead ball stage. Yi Dunxun Deng Huade will definitely take advantage of this dead ball stage to call a timeout, but he can not wait for the referee to suspend the whistle.

This made Yi Dun frown, could it be that Deng Huade was a fool? He doesn't understand the situation on the court right now?

Even if you really don't understand, you have already asked Deng Huade to suspend it quickly. Is it possible that Deng Huad will face him?

Thinking of this, Yi Dun couldn't help feeling annoyed. In his view, Deng Huade was actually just a toolman. He made some chicken soup for the players before the game. There was a timeout at an appropriate time during the game. After the game, he took the players to the press conference. This is the whole role of Deng Huade.

As a result, the toolman now dared to ignore his suspension request, so Yi Dun was not angry.

"What's wrong, Yi Dun?" Yi Jianlian saw Yi Dun's face with anger and couldn't help coming to appease him. Now he is more worried than anyone else about Yi Dun doing something stupid under his anger.

"Just now I asked Deng Huade to suspend, this guy didn't give it." Yi Dun said angrily.

Yi Jianlian is also an experienced veteran player. How could he not see the awkwardness appearing on the Chinese men's basketball court? The lineup must be adjusted, so the current suspension is definitely the best solution.

Zhang Zhaoxu was also on the side, his face a little awkward, he naturally knew that his playing caused the team's style of play to become incoherent.

As a professional player, this kind of game is undoubtedly extremely precious, but no matter how precious the game is, Zhang Zhaoxu does not want to lose because of his own reasons.

Especially tonight this game is extremely important to the history of the Chinese men's basketball team, Zhang Zhaoxu absolutely does not want to be the one who backs his head.

If it was not for him to go to the technical station to suspend and would eat a technical foul, Zhang Zhaoxu must have found the technical station to suspend. In his view, Deng Huade left him on the field, it is indeed not a wise thing.

If he eats a technical foul, the Brazilian team will have the right to make two free throws, that is, two free throws plus one subsequent ball. Zhang Zhaoxu does not want the Brazilian team to take such a big advantage.

"Yidun, then I won't lean towards the basket. My ability to shoot is not particularly good, but there are definitely threats. I will act as a pitcher for the time being." Zhang Zhaoxu scratched his head.

Yi Dun nodded, which is undoubtedly a solution to Yi Dun's big trouble. If there are too many people in the basket, Yi Dun's size is easily drowned in the crowd.

And if the basket is one-on-one, Yi Dun is confident to hang Valecho.

Now let Zhang Zhaoxu run to shoot, in fact it is definitely unfair to Zhang Zhaoxu.

Many players may only have one chance to participate in the Olympics in their lifetime. Who doesn’t want to use all their skills in this Olympics.

But Zhang Zhaoxu can't do this now. He can only temporarily act as a less reliable pitcher without Deng Huade calling for a timeout.

Yi Dun also felt a little sorry for Zhang Zhaoxu, "Sorry, Lao Zhang, I will invite you to dinner after we make history."

Zhang Zhaoxu hurriedly waved his hand, "This sentence really took me to the grill. There is nothing wrong with it. Everything is for win, everything is for history."

Yi Dun patted Zhang Zhaoxu's shoulder without saying much. If the Chinese men's basketball team can really make history this time, Zhang Zhaoxu will definitely have a military medal.


As Zhang Zhaoxu also started to open up space, Yi Dun played a lot better here, and the rebounding efficiency was so scary. Although it is impossible to guarantee that every rebound can be taken, more than 70% of the rebounds can be taken by Yi Dun. in.

You have to know that in the NBA, Valejo also has a player who averaged 11 rebounds per game in a single season. Such a rebounding strength is so unbearable in front of Yi Dun.

As the saying goes, the rebounders get the world, Yi Dun solidly only use his own rebound data, directly lead the team to gradually draw the score closer.

Three minutes before the end of the first quarter, Deng Huad did not call a timeout, but the Brazilian team called a timeout, it is estimated to be a substitution.

Yi Dun followed everyone off the court and walked towards the bench. When he saw Deng Huade standing on the sidelines, he stepped forward and asked.

"Why not call a timeout?"

Even if Deng Huad didn't understand the meaning of Yi Dun, but just by looking at Yi Dun's expression, he knew that Yi Dun was absolutely in anger right now.

The interpreter on the side translated Yi Dun's meaning to Deng Huade. Deng Huade spoke directly and did not know how to answer.

For other players, if you dare to challenge your coach with such a face-to-face look, it might be really awkward and misleading, and you think your playing time is too long.

Keidun is different. He is no longer a player in the general sense. He can definitely be said to be the savior of the Chinese men's basketball team.

Faced with the savior's question, did Deng Huad dare to shake his face? Obviously not.

At this moment, Deng Huade began to shake the pot directly and shrewd the pot to the side translator, saying that the translation was not in place, and he did not understand Yi Dun's meaning.

The translator's face was so dumb, how could this pot put himself on his back...

Yi Dun snorted and found a seat directly on the bench and sat down.

"Brother Wang, I'll be with you for a while. I really don't fit Yi Dun's offensive and defensive system." Zhang Zhaoxu sat beside Dazhi and whispered.

"Okay. UU reading" Dazhi nodded and said.

No need to ask Deng Huade's opinion, Da Zhi nodded directly. As the oldest player in the Chinese men's basketball team, Da Zhi is not the kind of player who relies on the old and sells the old.

But if I grow old by relying on old sellers, the weight of a Deng Huade can't overwhelm the big Zhi.

Now that Zhi Zhi is on the stage, how can Deng Huade say nothing, the only thing he can do is to nod.

"Don't be upset, just finish this game and replace him directly." Da Zhi walked to Yi Dun and smiled as he patted Yi Dun's shoulder.

This was not a small voice, and many players on the bench heard it. At this moment, everyone's expression was very calm, and there was no expression of shock at all.

"Can it be changed?" Yi Dun asked in surprise.

He was fed up with Deng Huade. If he could change coaches, it would be better.

From Yi Dun's point of view, even if Gong Xiaobin came to be the coach, he would certainly not be worse than Deng Huade. Anyway, the chicken soup suspends the press conference.

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